30 Aug 2012

Thursday Thoughts - The Future and the new FU ?

So I finally came up with a Friday Topic. It will be a bitch out with some hopefully constructive commentary. This will also mean that my Thursday Thoughts posts will be more thoughtful and less ranty.

Also this September, I look to be completing the last two courses I need to become a graduate in University. So my time will be limited but I expect to be ahead of the game with the posts and have them ready and on time.

So August is almost done, summer is over lets take a look at the future.

More future inside.

29 Aug 2012

Wednesday New Comics Day - Night of Owls

This will be the last Batman post for a while – I hope.

The Court of Owls has been a new and interesting villain for Batman to face. This shadow organization has been in the shadows for so long that not even Batman was able to discover them until they attacked him.

After Bruce Waynes’ harrowing at the hands of the Court and their agents, the Talons, he is attacked directly in his cave. Alfred is trapped in a vault for his own protection and puts out a call to what Batman named ‘the Family’. The situation is given as dire and a call for help from Batman, known for always being prepaired, add gravitas to the conflict.

A war in one night for the future of Gotham, a Night of Owls.

28 Aug 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - Infinity Spec Ops Fears

I’ve finally got the fancy bases my Japanese Sectoral Army (JSA) so my fully painted units will finaly get completed and I’ll be a happy guy. So far my JSA are my only finished Infinity models and my Bakunin are still being gathered and getting ready to be painted.

With the long awaited release of the 3rd Infinity book I’m going to talk about some of the pitfalls and advantages of the new rules.

27 Aug 2012

Monday Media Fun - Dust: An Elysian Tail

I remember the summer between the sixth and seventh grade very well. The family had moved out of a good sized house to the large home. Old Bear had left the military after almost twenty two years. Mama Bear had opened up her own full time clinic rather then working for someone else.

I was closer to a school mate of mine and I was invited over and we played Castlevania 2: Simons Quest.

Oh my god, open free to explore world, villages to talk to people and random puzzles that required a Nintendo Power subscription. It was a golden age of video games. The game was hard, you had to write down codes in order to save. I have a feeling only the most hard of core game players from today would stick through that game.

Today we have Dust: An Elysian Tail and I’m sitting back in Nick’s basement, ignoring the in ground pool while I search for Dracula’s remains.

24 Aug 2012

Friday Utterance - FU PQ

Once more the lack of foresight comes from the province of Quebec.

They are not helping the stereotype.

Once again, I’m a Canadian of French heritage. My last name is of French origin, I speak it almost as poorly as I do my English. The Wife is bilingual and her maiden name is also of French origin. Hell her old man is from the bloody province. Many of my mates hail from the land of Qubexico as well. I just spent a weekend in the area and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I just hates it when them tricksey hobbits - urm, politicians riles up the people with the pitch forks and torches.

Read this Link then join me inside for my reply.

23 Aug 2012

Thursday Thoughts - New Parents

Well folks, I've got very little for you today due to a shift in the group dynamic of my circle of friends.

I have a Congrats to a pair of people who made a healthy 9 lb, 4 oz little girl and produced her on Tues night. Let us all hope she looks more like her mother.

I've decided to collect donations for the "Turning Thirteen and my dad needs a gun, mom needs a big knife" fundraiser.


22 Aug 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - What I want to read next

Recently there have been few comics that have grabbed my attention. I’m happy there is enough that I have something to write about every week at a minimum.

So this week I’m going to ramble off a few story arcs; past, present and future that I am looking forward to reading.

21 Aug 2012

Table Top Tues - Faction Review ‘Cygnar’

I’d say I play three main games on the table; Privateer Press’s Warmachine and Hordes, Corvus Belli’s Infinity and Dream Pod 9’s Heavy Gear. I’m looking at Dystopian Wars, Bushido and Merc’s but unless money falls from the sky, they are to get little love. Even Hawk Wargame’s Drop Zone Commander looks neat enough to throw cash their way...

When I took up the dice and joined the Privateer Press fan club in Nov-Dec 2010, I plucked my third choice. You see I have the habbit of waiting to see if anyone else will play but by doing so they tend to pick the faction I’m looking at to play and for sake of fun I find myself choosing the middle of my list rather then the top. Yet this always turns out well in the end. My favourite Khador ‘jacks are now going plastic and when I started Retribution was having problems keeping up supplies of the models.

So I play Cygnar and because I play Cygnar I’m a cheater.

20 Aug 2012

Monday Media Fun - The Movie Theatre

Before the average person was able to actually afford a large sized TV and fancy sound system there was only one way which you could fully enjoy the cinematic experience.

You would go to the cinema aka the Movie Theatre.

You accepted the ridiculous cost of snacks and drinks all so you could enjoy the film with some treats that could increase your happy levels.

Today that has changed.

16 Aug 2012

Thursday Thoughts - The Cash Vote

We have the power!

No, no He-Man and She-Ra. We the person with the cash has the power.

That’s right folks we have the power and no one tells us for fear of being one day voted off the consumer market.

All the recent woes with the banks, economy and even Hollywood have forced me to look at where my coin goes. This year has been an expensive loss for many a studio, John Carter was a huge loss for the mouse and Total Recall has not raked in the expected levels of cash. Future films like GI Joe 2 and the new Great Gatsby film have been pushed back to next year.

What the hell is going on?

15 Aug 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - Is Valiant Back?

Valiant comics, ahh those were the days. Inheriting the various pulp comics of the silver, golden age and everything else, Valiant came to term at the same time as Image comics. With more mature writing and ground breaking concepts it was against the frequently tardy but flashy art of Image who’s idea of Mature was violence, blood and semi-pornographic ladies.

Was I an Image fan? Yes. Did I read Valiant? Yes, but not as much as Image.


14 Aug 2012

Table Top Tues - Heavy Gear

When doing the whole table top game bit, I was never into the GW outside of Bloodbowl. My mates had yet to jump into the expensive fires and played Battletech instead.

Then some dudes in Montreal, Quebec, Canada made a new game that also touched on my love of the Japanese Animation, still yet to be called Anime at the time.

Heavy Gear.

13 Aug 2012

Monday Media Fun – Film: In Time

A Justin, you’ve come such a long way from... what the name of your retched boy band?

I don’t know remember, possible post-hypnotic block imposed by greater sources of music from the 1990’s. Oh by the by, the 90’s didn’t suck, it’s just that the 90’s that most people experienced was not very good while the rest of us wandering in liminal culture had a real good time.

Now then where was I? Ah yes, good old Dick in a Box, J.T.

I hate to say it but I liked his last solo album, I listened to it while on a plane and enjoyed quite a few of the songs. After his first solo album, I knew he was good but he never struck me with enough force to purchase his work.

Well I did. I am an owner of a J.T. music album.

His acting work has been also quite a shock with the fact that he can be pretty good.

9 Aug 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Ippon

So the 100 m race is about to start. A dumb ass drunk throws a bottle and turns to his left when the dutch woman next to him calls him out. He smiles and tells that person to bugger off, then she shoves him... hard. Now since she also happens to be a three time Women's Judo Olympic medalist, we can guess how well it went for the dumb ass. It takes a few mins later for him to be carted off and arrested for being a dick head.

So some simple advise, no matter who you are. There is always some one out there who is ready and willing to show you how to pick your own teeth off the ground with broken fingers. There is always someone who just remembered that the pocket knife in their jacket is really good at punching holes in your cars tires. Their is always someone smiling long enough for you to cross the line before the short dude tackles you into a defensitrated state.

8 Aug 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - Ultimates Volume 1 (1-13)

So since I'm back I've decided to go into the well kept wife run library and look up some old comics. If you consider 2004 to be old.

So for the last few years Marvel tried something new. They re-started their older classic characters, Spiderman and the X-Men with a new modern twist. The stories are refreshing and attention grabbing without being some sort of poor man re-hash of older tales. In this new genesis, the characters are deeper from the start. It allowed writers and artists to try something new and bold without disrupting the current Marvel continuity.

It was a bold gamble and it worked. Ultimate Spiderman is considered by some to be even better then the original. Characters were introduced, they died and stayed dead.

It would not be long before the inspiration for the 2012 box office shattering flick came to print.

It's funny when I looked back inside and I see that a Mr. Joss Wheadon wrote the introduction 8 years ago.

7 Aug 2012

Table Top Tues - The War Room

Yesterday if you were any type of tablet or smart phone user who played Privateer Press games like Warmachine and Hordes you picked up War Room made by small time developer TinkerHouse. There have been a slew of issues with the Android version and the Kindle products are not yet fully on sale.

I use an iPad 2. I sip large from the Jobbs offered cup of Apple juice... another post for the future. The iDevices have had the fewest issues.

It's a neat product. I'll give it a 3.

It's not a failure or below standard. WarRoom meets the standard of what I was expecting but nothing with the tool so far wows me to give the application an above standard rating of a 4 or an excellent rating of 5.

6 Aug 2012

Monday Media Fun – The Rise of Movie Batman

If you read past the break you will see spoilers.

Go see The Dark Knight Rises if you liked Christopher Nolan’s previous two runs with the Batman. If you did not like those two films stop and pick another flick.

This movie is the end of his run with Batman.

This is the final act of a guy who lost his parents, got angry, travelled the world, learned how to be a ninja from eco terrorists and took to dressing as a human symbol of fear and justice with a Bat motif to fight previous mentioned eco-Ninja’s, anarchist clown and a clever, pain killer breath mask wearing terrorist.

This series is not about Bruce Wayne. It’s about Batman the outcome of Batman on himself and others; the people, the police, family and the villains... It reminded me of the Wire, where the city was the largest character in the series. 

3 Aug 2012

Friday - The Return

Well Folks, I'm back.

The world of school has been conquered once more before I must go back to battle in once again.

So come on back.

We resume on Monday to our normal Mon-Thus schedule.

Cheers - Dozer