27 Dec 2012

Thursday Thoughts - The New Year

Well folks today is the last Thursday of this calendar year since I've started this blog.

Least I Could Do - They say it right everytime
I'm not sure how to look at the new year.

Am I to look at this change of annual date as a sign of the symbolic fresh start that most people reach for?

I'm not sure.

26 Dec 2012

Boxing Day

In many parts of the Christian centric world it is Boxing Day.

I've been away because I celebrated Christmas with my family and friends. Don't read into my religious inclination, that's another topic for after the break. Instead think about what most people are doing over the Holiday season that grips a large portion of the planet.

Marvel's Avengers

19 Dec 2012

New Comic Day - What I'm Reading

Since school ended I've be reading lots. On monday I picked up a nove in a series I was eyeing. Yesterday at lunch I finished the bugger.

Instead I will be listing off some of the comics I've been reading that got me through the exams. Since comics were nice and quick and easy to read they were my only source of literature that I picked since... urm 2 years ago.

18 Dec 2012

Table Top - Fantasy Flight RPG's

It was a few years back. 1998, Charging Bear had yet to meet Writer Bear and make little bears. Instead he spent a few days out of the year joining our newly minted game marathon, Gamers Heaven. Instead of jumping on the other GW products, Charging Bear (who can, without being forced or needing focus,  always charge within 3") showed up to the table with this little gem.

This was a start
Gamers Heaven was a chance for us to show off some of the other games we played outside of D&D. I brought AEG's Legend of the 5 Rings, White Wolf's Vampire and a few others that make the list seem more like a nerd cock measuring statement. Just understand many of my past jobs gave my unfettered access and cheaper costs to getting my hands of RPGs.

Then after ten years... something changed at Gamers Heaven.

17 Dec 2012

Monday Media - Trailers 2012

Here is a list of some great looking flicks that coming up come the new year.

Yeah, the year is looking good.

14 Dec 2012

Friday Utterance - 12 Years (and great music)

12 years ago...

I left a really good job in Jan of 2002 for getting an education. When I mean it was a 'good job', it was to work for some of the most sought after people in the industry. They asked me to stay and it was a highlight of my career. I turned them down to step out into Academia. I never got that degree and I changed along with the school...

In Jan 2013 my education will be done.

12 years later.

I dropped out of the night school classes in order to go to Carleton University. I dropped out of high school to get a degree. It sounds backwards and when ever I look back and wonder 'what the fuck' I was thinking, I smile and figure I'm not boring.

In twelve years I've lived a life along side my formal education. I've listed a few highlights of those twelve years after the break.

12 Dec 2012

New Comic Day - JL8: A Webcomic

This is safe for work but I warning you of Nerd-Cute.

JL8 is up for a best webcomic award.

JL8 by Yale Stewart
characters owned by DC Comics
Take a look at the link and enjoy the oh-so-cute rendition of eight of the most prolific Superheroes from DC Comics as 8 year olds. Here is the first post.


PS. Sorry for the short post, but I'm working the last exam and it's taking the priority of my time until the 17th of Dec when I'm done like dinner.

11 Dec 2012

Tuesday Table Top - Ditching the Bird

Since I joined the ranks of Warmachine/Hordes players in December 2010 I've been throwing dice around for the Swans, also known as Cygnar.

eStriker the poster 'caster for Cygnar
by *Shugga
So now it's been two years, I've played well in tournaments and I did poorly. I'd say I'm average when it comes to player skill. I pull the odd trick, show off a new idea and learn buckets everytime I play.

Well I'm leaving the Swans for a while.

10 Dec 2012

Monday Media Fun - Absolving 47

I see what SquareEnix is trying to do here.

Agent 47 is an ok character who has some history made deep by the direction of the IP. The game is about figuring out how to commit murder in creative and interesting ways to very bad people.
The current game
Sqaure Enix is trying to make the guy more, urm, human.

It’s too bad it’s at the cost of the game.

7 Dec 2012

Friday Utterance - Hope for Mandy

When you look at Triathletes you picture thin athletic people, running, swimming, and biking.

Ever since I read this article about Rick van Beek, who has raced more then 70 races with his daughter, I now see a hero.

A term not used lightly but in this case it's a shallow word for this man and his family.

You see Mr. van Beek's daughter, Mandy, has cerebral palsy and he pushes and pulls her in a cart when he runs and bikes, and he pulls her in a small playboat kayak when he swims. His wife Mary is out there either on the race with him or running the switch stands when Rick and Mandy go from one style to another.

He also gets some pretty impressive scores when you think he's pulling a whole other person and gear.

I woke up one morning and this was the first thing I read as my mind was starting it daly info dump from the internets. It was not about war, murder, money, or politics.

It was a about a great dad and mum. About a bloke who quite smoking so he could live longer to spend time with his family. About a daughter who loves the outdoors. About a family who's still in the races and showing us all its worth it.


3 Dec 2012

EXAMs - Break

Since it's now Monday and the new media post didn't go up its safe for me to say that I'm out of free time this week to write up any posts.

I'm on day 8 of 11 straight days of work before I walk into my first of two exams for me to write this December.

Once the 9th of Dec comes around I'll be a much happier man who's no longer working every other weekend for 20 hours on top of my normal job with a sprinkle of six hours of class each week.

Oh once New Years is done, I'm hitting the island of Far Cry 3 with my vacation time while I'm home alone.

See you all on the other side.