7 Nov 2017

Welcome Baby Bear no.2

I've done this before.

My Brother, Brother Bear, and his wife Sister Bear had repeated a huge life changing experience today.

They had met Baby Bear - number 2. Their son of 8 lbs and 10 oz.

That's right as of now the Bear Clan is no longer seven but happy and healthy eight.

So welcome Wee Baby Bear and Happy birthday.

2 Nov 2017

Dex - Video Game Review

So I picked up a new game for a cheep $3 odd dollars from a Steam sale. I loaded the game and a few hours later I started playing it around 9pm. It was five PM when I turned it off and put it to bed completed.

Few games have captured my attention from obscurity and had me playing it right to end. It burn bright and fast and after 8 some odd hours I finished it exhausted  but also with 75% of the achievements completed - including some odd ones I picked up through natural play.

This game is called Dex.

Let talk about it.

28 Oct 2017

Justice League - A hope

My relationship with non-Vertogo and non-Wildstorm, DC comics characters is simple.

Flash is no.1, Nightwing (aka Robin, aka Dick Grayson) is no.2, and Batgirl (aka Cassandra Cain) is no. 3, Green Lantern (all of them) is no. 4, and Superboy (aka Conner Kent) is no. 5.

That's my top 5 characters with the Court of Owls, Riddler, Deathstroke, Ra's al Ghul, and Anarky (Arkham video game version) rounding out the villains in no order.

Yet I'm left with a lot of hope once again for the upcoming Justice League film. Because of one character...

The Flash