27 Sep 2012

Thursday Thoughts – The Meat Wagon

Looking fit and being fit are two different things. Looking healthy and being healthy are two different things. You look at my mate Longsword and you may not see much a normal looking guy with fancy sunglasses. No six pack, no huge arms (aka the pipes) just a super smart dude.

Then he gets in front of his aerobics class and you find yourself struggling to keep up with the uber smart wanker. He’s been working towards higher levels of fitness in order to support a healthier lifestyle. He’s been doing it long enough that he’s changed his life and now help others change their own.

I hate working out but I love doing things. Sometimes I wish they were the same thing. Not liking what I’m looking like and needing to improve my physical fitness levels I decided to change my habits.

26 Sep 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - Marvel Now

DC had its huge reboot of the their current titles a year ago. Now one year later as DC is into the 'zero' issues of the 'the new 52', marvel has announced a massive reboot to its current title line up with the event Marvel Now.

They already tried this once and it ended up with some neat stories but due to the popularity of the X-men and Spiderman from the films they just killed off everyone else to restart in another dimension. When it was well received by readers who got to enjoy the artists of Image Comcis coming back to the place that instigated their genesis it ended up that was all a dream by Mr Fantastic's kid.


So this October Marvel, the 'House of Ideas', is trying it one more time. Here is a run down of what I`m looking forward to.

25 Sep 2012

Tuesday Table Top - Making Time for the Table

So life has me by the balls, just like everyone else.

I play a slew of games and I'd love to spend my days around the table.

Alas I have to have a life. Work, family, mates, etc... the table is my hobby.

I work to find time for it.

24 Sep 2012

Monday Media Fun - The Soundtrack

I’m walking through the remains of the city. The rain and the dark are my only protection. The digital display on my weapon reminds me of the poor levels of ammo I’m carrying. I keep to the shadows even though 'they' have optical enhancements that allow them to pick me out in the dark. The city is empty, evidence of the battle litters the walks. I stop as I hear the hum of the dropship cruse overhead. I look up and watch it continue into the distance without stopping to drop its cargo. New Mombasa is a bad place to get lost in. I need to find the rest of my team. 

The above is what went through my head as I played Halo: ODST again. It has one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever listened too. The game was a great addition to the franchise, invoking feelings of isolation, loss and unease. With its stark visuals and eerie future beats punctuated with raw jazz flavored undercurrents reminding you of human vulnerability before the orchestral arrangement rips you into a conflict as you get into another fight.

The soundtrack can make or break the moment.

19 Sep 2012


So folks that read my dribble you have noticed missing posts.

Last week, work took over and when that happens, I write my posts on the weekend.

This weekend I got sick. Really sick.

I took Sunday easy, but after making an appearance at the Wizards Tower for the Sunday game night I had to pull out early. By the time I got home from the 15 min drive. I had a full on fever kicking my ass. It's on and off with such strength that I had to hit the medics today.

They were a bit worried. Normally when I get a flu and I need some meds, they give me a day or two off and send me home. Today they ran tests, and gave me three days with a series of "If this... go to hospital."

14 Sep 2012

Friday Utterance - Helping

If you can help, do so.

Evaluate what you can do and be honest about your limits. The first thing they tell you to do in First Aid is stop and look. You don’t want to make it worse.

In a time of emergency, follow these three rules.

1. Lead, follow or get out the way.
2. Move with purpose but under control.
3. Remember why you are helping

12 Sep 2012

Wednesday New Comics Day - Akira

I’m sitting in the comic shop and I see the label Akira. It’s 1995 and I saw a brilliant animated film called Akira and I wondered if this label referred to the same story. The books were tall, colour format and were published by Epic Comics.

I was shocked to see that the animated film that I fell in love with was only a shadow of the real story in print.

In 2000, I was one of many who flocked to the comic shops and picked up Dark Horse Comics’ collected 6 volume series Akira.

Akira is one of the greatest tales woven in the comic/manga format.

Pause for Akira influenced music.

11 Sep 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - The Journeyman League

Privateer Press has a great product. You need less then the British Workshop of games when it comes to models and books. In many cases the models themselves are cheaper in price.

The community the surrounds the game is another bonus. The support of the players, the volunteers and the company is brilliant. The events have character and add depth and variety to the game. The events make you want to play the game or expand and develop no ways to play. Events are an organized excuse to pull out the minis and gather with other like minded folks. 

One of these events is the Journeyman League.

10 Sep 2012

Monday Media Fun - Ghost Recon Down

This post is dedicated to my old friend and fellow Ghost Recon partner; Longsword.

At his height in the mid to late 1990’s Tom Clancy had produced enough material to endear a slew of books, movies and video games allowing fans to explore his unique take on the world.

I only liked two of his books; Without Remorse (Rate 5) and Rainbow Six (Rate 4). Clancy is known for writing some real kinetic and engaging prose while giving little to character development outside of what’s needed to push the plot. His focus on real life tactics, plausible situations/nightmares and future technology. That was the real draw to his fictional material.

Without Remorse was the game changer. It is all about John Clark and how John Clark becomes John Clark. John Clark is one of the best characters written in recent years. It’s a great read while Rainbow Six has some moments but otherwise it's a positive read. Some of Clancy’s other work is a stable and enjoyable with a few dips into the low end of dime novel spy fiction. 

Ghost Recon made me read his stuff.

Ghost Recon was one of the greatest games ever made.

6 Sep 2012

Thursday Thoughts - The How Blog

Well last week I told you all about changes to the site and where my future posts are going. Yet while writing a Wednesday New Comic Day post, I asked myself while reading it over, “Why are you doing this?”

I’ve already explained why in the first post. Some of those reasons are the same. Well most of them are the same. Some have changed; some have become more poignant and taken a place of importance in my life list of blog priorities.

So I guess I’ll explain the process.

In the words of Montell Jordan – “This is how we do it.”

5 Sep 2012

Wednesday New Comics Day – Is the new “52” good?

So it’s now been a year since DC comics launched their New 52, where they rebooted all of their titles back to number one. They merged some other comic imprints into the mix and made a whole mess of the thing.

We’ve had some great stories. We’ve had some really polarising character changes. Writers have come and gone with resounding fanfare and drama fuelled media coverage. Some changes to the titles were nothing but a re-number and the new 52 was only a putter on the cover when other issues took the 52 as a sign to really changes things around.

Is the new 52 worth it? Was it good? The money coming in is obvious to DC that the gamble paid off. When you think of a single good year of sales that very short term when you look at the age of some of these characters.

4 Sep 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - Loyalty to the Store

I play at two places, Fandom 2 and Wizards Tower. I like to buy my products there. Fandom 2 has great prices but the selection is either new or filled on a special order basis. Wizards Tower has a great selection of Privateer Press products but they are expensive.

So why do I keep loyal to these stores?

I play there and I understand to some degree of what it takes to keep those doors open.

3 Sep 2012

Monday Media Fun - The Second Far Cry

I’m in a thick swamp area in Africa. I’ve picked up a dart rifle because it’s silenced and accurate at long ranges. I’ve chosen a silenced 9mm pistol as my side arm and I’ve already talked to my buddy earlier in the day to make sure he’s on call just in case things go to shit. My mission is to access a local, small time warlord and take information from him for my employer who is looking at stabilising the area.

I stalk around the swamp area looking in at the raised complex of wooden buildings and connecting walkways that rest on stilts above the swamp. The hour spent scouting the base of my target gives me an idea of enemy movement and I’m able to pick out my attack vector on the base and the egress points if things get bad. I’d rather exfiltrate the compound but unless I’m able to ghost through the rebel forces and avoid alarming the warlords guards it’s only a side thought.

This is Far Cry 2.