31 Oct 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day – my favourite Spider-Man

While I was twelve years old I found Spider-Man.

Now you need to understand, this is a big deal. This is the time of Superman dying, Batman getting broken, Jim Lee drawing X-men before going on to help found Image Comics. It was a odd time in the industry and yet it was then that I finally found Spider-Man

His name was Miguel O’Hara and it was the year 2099.
The best of the 'wall crawlers'

30 Oct 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - IKRPG (part 2)

 Ontos tells us we are surrounded and we have a choice. The city watch are being led by a corrupt watch Captain and has brought close to thirty six city watch and zealots disguised as the local citizen watch volunteers.

“Surrender or die.”

Vandread looks at me and Forgotten Virtue and tells Ontos to set up the table in the other room.

Ontos asks “You sure.”

All three of us nod knowing it’s 3 vs 36 and the fight will be epic.

Iron Kingdoms Core Rules

So last Sunday, I took a break from the world and played with Vandread and Forgotten Virtue with Ontos running the session. It went well and we had a blast. To get an idea without me having to re-hash my  previous post here.

29 Oct 2012

Monday Media Fun - Dishonoured

I’m moving along the side of a building rooftop. The area is in some need of repair and the dirt from the rapid industrialization is everywhere adding a ‘shine’ of filth and grime to every surface I can see and touch.

By the time I reach the fancy party I’m no longer under threat of violence. I gather near a group of other masked guests as I look around hoping to pick up some information from their conversation. Instead I’m rewarded with a gust of wind blowing a invitation out of one of the guest's hands.

I quickly go pick it, up get out of sight and move to the front door. I present the invitation and walk into the mannor.

I have a feeling the rest of the mission will not be so easy.

Dishonoured - This is gona be fun
I’ve played Dishonoured on the hardest setting and I never killed a soul. Not bad for a game of vengeance and mystical, steam powered assassins.

25 Oct 2012

Thursday Thoughts – Getting it out there

I’ve been writing poorly for the last little while... well since the mid 1990’s when I realised that I was not good enough to draw comics and I was getting more into the stories then the fancy artwork.

I loved reading so the leap was not surprising.

So I started to write things down.

Of course if you've read my previous entries you can tell I have some issues with languge mechanics and spelling. I have a learning disability and spell check only does so much.

I'm still writting and I'm not giving up yet.

24 Oct 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day – Wonder Woman

Me and the wife were looking at comics and comparing how they visually look. We discussed the over sexualized women in comics today. I pointed out Brett Booth who draws women with normal sized breasts, Tony Harris who draws woman of every shape and size, and Kaare Andrews who shows some real talent with Kitty Pride on the cover of Ultimate Comics: X-Men #6.

So after reading a few more reviews I offered up the ‘new 52’ Wonder Woman.

23 Oct 2012

Tuesday Table Top – the Army Painter

As I came into Warmachine and Hordes I was itching to get back to the table. I watched the Games Workshop machine with envy as they produced more and more products that I wanted to play.

My issue with Games Workshop at the time was the money needed to build the armies I wanted and the time it would take to put them together and paint.

You see I dislike painting until recently. The hobby had no solution to this issue and I was unable to cross back into the world of little soldiers and small fiction battles.

Then a mate showed me ‘the Army Painter’

22 Oct 2012

Monday Media Fun – the XCOM project

Welcome Commander

The Earth is under siege, you have been selected to lead the multinational organization XCOM in the defence against the extra terrestrial attackers.

We will be watching

Yeah this is happening.

18 Oct 2012

Thursday Thoughts - The week of hell

Sorry folks.

This week as been a bit of a fuck up and the posts have been put on hold until this weekend. With school, my two jobs and getting time to hit the table or play video games its hard to get it all done. I've burnt through my buffer of posts and the blogg is low on the list above.

I have two jobs to my wifes displeasure and one is going well and the other 'volunteer' job has not been going well. Right now, it's looking to get put on the block. Doing this could affect my 'paid' job. So juggling things here is harder then I want it.

Game wise, I'm finishing the posts for XCOM and Dishonored, both are great games. Table top wise, I've had only a few mins to do any painting over the last two weeks and no time to play in the league I paid cash for.

So all in all a week of hell. See you all on Monday, bright eyed and bushy tailed.


10 Oct 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - Ultimate Fight

Marvel's experiment with reviving and telling new stories without hampering the creative staff by limiting use of the iconic characters from the house of Ideas.

In 2009, Ultimate Marvel had the greatest fight in comic history.

Ultimate Wolverine and Ultimate Hulk.

Page two tells you how round one went.
Issue 1, page 2
Copyright of Marvel Comics

9 Oct 2012

Tuesday Table Top - IKRPG

Privateer Press has done something that only one other publisher has ever succeed at.

Taking a tactical table top ruleset leveraging it to focus on individual characters, their adventures and personal development in situations that range outside of the tactical paradigm.

That original game was Chain Mail.
This started almost everything Nerds do at a Table
The role playing game that came from Chain Mail was Dungeons and Dragons.

So how are the new guys?

8 Oct 2012

Monday Media Fun - Syndicate

Before the rush of games I picked up on the cheep the new version of Syndicate for my 360. I've been playing through the game on the Hard setting right off the bat. The objective is to see if they ruined my childhood. The game is a first person shooter, written by an favorite author of mine Richard Morgan.

Looking back its 1995 and I'm sitting in the base of my parents house next to my mate 'Lex. He's a half Mexican-French Canadian bloke who lived three houses up from me. I've not seem him in years, but back in the day we hung out all the time.

Syndicate - 1993
You see I had rented the Playstaion and Syndicate. We were playing the game on co-op, taking only one 'Agent' each instead of the four man teams the game is designed for. He used the Gauss Gun - A rocket launcher pistol, while I used the Sniper Rifle and Laser Rifle in later stages.

With the release of XCOM due tomorrow, I'm reminding the few readers I have that I did not play much of XCOM. I played Syndicate.

5 Oct 2012

Hicks and Ups

Seems my Thurs and Friday post got all buggered when I pushed them onto the blogger site. They didn't get uploaded quite right and they never went up. Seems things are working now.

What can I expect from a free service.

See you all next week.

3 Oct 2012

Wednesday New Comics Day - The new Green Lantern

The Green Lanters of Sector 2814
Planet Earth

Green Lanterns. The second incarnation of galactic peacekeepers as devised by the little bald blue folks called the Guardians of the Universe. In each of the 3600 sectors of space, two of these peacekeepers are assigned. Some of the sectors of space have larger populations and as such more then two ‘Lanterns’ are put up. In sector 2814, a very populated sector that also houses Earth has produced four Green Lanterns.

Hal Jordan – former fighter pilot turned test pilot, Guy Gardner – ex-Baltimore cop from a family of cops (no longer a social worker and special needs teacher since the 'new 52'), John Stewart – Architect who worked as a Marine Sniper to pay for his education, and Kyle Rayner – Comic/Graphic Artist.

So who’s the other guy with the fancy forearm tattoo?

Oh that’s the new guy Simon Baz.

2 Oct 2012

Tuesdays Table Top - Dreadball

My first hobby table top miniature game was Blood Bowl.

The Game of Kings
I had a great Chaos team back in the day, the Blood Fists, and I did really well. I've got fond memories of matches; When Ontos has his itty-bitty zombie, called Bob, brake the arm of my Minotaur. When I left no more then five Dwarves on the pitch come half time and three of the casualties were deaths. When I played the Dark Elves and the other guy got mad when he won 8 - 0 but I had removed every player in his team, even if I had scored on every turn, I would never have been able to win the match.

Those were the days...

1 Oct 2012

Monday Media Fun - The Non E-Book

I play role playing games and table top games. Books are part and portion of the deal. With some game the rules expand to the point where you need to lug around a carry on sized back just for the reading material.

When PDF and the other reader formats became popular, I don’t think the world paid any attention to the gamers who sit around the table with Cheetos and Mountain Dew.

Why because they though we still lived in the basement and we sat in the dark with only candles or dim single bulb illumination.

The world forgot about something. We the gamers are very much nerd.

Do you know what nerds also like?


They became the new source of the dim lighting in our collective basements.