29 Nov 2012

Thursday Thoughts - school

Today I'm thinking about my last (hopefully) university class and the last essay which I'm now behind on. Also work just hit overdrive, the wife is sick, and my second job has got me out all weekend. 
I trust Spock to help me through this
I'm thinking I'm busy.

I'm thinking I'm behind.

I'm grateful to my friends and family who've supported me while I get this 12 year odyssey done.


28 Nov 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - Slim

No matter what Scott is doing in the Marvel universe, being able to shoot beems from eyes is what most people remember.

Well folks today’s topic is the one-eyed wonder. The son of space pirate, older brother to two very powerful mutants in their own right, husband and father of telepathic mutants, and the progenitor of a whole dynasty of mutants who will spend their lives to save others, humans and mutants alike – Cyclops is awesome.

Does this look like he's whining now?
I’m here to give you a glimpse to prove Cyclops is awesome.

27 Nov 2012

Table Top – Losing

So I got my butt kicked on Sunday’s ‘War in the Northland’ tournament.

I got the first round gimmy for being the odd man out and I lost my next three matches.

The Losers
-a great comic-

I had buckets of fun.

26 Nov 2012

Monday Media Fun - Snow Day !

Sorry folks the capital city has been hit by snow and I'm taking a good old American 'Snow Day'
I've got my last classes with the corresponding paper due this week. Then it's get the exams done.

Enjoy the Weather.

23 Nov 2012

Friday Utterance - Cheers

I'm a Canadian and we already did our Thanksgiving. This weekend is the same Holiday for our southern neighbours. I'm not one to simply post another blogger person idea, but this one got to me. It's no surprised since it comes from Ze Frank.

I watch ZeFrank. The link is also on the side bar.

The man has smarts and he says smart things through proposing ideas or making mention of honest observations.

He explains in the video below that 'Thanks' is the cousin to 'Love'.

I agree.


22 Nov 2012

Thursday Thought - Apple Juice

Well folks, it's happened.
This week, I finally started the move to my computer origins.


21 Nov 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - House of Ideas

As you may have noticed there has been plenty of reviews on DC comics since the blog started all because of the ‘new 52’. Marvel was my mainstay for comics until the early 2000’s when the comics bubble popped. They’ve stay ahead of the curve in capturing my attention with their brilliant movie franchise and Ultimate Comics line of modern versions of their characters. But I'm not reading the comics...

I have a problem with Marvel.

20 Nov 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - Who shot JR?

Well in fact most people shoot the guy.

JR is short for Junior or the Journeyman Warcaster. The only low level Warcaster, not really a full Warcaster, in the whole game.

This model is special to a lot of Cyganr players as mastering the solo is a rite of passage when you play the boys in blue.

15 Nov 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Letter to the Boss

Dear Employer:

I will do my best to complete the duties that have been assigned to me. I will commit to work outside of the assigned scope of time during times of stress within the organization. I will act professionally in my demeanour, correspondence and deportment. I will try my best and communicate with my assigned supervisor in a clear and fair manner.

This is what I expect from you.

14 Nov 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - Hypernaturals

I'm sitting in class listening to the Prof go on about the sole Shakespeare play I'm not going to pay attention to, Antony and Cleopatra.

So I log onto my ComiXology app on the iPad and look for something to grasp my attention. After reading the most recent Green Lantern (which was pretty good) I looked up an old name.

Dan Abnett.

This is one of the best sci-fi writers of the day. He started his own comic book and it gets published by Boom! studios with his frequent partner in crime Andy Lanning.

The book is called the Hypernaturals

13 Nov 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - The Defender

Now I’m trying to master the various ‘jacks and other units of the Cygnar faction and one stands out as escaping me far too frequently. As I write this ‘Theory Machine’ post, please note I’m not the expert. I am simply putting down my thoughts and observations as I try to become a better player with this particular tool. Their is a bevi of other sources of information on this topic.

Without further ado.

There is a saying ‘The best defence in a good offense’.

12 Nov 2012

Monday Media Fun - The Could Atlas

Watch this Film
I've not read the book.

The wife has read the book.

We saw the flick together at the same time.

It was an experience that people who's lives are entwined through deed and emotion should share together and enjoy.

It was a great film.

8 Nov 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Dancing

I dislike the human race on most days. As Canada is pushed closer to the eleventh day on the eleventh month, the focus of our thoughts tends to be reminders of our weaknesses.

Where we failed each other and ourselves.

Where it got so bad, we started a global war... twice.

It's still bad in places across the globe. War is still with us, people are still horrible free thinking creatures that seem to have a knack at killing and hurting each other.

Then I saw this.

See you after the video.

7 Nov 2012

Error - Wed

Seems my New Comic Day post got lost somwhere in the interwebs - so no post this Wed.

Sorry Folks shit happens

6 Nov 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - SR2012 and getting ready

Well folks I’ve done ok in my Warmachine/Hordes battles and I came in third at the last tournament I played at. So, I’m no expert but I’ve been able to handle myself.

I think my greatest achievement is almost killing eHailey on her feat turn when played by the resident Cygnar expert.

Another event lies ahead so I decided to go over my thoughts on prepping for the tournament.

5 Nov 2012

Monday Media Fun - The Third Creed

I’m running on the rooftops of Boston in 1700’s. I’ve inducted three men to my cause. As I land a particularly long jump, I scramble up onto the roof only to see my target. I summon my followers to cause a riot. The chaos forces my target closer to me. Lucky for me he escapes down an ally.

I jump the three story building, wrist blades extended. My aim is true and the force of gravity drives me and my blades onto my now vulnerable target. I get up, retract my blades and walk away.

Assassin’s Creed 3 is here folks.

1 Nov 2012

Thursday Thoughts - No Free Rides

As my country starts to move towards our day of remembrance I wonder about the cost of advancement. 

Mother Bear, sent me a youtube link for a movie called Inherit the Wind.

I watched the flick and when I got to the following quote and I started to think.

Progress has never been a bargain. You have to pay for it. Sometimes I think there's a man who sits behind a counter and says, "All right, you can have a telephone but you lose privacy and the charm of distance. Madam, you may vote but at a price. You lose the right to retreat behind the powder puff or your petticoat. Mister, you may conquer the air but the birds will lose their wonder and the clouds will smell of gasoline."

- Henry Drummond, made famous by Spencer Tracy; a character in Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence