31 May 2012

Thursday Thoughts - 2 Days Later

I'm biking back from my class at the University of Ottawa. I have have close to 9km left as I bike through the downtown before hitting the outskirts of core and start reaching the neighboring residential areas. It's around 815pm, I left my house that morning at 655am with the wife, did a fulls days of work at my job before hitting the books and going to school.

Yes I am in school. This burst of life killing, taking 12 hours a week of class on top of my job and my previous hobbies. Oh yeah I'm married, need to keep that one going. I also pay a dumb amount of cash for my education...

Oh you see what I'm doing here.

I hit the corner of Laurier and Lyon and vola crowds of young people with French banners. Not an English sign in sight. I find this odd. While Canada does have two official languages and I can use both, albeit very poorly as you can read here, I was in Ontario. Capital of the country lies in an primarily English province on the border of the main French province, Quebec. Some of call it Quebexico... because it needs some work and it feels like a whole new country. A shit image of the rest of Canada at times, but not my Canada.

30 May 2012

Wednesday - Comic Day “new 52”

Ahh new comic day.

When I was in grade seven... Age 12, I found part time work at a comic store. The place was called Orleans Gum Cards and Comics, its older larger sibling was Capital City Cards and Comics (found on the famous Sparks Street). Owned by Anne and Don Billows the two most pleasant Quebec City Nordiques fans you will even have the pleasure to know.

I worked for comics and candy, not making a single dime. I was allowed to take a one or two ‘shiny’ covers, three or four more other comics and I’d get a bag or three of various sweets from the Bulk Barn precursor, Pantry Plus. That was right next door.

29 May 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - The need of players in our games

Shout out to Frontline Gamer (read his stuff)

When I was a little tyke, I ended up moving.

A lot.

At first is was new countries and new cities, then once we got back to the land of mapple, winter and being semi french, we moved every year or two to a new city until I came to Ottawa. 

When you move around alot, you find ways to ingore the world, blend in crowds and make the odd friend. You also learn how to be alone. One of my profs called me a 'liguistic chimera' unable to sort out where I came from but able to learn where I spent time. 

I found the D&D box set my parents had in Grade 2, urm... Age 7. Looking at the neat purple box and the strange plastic blue dice with a slew of numbers beyond six confused me. Instead I played, Grail Quest the trilogy of chose your own adventure books by J. H. "Herbie" Brennan. Ok those lasted a month or so. Then Ian Livingston and Stephen Jackson (not of GURPS fame) Fighting Fantasy series claimed my imaginations. 

Why not?

Blogging: Cursing is Rampant

Why the fuck would a poor soul like me post on a 'blog' or update people on what I do? Who cares about me, well I do... so does my wife on most days. I don't count the dog, he only likes me because I take him for car rides, feed him, let him poop and allow for a place under my legs to hide from the big bad storm.

Moby by the by is an 80lbs dog

Well folks, I need the practice. I want to write... and make enough to pay the bills. Just writing is not enough, but I do need to become better at the skill and the art. I need to find the right words, use the proper grammar and maybe find something interesting to write about.

So that's the objective, instead of taking a college course, I'm hitting the interwebs for feedback. People posting replies, people complaining to me about stuff I do or touch and maybe, hopefully people will read what I write. 

Maybe that's the goal. Who cares that I have some neat ideas to share. Who cares that some of my fiction prose and poetry could be good. Why would a writer do what they do.

If you have the great Canadian novel, does that mean it needs to be written?

Well I don't know and I'm a wanker who will most likely never find out. 


I care and I think that's enough. Maybe one day someone other then the wife will read this. 


I'm ok with that but I need to write. I need to put what rambles in my head onto some portion of dead tree or electronic virtual variant.

I like that, Electronic Virtual Variant. Maybe I'll explore what that means to me. 

So what to expect from this blog...

Well stuff that I like. 

I play table top games, role playing games, board games, video games... ok so games. 
I read books, comics and poems... ok stuff I read. 
I enjoy music, movies and TV...
I'm lame I get the idea, now you do as well.

Maybe I'll find time to do pictures... maybe.