10 Jul 2012

The week off - BOHICA

Ladies and Gents pass me the pillow, seems I need something to bite because of BOHICA (Bend Over Here It Comes Again).

I'm in school, my employer has allowed me to take time off to take one of my classes during the day. The other class is at night. Since these are spring/summer classes, each class is 3 hours long and they arrive twice a week.

It's hard and with the fact that all of my classes are Lit classes, I'm balls deep in paperbacks... I'm reading alot.

This week I arrived to my second night class.

I arrived 3 weeks late.

Seems I read the wrong time table present by the University of Ottawa. Seems there is a large difference between Spring/Summer 2012 and Summer 2012. The table is not clear and because of that obfuscation I'm eating the error.

Now I'm behind the eight ball and some large gentileman, who by the by is far from gentil, is right behind me.

Even with help garnered from the Ombudsperson... time is against me.

So there is a giant pile of shit and no matter what happens, I need to eat it.

So this week, don't expect much from me. I have 7 days to write three essays drop a mid term and finish my course load before the end of the month.


5 Jul 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Brothers

Two years ago, CP, had a crack in his foundation. The spring thaw important to us northern born Canadians became a curse as it does each year as the wet melting snow and ice becomes water and seeps into the cracks of the concrete. One cold day re-freezes the water and widens the crack.
This is how foundations die in the north.

3 Jul 2012

Table Top Tues - The First Game

Sorry for the late post folks, but I was up last night living the experience I'm using as my subject for the post. Last night I pulled out Tzar's almost finished gift (look up last weeks post), and played a first time game with CP his older brother.

By the by, I'm visiting CP and the reason and purpose of my visit will be posted on Thurs. 

He played Menoth while I played Khador. I won, top turn three with the Sorsha assassination run. CP held his own and almost wrecked one of the two 'jacks Khador gets in the started box, too bad his dice didn't hold there own.

So what did CP think of the game?

2 Jul 2012

Monday Media Fun - Walking Choices and Us

Now it's Saturday and I'm normally written my posts by now, but this week I'm behind. Normally I'm a week ahead so you'll be putting up with me this week as I hit the road.

For the last week I finally picked up TellTale Games' episodic game The Walking Dead on Xbox Live. I believe it's also on PSN and a few other online game options.

While playing through the well crafted world of survivors in a Zombie apocalypse invented from the crafty minds of Kirkman and co. You find yourself playing the roll of Lee, a convicted man who on the day of his drive off to prison the Zombies hijack the world and you get free... out of the pot into the fire.

Playing Lee has been very interesting and meeting some of the characters from the comic, not the TV show, is kind of neat but they only get used much in the first episode playing up the fan love for the beloved horror comic. Again this game is not from the world of the TV series, that is a whole different beast in its own.

The game play is a flashback to the days of Monkey Island but with a focus on horror over humor and survival over quests. It’s well put together and you stay in the game most times. I play without the on screen prompts for items/places of interest so I do spend time exploring the area if it’s just running the cursor over the landscape.