12 Sep 2017

Life and Times of the Dozer

This will be a stream of consciousness post so excuse the meandering of topics and themes. 

Well it's been busy.

My primary job had me leave for a week to be in Yellowknife right after coming back from GENCON. GENCON was an endevor getting my minis ready and getting final prep done as well.

With that my month of August left me with little time to do anything that I wanted. The long weekend approached quickly and Lady Bear had to leave me to visit family while I finally rested.

The weeks that followed included planning the rest of my year on the road, spending on average one week a month at home. That means no helping around the house. No helping with the our very old dog Moby. No spending time my wife... it's not as bad as a military deployment but it is still a burden for my life partner to carry alone. We're both ok with it but I need to conscious of what Lady Bear is going through so I can support her in the same way she is supporting me.

My brother is about to be a father of a second child. My sister is law is due in November and I will most likely be away during the newest member of the Bear family birth. It also means that family gatherings and activities will center around the next generation of us.

I did manage to see some films over the last couple of weeks. Hitman's Bodyguard was a brilliant romp in a pile of violence. Both Ryan Reynolds and Sam Jackson know their roles and they play off each other with such chemistry that it takes the film to a meh and enter into above average ratings.

I saw Hacksaw Ridge and I enjoyed it. Much more than I expected. Gibson is great with the action scenes and Garfield did a great job in looking meek but not innocent. I really think this movie did well because of the support cast; Vince Vaughn, Sam Worthington, and Hugo Weaving were in small parts that really added depth to Garfield's take on Desmond Doss. The line at the end of the 3rd act where the 307th Infantry Regiment is waiting lined up ready to take the ridge again. When the Captain radio comes to life and wonders why the attack is minutes late, Sam Worthington calmly replies "Private Doss to finish praying for us, sir."

Narcos season 3 was awesome. Season 2 sputtered for me after a brilliant season 1. Having the game change back to how instead of who was running the Cartel (in this case the Cali Cartel). Pedro Pascal as Javier Pena really pushed the series forward. Re-igniting the spark that died in season 2 was a good story. Pêpê Rapazote as José "Chepe" Santacruz-Londoño was my favorite of the four Cali Bosses I can see Rapazote get some good roles out of Narcos. I also really liked seeing Miguel Ángel Silvestre as Franklin Jurado and I hope he continues to get more roles in mainstream North American media.

I've started reading Ancillary Justice and this is my first reading just via e-book. It has won various awards and was the first to win the Hugo, Nebula, and Arthur C Clark awards. So far the book is ok. A high science fiction with some neat ideas and sports some great narrative when it allows itself to do what it wants. I feel like I can see the editing of the novel and it's too bad it can become bloated.

Right now I'm just trying to balance my two jobs, my family, and my hobbies... I want to be more creative and that's hard. Once I start my traveling I feel I'll be able to set up a groove but until then I'm just in Limbo unable to start anything with full effort because I'm tried from juggling all these balls in the air.

So that's me and where I've been.

- Cheers


25 Aug 2017

Where did you go Mr Dozer?

Well I was at GENCON. I'm off to Yellowknife in 48 hours.

Life has gotten busy.

I'll post more as I get some fucking down time.



30 Jul 2017

Don't fight a Griffin

So this is a funny aside that got me thinking and ended up having go down a youtube rabbit hole of cartoon violence.

Family Guy really got my attention with the first fight sequence between Peter and the Chicken per the youtube video below.

Since that epic fight it has become a running joke of Peter having elaborate fights with the Chicken. There are quite a few and we're left hanging with the last one ending up in space.

No matter the length or complexity of the fight, Peter Griffin shows himself to be a most capable fighter. As if my irony the most lazy and stupid person in the world is it's greatest hand to hand combatant. Now this makes sense as Lois herself once trained becomes a great fighter in her own right and she in the cartoon world would pick a partner who could match and compliment her skills and talents.

So Lois and Peter are great fighters. Stewie has always had a violent streak. What about Meg and Chris. Meg is easy after a short period of time in jail she herself becomes very dangerous.

Chris does take on Peter and wins very quickly.

This idea that I've had floating around is best shown when Meg and Chris take on their whole school.

So with all this evidence the dumb funny family of american late night cartoons that is the most dangerous is the Griffins.

Don't fuck with them people - they will fuck with you.

- Cheers


26 Jul 2017

Twelve Days Later

A lot is going on.

When it comes to movies we have a slew of new trailers for: Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok, Justice League, Avengers: Infinity War, Blade Runner 2049, Kingsman: Golden Circle, the Dark Tower... you get the idea.

GENCON is now three weeks away from the time of this posting. I have an event coming up in the end of September - head to Canadian Table Top Gamer to check it all out.

Comic wise there is buckets happening. Hulk is no longer dead. Invincible is 6 issues out from ending. Vol 2 of Bitch Planet finally dropped. The third volume of Absolute Transmetropolitan is coming out soon.

Then there is life. My day job - the primary job has me teaching like crazy, my second job is on hold. Lots of changes with my family.

Busy, not enough time to stop and type a Blog. There will be more.

- Cheers