16 Jan 2017

Ready to Rumble on Route 66: Part 2

I’ve written this post more than once. I've finally chosen to go with a Nomads sectorial. They are my first Infinity minis and the ones who lured me into the game, The Bakunin Jurisdictional Command. Since I started brewing my Bakunin list I’ve re-started this post over and over again. Play testing and brewing against the listed missions has made me change a few options.

My first pick is Zoe and Pi-Well. I need an Engineer and D-Charges. 47 points for two good specialists is a steal. Zoe is a WIP 15 Engineer and Hacker with the STOP! upgrade. Pi-Well has got ODD, Repeater, Sta-Lock, Sensor, and Forward Observer.

10 Jan 2017

Time to spend well

With things ramping up here at work I need to organize my time well. I've got to get ready for the Rumble on Route 66 and GENCON 50. This includes getting some time at the table, painting my minis, and planning both trips. 

So I put together a plan. 

1. Play at least one game a week of Infinity. Each game will be full 300 points and of one of the six scenarios of the tournament. I will need to practice all of the scenarios in order to meet my goal of being in the top half of the 100+ players at the Rumble. 

I'm looking forward to playing Supremacy, Frontline, and Safe Area. Planning and playing Rescue and Highly Classified will be very challenging. Both missions require a level of planning regarding possible specialists and specific tactical choices. Firefight will be the odd duck of a straight up shoot out with some tricks to earn enough points. 

This Thursday - Sergeant and I will be playing a game. Next week Mr. C (still looking for an alias) who is new the game is tentatively booked to play me next Wednesday. Rider and Ontos have also volunteered to help beat me up so I may play better.

Next we have paint... 

5 Jan 2017

Ready to Rumble on Route 66: Part 1

So Lady Bear and I will be off to the Southern United States of America.

Landing in Phoenix, Arizona we will be spending some time eating BBQ and grabbing a few things before we drive up Route 66 and stop at Albuquerque, New Mexico for few days. Then we'll head back into Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon and Sedona, Arizona (aka Wine Country) before jumping back on a plane from Phoenix to Canada. A week well spent.

While we're in Albuquerque we will spend a few days enjoying the town, exploring some sites, and then I'll do a little thing called...

Oh yeah!

I will need to get ready for this event which is the largest Infinity tournament in North America with 100+ people. More than Interplanitario, more than GENCON, and more than the Warsaw Open. It is the first of the Dire States events, named in the same style as the Dire Foes story missions but applying States due to the location and 'Merica.

Seems that Dan Barnaby with over a hundred players and over 50 tables to set up, picked missions with minimal objective markers. That means specialists will only be really needed with secondary objectives, the mission Highly Classified, and the classified objectives. This is looking awesome!

We will be playing the following missions: Highly Classified, Firefight, Supremacy, Safe Area, Frontline, and Rescue.

Dan and the Dire States crew have picked some slick missions. A shoot 'em dead, a jug fuck of objectives, three different take and hold, and lastly a hostage rescue.

I need to know my missions well enough before I start picking my team. So before I choose between Bakunin Jurisdictional Command, good old non-sectorial Nomad, and the Japanese Sectorial Army I'll need to explore what I'll be doing.

Let's brainstorm after the break.

1 Jan 2017

Starting off right

As of the launch of this post we are one hour into the new year and 24 hours since I gave 2016 shit.

So lets start this off right with a new way to watch Star Wars movies, the Machete Order. It removes the irrelevant (and not very good) Episode I. It keeps every twist in the series: The green guy is Yoda? There are twins (actually made better with the order). Luke's dad and Luke's dance with the dark side.

Trust me it's brilliant with only a few hiccups but we've seen many more movies with just as bad if not worst plot holes.

So here is my question?

Do you start with Rogue One: A Star Wars Tale?

Let's review...