30 Dec 2013

Table Top - Legend of the Five Rings (4th Edition)

This is originally an article that I did up for the folks at Beasts of War but I never heard back from them. Either it wasn't what they were looking for or with all their recent issues my post fell through the cracks. Since it's been a while I figured I'd clean it up a bit more and throw it here.

Known for their successful Japanese inspired Collectable Card Game, the Legend of the Five Rings, Alderac Entertainment Group decided in 1997 to print the first edition of their role-playing game that took place in the same setting of their CCG.

Example of the gorgeous art
art by AEG - used without permission
Rokugan is a unique setting. Instead of drawing from European medieval styles and tropes, AEG looked at inspiration from medieval Japan with some influence from China, Mongolia and Korea. Like classic fantasy settings, players took on the roles of heroes who fought vile corruption, foul beasts that roamed the country, and participated in epic quests. Unlike those settings, it was not filled with armor clad Knights or eccentric and wise Wizards. Instead kimono clad masters of the Katana and elemental spirit priests were given as roles to the players.

Familiar and fresh all in one, the Legend of the Five Rings RPG became a hit. It won the Origin’s Award in 1997 for best game. They expanded the world with a collection of books for each clan, a series of adventure modules, and a pair of campaign box sets. With the world expanding the rules needed a clean up to adjust for some of the weaknesses in the rules.

23 Dec 2013

Dreadball Damn! - plus baggage

Dreadball is that game.

You know the game you want to love. The game you want everyone else to love. The game you bought up like crazy so everyone can come over and play. You've decided to paint the whole set of minis yourself and keep them all for when someone is willing to play...

You know that game... right. Right ?


13 Dec 2013

Media - Hooray for Earth

I've never done a music review. I've never even read a music review in recent decades. Seriously my last music review was from the Columbia house monthly letter when I was buying a slew of CD's at discount.

Them was the days.

Well this post will be the first of maybe a few album reviews.

First off a sample of the album I'll be looking at, see you after the video.

11 Dec 2013

The bad side of the Table

I don't get to spend much time with my local gamer club since work is made up of overnights and weekends but alas 'c'est la vie'. I have been lucky to show folks some games that includes Warmachine, Hordes and a few other. Meanwhile I've also been introduced to some games or newer versions of games that have been out for a while and have changed since I last played.

Getting behind the dice with a new player or with a vet who's an expert in their particular game for the first time can be a bit unnerving. The whole experience is up in the air. Will you have a good game, will you have fun, will the other player be nice or a jerk once the numbered plastic spins across the table...

Well I've had a few good experiences but then I saw this again.
From: Penny Arcade
used without permission
Then I paused and wondered why? Shortly with a beer in hand the question vanished and I figured there are some dark sides to the table and I guess it's a good topic to bring up.

8 Dec 2013

What's going on at imDozer?

Ok here is the skinny of the household and the Dozer's life.

This last week has been shit, problems with the banks, last minute guests, and the wife's cell phone was stolen... The various posts I've been working on were pushed to the side and even then I'm not happy with the last one I posted.

I think I can do better.

I hope I can do better.

I'll see you next week. Many of the posts I've been working are so close to done it's crazy.

5 Dec 2013

The Woman seen by a man

This post has been in the works for a long time. The delay has been due to life and trying to make sure I get this out the way I want and intend. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to fully and properly express how I feel about this with a single post. 

I am a man.

I have earned the love of my wife, been blessed by a wonderful mother, and haply gained a brilliant sister through my own brother's efforts.

I am surrounded by women. I know Lady J an author and a mother of four souls and partner to a brother from another mother. I know her mother in law who is a one of a pair of sisters - both of which have fought long and hard, earning the lives they lead now. I know AW a gardner and best friend to her husband. I know K8 a survivor who keeps living out loud without shame. I know the Lady in Red who has been to places of war and leads men and women in uniform.

I know more women...

I'm lucky to call many women friends and family.

I am just a man and yet I may have a daughter one day. I may have to show a young girl around the room and help her discover the world.

I am not an expert but I've been looking at the women in my world and I've been seeking and talking over with my wife about the positive women in my worlds of games, comics, and flicks. If you are a woman and you are looking for something to read or experience without being treated as something else of being equal I have put together a list of things I would show a growing woman.

I'm not perfect, I like some of the things that do not show women as positive equals to our demented little race. I hope they get better and I hope those creators are encouraged to change how they present ladies. Their games and stories may be great but the image they present needs some work. I don't want to make note of the negative images the folks who generate my hobbies create, instead I'll yammer on the parts where they did good who would I introduce to a young lady if she ever took up the comic, die, and controller.

See you after the break and enjoy the video.

25 Nov 2013

Media - The Black Flag

You need to understand how much I loved 'Sid Meier's Pirates!'. When visiting mates who owned the game, as a young boy I'd hound them to play a bit of the game. Oh I loved it. It wasn't until 2004 when the new remastered version was published that I was able to sit down and dedicate my life to the high seas. I had the game for my PC but for some odd reason my Xbox Live version was the game that got the most love.

I also liked Assassin's Creed. When the game was first being shown I had never seen such movement over terrain before. Add in the historical setting and I was sold to the creed. After playing the first game I was happy with it but it had some issues, issues I would hope they could sort out. Sort out they did in the following four games. AC 2, AC: Brotherhood and AC: Revelations were a great epic tale of my favorite Assassin of the past, Ezio. AC 3 had some great elements to it and I loved the first two acts of the game.

Assassin's Creed 4 is my favorite of the series. It's a score of 5. I have a hard time calling it Assassin's Creed 4 without adding in a Sid Meier's subtitle since it took so much from that game.

22 Nov 2013

The Funk


I'm busy and the posts I've got in the wings are just 'not there' yet. Things are pretty hectic over here in the Bear house and I've just not had the time to polish and shine the few posts that are near completion. 

I've got things I need to say but my time in the day is limited and rare. The ability to focus when the sleep cycle is all fucked up makes it hard to even like what I am putting out. 

I hope to queue up a few for next week. 


15 Nov 2013

Mutterings from a Friday

Normally my posts are pre-written and go up at 0100 on the day of the posting. Today is an off day so this is going up once I'm done with it. It's a bit of an update of what's what in the life and times.

Work is well work... I'm missing the holidays this year. I'll be getting Boxing Day off but I'll be working my normal hours which is the 4 nights/days before boxing day. This sucks for a few reasons: My wife loves the holiday and I like seeing her happy. I've been cooking the holiday dinner for my family since 2006. We eat rouladen which I make from scratch with Bear family famous calorie 2000 mash potatoes with spatzle that I also make on the spot for the dinner. Brother Bear does the annual cheese sauce experiment where he tries to make cheese sauce from scratch... its a miss mark and he can never get it to his standard but the experiment is always yummy.

Aside from the missing holiday, I'm still doing the job I've been working for a while. It's better than the dole but it's not living. The hours suck and finding time to do what I like to do is getting to me. I've been getting some Magic the Gathering time in on the breaks with a co-worker and I've since gotten back into the game but at a limited scale. The wife is even playing and two weeks ago Wolf and the Pale Rider each picked up at least one pre-made deck.

Since the fall of WB Montreal's Batman: Arkham Origin (and still lacking the patch) I've been dedicated to the world of Sid's Pirates brought to you by Assassin's Creed. Once more the busy season pushes aside another game. Once I'm done AC:4 I'll be going back to GTA V and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Batman needs a patch before I spend my limited time in the land of electronic Gotham. Only XCOM Enemy Within is drawing my attention and I expect it to be the last of the 7th generation. Not a bad way to end a console generation mind you. LEGO Marvel has been fun and I'm looking forward to playing some more as a break from the West Indies.

Table Top wise my KemVar for MERCS have come in and I'm really looking hard at which of the new Infinity double packs I want to get. I may even ask the wife to pick up a set for a holiday gift. Dreadball season 3 showed up on the doorstep and it's quite the box. I have a few extra's, a few missing and once it's sorted out and finally checked I'll be able to get back to work. I've started to run up a staggering number of completed minis that need dipping over the last pair of months and it's strange since it's normally a large number of minis that need painting. I still have that issue but it's a nice new problem. A dozen privateer press minis, another MERCS faction and some Dreadball are all looking for some time to take a bath and chill out. Once the Dreadball situation is sorted, I'll be looking for a all in one bag that will hold every Dreadball mini, the boards, cards, etc... for an all in one go bag of Dreadball. Battlefoam may be the solution I end up seeking but I'm still searching for some good foam and a better bag.

I've been reading some odd poetry these days but otherwise I'm hitting up my comics which encludes Year Zero Batman and I'm enjoying that run. The team that has been running 'new 52' Flash is leaving so I may go with them. I await what's next for Barry Allen. I've read Batwoman and Capt Marvel (both of which I showed my wife to read and instead have already gone through them) and they have been great. With Nat Portman's character in the recent Thor flick I've been really enjoying some strong female lead comics.

So that's the rundown. The reason for the late post, I've been sick. The guts turned on me on Wed and I had to leave work early. I missed my Thursday night game but I rested with the wife and pooch with some easy LEGO video games.

Got a few posts in the pipe waiting to get the scub, should be out next week.


13 Nov 2013

XCOM: Enemy Within

Thank you GT for that insightful video preview of what to expect.

So folks XCOM 1.2 is coming out, what do I think?

11 Nov 2013

The Day we Remember

As someone who grew up in a military family and having lost a few people to the recent decade of fighting in Afghanistan (aka the Sand Box) November the eleventh is a pretty big deal to me. I have quite the handful of folks that are very close to me and have done more than one tour there.

I hope those the fallen have left behind are able to find peace today.

This year I've experience quite a bit of ignorance regarding today and I will not rant.

I will remember those who I knew and those who I'll learn about.

8 Nov 2013

Media - Batman Arkham Year Two

Well folks. I picked up Batman: Arkham Origin on the wife's orders and boy-o-boy was I excited.

Batman- Arkham Origins - TV Spot by itsartmag

The story is simple. Batman has yet to be confirmed outright but he has been working in the city of Gotham for 2 years. It's Dec 24th and Black Mask has put a large one night bounty on Bruce Wayne's head. Many fearsome assassins have come out of the woodwork to earn the large payday. Being the 24th of December, the love of a white Christmas the city is also snowed in via a small snow storm. I say small because I live in Ottawa and we get plenty of snow. The citizens are home warm and hidding from all the promised violence.

Bane - More normal looking then the Spider-face version
Looking awesome creepy
Story aside the last game in the cycle, Batman: Arkham City is one of my favorite games of the passing 7th generation on home gaming consoles. Batman: Arkham Asylum was brilliant very hard to beat but the folks at Rocksteady did themselves in with the sequel. When I found out WB Montreal was working the series for the third game I was wondering how to do you beat the first game Arkham Asylum and who would want to try and even come close to the awesome that is Arkham City? Was this game dead in the water before launch?


6 Nov 2013

MERCS - Part Four: Game On!

So last Friday as per the post I was able to chill with Ontos and put in two games with out teams.

First off I was playing my fully painted CCC. I had used the Army Painter Yellow as my base. I use Charcoal for the fabric portions of the armour, trimmed with a metal and used an olive drab and a dark metal for my equipment. I used some textured Games Workshop paint to base the minis with better success then I expect before dry brushing the texture with darker shades of grey. After all was said and done I dipped the 6 CCC miniatures in Army Painter Quickshade.


Ontos based white put a few off colour whites, off and near metal whites to shade and used a dark orange to detail. He dipped as well and finished with a mat spray varnish. His Keizai Waza look awesome and really had a used state of the art tech feel to the minis.

Keizai Waza Starter Box 

It took me over and hour on and off with the brush. The base painting and dipping were each only ten minutes for each effect. Ontos said he was done super quick as well. Not bad for a run at getting the armies painted and ready.

So we played two games...

4 Nov 2013

Table Top - Infinity Mission Packs

Infinity has done it again!

I swear every time I pause and think about Infinity and how I need to play more of it, they do something. It's a new min or a new set of rules. Sometimes a new scenario or an update with some high speed gear. 

This time they did it all.


Ladies and Gent's the Dire Foes Mission Pack Set. 

Mission Pack 1: Train Rescue
Mission Pack 2: Fleeting Alliance
Mission Pack 3: Dark Mist
So who likes that?

28 Oct 2013

Life - Where is Dozer these days

I'm still looking for work. Officially I'm not unemployed. Hell I have my main job, my second job and my third job. Once I find a real job I'll be able to put to bed two of the three jobs I've mentioned. The second job is the one I'd keep. 

I've avoided mentioning what that job is because some of the things I've said could reflect poorly on that organization and I would never want that. Within this job there are some mindsets that help protect those that work there and sometimes my views would conflict with that mindset. 

I've taken a break from this second job. Things are heating up with family and instead of trying to juggle so much I've asked to simply put down that one thing. 

As of now my main job is 12 hour overnights that kills my Sunday and I'm on and off 12 hours until Thursday morning when I wake up with my wife with 6 hours of sleep. This schedule is less than ideal, but I'd rather earn my coin instead of collecting Employment Insurance. 

I'm having all sorts of conflicting thoughts on a regular basis. I dislike the state the economy lies, just like everyone else. I dislike the world we've inherited from the Baby boomers and that's a real sticker for me. They got a post WWII world to live in with Cold Wars and the threat of nuclear destruction from their parents but in general the wealth was a bit more accessible.

Another though the is the Empire building in many places of work. Where leaders will hinder or hold back employees in order to safeguard their job. This hurts both the employer and the employee from reaching possible heights. Also the amount of folks staying in longer then planned is really holding up the possibility for entry for folks like me and advancement for folks like my wife. 

There also seems to be a lack of long term continuity planning by far to many employers. They have relied on these older vet employee's but within the next ten years they will fall away and since they have not invested and planned for continuing their business without issues. Too many companies are watching folks retire or simply quit with skills that have not been passed on or planned to loose and suddenly that same person is coming back as a contractor earning twice as much coin simply because the employer did not plan the first time. Worse part of it, they don't learn from this mistake the first time and they keep the contractor on without any planning... 

This was more of a bitch than I expected and I didnt plan for this to go in this direction but voicing some of my frustrations felt good. 


25 Oct 2013

MERCS - Part Three: The Rules

So I've been reading the rule book for MERCS. My play experience is pretty limited so I'm going to focus on the Rulebook and the rules as they are presented. I hope the next post will focus less on the rules and more on play.

Ahh the Simpsons so many good quotes.

Back to the MERCS issue at hand. The Game Rules book.

23 Oct 2013

MERCS - Part Two: The Other Team

After looking at my CCC starter in the last post of the series I also going to look at the other faction starter box I got. The largest difference between this box and the last one is that Texico is a new faction and is not included in the main rulebook. This can be an issue as the rule book has lots of first timer help and some FAQ in the back on each of the figures that were part of the first wave of MERCS. Lucky for us those gents at MERCS have an up to date FAQ for each faction and an active forum community to help explain some of the more odd ball rules that comes with Texico. 

Texico - Starter Box

At first glance these power armoured cowboys look awesome and it was a toss up between them and the faction that was released alongside them the ISS. Both factions are unique of having a seventh figure (ISS gets to deploy a turret). Once more I also picked up the plastic measuring card produced by Outrider Hobbies. 

21 Oct 2013

MERCS - Part One: Start Up

I was at FdB with Wolf showing him around the shop on the other side of the river. I also had a bit of a mission ahead of me. I was looking for some KemVar and another faction to start up my experience in the MERCS world of games. Instead KemVar was out. I was happy to pick up CCC and Texico, two other factions in my top 4 factions I want for MERCS.

CCC - Starter Box
So this series of posts will be about my first contact and expectations of MERCS and how I expect it to go. I'll be looking at the starter boxes I picked up before I get into the rule book and playing the game.

18 Oct 2013

The Absent Dreamer's Hit-list of things on the go.

I've not be blessed with much free time outside of two jobs, getting pulled from the flat, while leaving the city each weekend for the last four weeks. I've kept in the loop on how things have been going in the various points of my interest.

First up - Games Workshop have once more earned the ire of the hobby community. This time that have targeted the fine folks Beasts of War (as found on the sidebar) forcing the team of hobby journalists to cut ties with groups that worked to support the team and their efforts. The main effort is Wayland Games who are the primary sponsor for the Beasts of War.

I feel that railing on GW for this new practice so soon after the madness of their sales policies and the whole buggery around the term 'Space Marine' is a bit easy. They are deep in competition against Privateer Press, Corvus Beli, Wyrd Miniatures, Mantic, Hawk Wargames, and Dream Pod 9. Alternatives are becoming more and more possible.

I look at MERCs and I think to myself. 60$ for the whole set of six minis, with quick rules and unit cards. Even if you add in the new 7th mini for each faction you still under the 100$ mark. Add in the fact you're only putting to brush 6 (or for some 7) figures, using a 2'x2' playing board, and not needing a whole contraption of rulers and templates due to the cards measuring mechanic... MERCS is a cheep option.

Yeah... hard to compare if you only look at the almighty force of currency. Anyways next on the list...

16 Oct 2013

Media - Top 'Stealth' Games

I like Game Trailers for videos and some of their shows are pretty brilliant. Final Bossman is pretty much the cream of their crop.

Recently they posted a 'top 5 stealth games' video and I was disappointed. When GT or Screw Attack do a Top 5, Top 10, or Top 20 they always come with a grain of salt. Some of the games are a nice selection and call back to early games in past generations.

This time they really failed. Watch the video and see you after the break.

6 Oct 2013

Break - The EVAC

I know there are only a few folks that read this blog and many are friends and family but my stats tell me a few more folks read this and a couple more pile in on a few of the select posts where I wasn't a bag of editorial poo. Me and the Wife had to EVAC our flat and we were out for almost three full weeks. 

With my scheduled overnights 4 nights a week plus the other job, getting in the time to post has not been easy. Add in a wedding, our wedding anniversary and things are getting busy. 

Now flee your home during this time and try to pack for a 4 night stay in a summer camp that is only boat access while living out of someone elses home and trying to stay on top of work. 

It's doable but it's bloody hard when you're trekking a few extra times a week across the city just because you left behind something you needed for this weekend or the next... 

So I have quite a few posts on the wings that were almost ready to post expect them soon. With access to my Mac I'll be able to jump back into the blog. Dozer's back folks, he's back. 


11 Sep 2013

Table Top - To the Stars

When it came out I was hooked from the start. Battlefleet Gothic was awesome in scale. Flying around and moving huge warships fighting in the vast empty voids of space littered with planets, stars and debris. It was a dream. Only Longsword and Ontos got into it and I played with a few wankers from my last high school. Those were great days. Games Workshop had a real gem here with this game much like most of their Specialist Games... Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Mordenheim...

Battlefleet Gothic -
the 'good old days'
Recently one of the many Table Top miniatures games that have pulled me in was Spartan Games. Makers of the steampunk styled all terrain war game Dystopian Wars they also have been making a spiritual successor to Battlefleet Gothic: Firestorm Armada. I look at some of these minis and long for my past. It takes a moment to remind myself that I don't need to just cruise around in my Chaos Warships anymore. The alternative is here and it's doing well for the last four years. 

Spartan Games just released something. More like two somethings with regard to the Firestorm Armada universe. A second edition of the rules and land battles... 

Firestorm Armada in play -
The Sorylian Collective (left) and The Directorate (right)
Right off the bat the excuses for me to pick up and play this game now that I've got solid (albeit not the best) employment that does in fact pay. I even have time to paint since my new shift started. I've completed quite a few minis over the last two weeks and I'm picking up speed. My Paingiver Beast Handlers, Void Spirit, eHex and pHex are all done next to a few Nomad minis that includes my Sin Eater with Mk12.  

Do I need another game? Nope. Do I have plenty to play? Infinity, Warmachine/Hordes, Dreadball and Heavy Gear... yes. Do I have time to play all these games? I wish. Do I still want Firestorm Armada anyways? 

Damn me. Yes, yes I do. I've yammer about this game before. 

Follow me after the break.

10 Sep 2013

Lost - I've been away

I'll have worked in the last 14 days as of 14 Sep 2013 - Eleven of them. 

I've been busy. I've gotten not so much table time but lots of painting done. 

I've also been held back in some of the blogging. The longer posts make it harder to get them out in time (that'd I'd like) and so they are a bit more slow to drop. 

More to come and very soon... 

Expect Thurs to have something good for you to eat... or read if you can't eat words. 


4 Sep 2013

Media - GTA Five

We are in the final count down.

It's comming.

I want this game.

Damn it.

3 Sep 2013

Table Top - My Love of the Infinity

When you talk table top miniature wargaming, most of us think Games Workshop right off the bat. They are the TSR (bought out by Wizards of the Coast) of their hobby. GW is the first to really take the table top hobby into international mass success. Warhammer is to table top players as D&D is to role players.

Over the last decade or so both D&D and Warhammer have changed and no longer hold the crown for best game in their genre. Pathfinder has become the defacto heir of the D&D players since Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition was released. Privateer Press and their games Warmachine and Hordes have come up and started replacing Warhammer and Warhammer 40k in most tournaments. 

Times have changed. 

There is one game that I dream about. I love playing this game and my opportunities to play are minimal. The game is called Infinity

Lets take a look.

26 Aug 2013

Quick one today.

Thor: Dark World, second trailer.

Looks... good. Enjoy the video.

See y'all later.

23 Aug 2013

Table Top - The Starter Box

So GEN Con has come and gone. Folks are flocking to a fro in order to get the newest and latest of various products that litter the trade floor. We the fans, the player... the community are right as rain. The lists for the holiday shopping are being crafted. Tournaments are being planned with all the new bells and whistles in mind. Events are coming and gearing.

Recently we had a new addition to the crew. So why do you care. Well she is one of the many who are jumping in. She's a gamer of the RPG variation has recently jumped into the Table Top scene with Hordes.

She is not alone. At the Wizards Tower, I've seen two demo matches played in the last pair of times with folks I've never seen before. The flock of new players is growing. Other shops in the area are making note that there are plenty of new people playing these games.

So why do I mention our new player... well how do you start playing?

Seriously Games Workshop was the doorway to our hobby. Yet they seem to have less and less of the attention across the hobby. In order to break in or make the same footprint in accessibility those who have games in the same area need another product. Stores have less GW stuff and more of everything else.

Well folks they are showing up, one by one, to be counted. They are a two player starter box.

Let's dive in.

21 Aug 2013

Table Top - Playing for Scenario

I am not a tournament player. Out of my last three Warmachine/Hordes tournaments only once did I get into the top 3. My last tournament I was in the back half and the other one I was middle of the row. I don't have the time allocated to tournament play. I could become better if I put my time towards game time on the table and putting together my minis. I decided that I have more to do every night then work on army list and figure out neat ways to use my Nomad's Sin-Eater Observant. Instead I work on another plot point for a far distant RPG campaign that may never see the light of the dice.

Sin-Eater Observants w/ Multi Sniper Rifle
also a very sexy model
Updated my Kickstarter contribution to add this
fuck yeah! 6 player royal rumble
I crash on the couch with my wife watching Netflix rather than hitting Fandom 2 and putting in a game of Dreadball and setting up a league for the locals to play in. I live in a small two bedroom flat on the 3rd (also top) floor of a fifty-five year old building. It suits our needs and makes it easy for us to go back and forth to work, food and letting out the pooch. I don't have a 'lab' anymore to work on the Heavy Gear Arena table I've been dreaming on building since I played my first match of a Peace River sponsored Tech team but that's life. Oh how I wish I had the place, money and more than anything... time to spend on my hobby. Using a 'rattle can', spray paint, is hard with no basement or garage.
Mushashi - Merc, Irregular and the best CQC guy in the game

You see I have much more on my plate - all of my own choice - then to master or become a better tournament player. Yet tournament play is getting more and more coverage. I can understand why. Pitting my JSA with Musashi in an ITS event just because no one expects it was fun and I did pretty well. Throwing down on a starterbox tournament at the Kobold's Korner (which was the first tournament of the store) was a good time (it was the last event I've played in).

Last but not least not all of my mates or all of my hobbies are just spent on the table. I read comic books, watch flicks, listen to music, play Farcry3: BloodDragon ... yeah you know what check out the video and read about what I want to play in the next little while.

Tournament play is here and it's lead to some of the best miniature play in recent memory. Scenario based play... see you after the awesome.

ps. Video has bad words and stuff so get your headphones and keeps the kids aways as you get told about neon lit dinos who shoot lazers... yeah see you after the break.

19 Aug 2013

Media - The Witcher ... and Wolverine

When I read the original releases on the first game under the Witcher title I was impressed. A mature RPG with a slew of great gameplay elements and tons of depth. An open world to explore with plenty of grey lines to walk all over. The Bioware right and wrong was absent.

I wanted to play the Witcher. Poor english translations and all.

Then they came out with the second game, Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. I heard nothing but great things from this game. Once again I held back and waited, other things were at the fore of my attention and it was always 'when I have time/money' sputtering from my lips when I mentioned the game.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunter is coming out soon.

Why am I still a maybe?

18 Aug 2013

FU - Making fun of people

I'm a little pissed off after watching this. 


I have a mate and his sister is also disabled. If someone was making fun of her, he'd not even lift a finger. He take her away and protect her and make sure she was safe. He'd be angry. His wife would be angry. His whole family would be angry.

I have a cousin he and his daughter are disabled. If someone was making fun of him or god help anyone her, his wife a lovely lady would have to remind him he's got two kids (third's on the way). He'd get angry. His wife would be angry. His whole family would be angry.

These people I am close to would have to leave.

These people would do nothing.

The people around them... well they would commit crimes.

That mocking someone... well they would be a victim.

We'd let our anger boil over into violence fueled by rage. We'd be wrong to do that, maybe? Would it make it better, maybe? Would we get caught, maybe?

My suggestion raise your voice. Let the world hear your cry. Speak to those with defiance to their actions.

yet don't be surprised if someone takes up arms... those that have the moral flexibility or the conviction to walk down darker roads. If you meet one of those folks, don't shake their hand, don't cheer them on.

Do something or go away.

12 Aug 2013

Media - The Fall of 2013

Every fall, video games are released on mass for the holiday season and the slew of options are always so large that it's hard to pick one or the other. 2013 is the odd year, with the end of the 7th generation systems and the 8th generation of systems due out this fall the games being pushed our way are on the small side when compared to the selection of the last few years.

So today here is my list -

Splinter Cell: The Blacklist

First on the list today is the new Sam Fisher game. Check out the video and see you after the break.

8 Aug 2013

New Comics - The Wolverine

So I saw the most recent X-Men Fox Studios outing, The Wolverine. Not bad Fox, to bad you treat you're audience like idiots.

Treatment and adjustment of demographics aside. Fox made a solid action film here. This flick is an easy 3 out of 5. It passes. If the 3rd act of the film had not been such a mess (I'll explain after the break), it would have earned a 4 out of 5, going above average. The first act forces us to acknowledge that X-Men: Last Stand happened. Logan has thrown away his Wolverine identity after having to take his unrequited love's life away as per her last sane wish. He lives on the fringe of society just like he was in the first X-Men film. He gets whisked away to Japan and is forced to defend a young heiress and through his actions reclaim his name and become once more the hero.

The action is very well done, Logan and Mariko are both acted as well as the characters could be. Their are some funny moments and Logan shows us a killer that's been PG-13'ed in previous films. This Wolverine is the guy at the bar telling Charles and Erik to fuck off without even looking at them.

Go see the film, enjoy the ride and weather through the final act.

SPOILERS past the break.

7 Aug 2013

Table Top - Looking at the new Guys

Well Privateer Press has explained that the new Characters and 'Casters shown in the Kickstarter for Warmachine: Tactics will be released in the forthcoming rules Warmachine: Vengeance.

Now the moulds for the Kickstarter will be broken once the minis have been produced. Being a Swan (Cygnar) player we're getting a new 'caster and the new character journeymen. Their rules are looking awesome since the PDF came out and I've finally gotten time to look over them over.

So lets take a look at what I like...

6 Aug 2013

Table Top - Dreadball Update

Folks here is my update on Dreadball.

Season 2 has not gotten as much play time as I'd like. My human team is all done, the Forge Fathers and the Orks are almost done. A few of the MVP's are finished and the Vyrr-Myn are last to get done.

Few of the Season 2 teams have gotten any play time. Simply because I've not been playing. Seems there is a group playing in Ottawa but it's downtown in a basement so the group can enjoy beer and cigarettes. With work the way it is... well you know.

So Dreadball season 3 is due soon...

Dreadball Season 3
3-6 player pitch setup

5 Aug 2013

Media - GTA 5

I love me some GTA.

I loved GTA 3 back on my PS2 and it was awesome! I played the ever living crap out of that game an it was worth every moment. GTA: Vice City was fun and played that up but outside of Motor bikes the game had some issues including invulnerable enemies and mission vehicles. That killed the whole open world concept for me as open world to me also means complete missions as I want. 

GTA: San Andreas was my game. I played that until my PS2 made noises of pain and suffering. It was brilliant. GTA 4 was a great game, if not for Red Ring of Death and my HDD failing I would have finished it (I was on the last mission, when it all went down) and picked up the other two DLC's. I may still just pick it up... 

Anyways watch this.

So you want this?

29 Jul 2013

Media - Kingkiller

"The best epic fantasy I read last year... He's bloody good, this Rothfuss guy."
- Geroge R. R. Martin

That's one.

In 2007 that Rothfuss dude wrote and published the first book of his Kingkiller Chronicle, The Name of the Wind. In 2011, he followed up that book with the second of the three novel series with The Wise Man's Fear. They are a good book and knowing that the last book of the series will be out before 2015 but not 2013, is a good thing.

Mr. Martin is famous in the 1980's for his TV before moving on to make it really big with his series of Fire and Ice. Later he would go on and dominate TV again. He is one of the largest and established names in fantasy writing.

His name echos along side names like; Ursula K. LeGuin, Terry Brooks and Brandon Sanderson.
That's two, three and four.

Orson Scott Card, as much as he's a media target, is five alongside the popular and always present dragon lady, Anne McCaffery, who is six. The number of names go on; Tad Williams, Nancy Pearl (author and 2011's Librarian of the Year - Library Journal), Robin Hobb (aka Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden) and Lev Grossman.

We're at seven, eight, nine and ten.

Hell I'm Canadian, Robert J. Swayer lives five hours away by car and he's number eleven.

Kevin J. Anderson has been around Star Trek, Star Wars and even the X-Files. He's number twelve right before Sean Williams of Australia came up as good old thirteen.

In the front cover of the books you'll see a dozen more published critics tell you the same thing that guy up top said.

"He's bloody good, this Rothfuss guy."
- Geroge R. R. Martin

Read the book. Read the second book and wait alongside me for the third. 

Let's be fourteen and counting. 


22 Jul 2013

Thoughts - For me it's Sundaty

As of writing this post it's actually 0022 hrs on Monday, 22 July 2013.

This is my Sunday.

Overnights are not bad, I like them in fact. Most of the dumb is absent because stupid has a sleep requirement. I'm left to my own devices and I'm able to read like the Flash.

I'm actually trying to get a real article finished for a real internet site, hence the long distance between posts. I'll post the link if it goes up. I'm hoping the editors like the piece if not I'll bring it about here.

Things have been changing here in the old house. With my current job we have spending money again. Before while I was unemployed we could get by on the one pay provided by the wife but alas it was barley paying the bills, cash was very tight, and the debts me and the Mrs have garnered over the years were no longer leaving us... it was a shity time.

No we have some cash again. Debts are almost done, we have some cash to spare... at the cost of the overnights I'm pulling. It's much harder to merge my time table with the wife's and she's alone far to often for my tastes. Yet for the short term, the coin I'm bringing in with both of my jobs (yes I have two,  one is part time) we will be be in a better place. I've stepped away from the table minus my Wed night gaming and the odd weekend event. Summer is still in full swing so it's hard to make up time to spend in a room around a table when the weather demands you to live outside.

In Canada we value our Summers, our Winter are long and very cold.

Of course my Sundays are the shity day. My sleep schedule is off because I got home Sat morning and I got little sleep. I need to right my clock for going to work at 1145 on Monday. So Sunday is a transformation into a creature of the night.

Monday is much better... but the wife is working while I'm home.

So Sundays suck.

See you all later.


19 Jul 2013

Media - Strider

So I love Strider on the SNES. It was a well done Metroidvania style game before the term was invented. Now the Strider on the Genesis and later on Strider 2 on PS2 were ok arcade sider scrollers, they lacked the exploration and more robust levels of the SNES version.

Where was my triangle jump?

Oh, here you are.

Awesome, see you all Sunday.

16 Jul 2013

Table Top - The Warmachine Kickstarter

As I'm getting ready for the new imDozer and writing projects pile up, I've found myself looking back to the Warmachine Kickstarter. For those of you who have no idea what Kickstarter is, it's the mac daddy of crowd funding. Folks post an idea, ask for coin and hand out special rewards for folks who give more then the min support.

For me I'm looking at the new minis that are coming out from the game. Seems each faction will be getting a Journeyman Warcaster.

Yeah... every faction will be getting a Jr, rules in the link.

I'll wait.

15 Jul 2013

Thoughts - On the need for sleep

I've been working only overnights and it has not been easy the last few days.

My body has decided after 36 hours of activity bookended by a 12 hour shift of work on each end that sleep is not what it desires when I get home. This makes my day a nightmare as I need to keep the sleep pattern I've developed to 1. work on time and not be tired, and 2. spend some time with the wife so we can still call ourselves hitched.

Today has been a bad day, Sunday was bad... today was worst as I'm leaving for work in a few hours. To say the least working off 2-3 hours of broken sleep a day is less then desired.

Tomorrow will be better I will be tired, I'll crash and have to get ready to work at my 1st job before going to my overnight shift.

Also I've been working on a few projects on the side and being able to work them on top of two jobs, husband, and being an active mate to the crew takes up all my time. I've not painted and that's also getting to me.

So folks work is getting done but it's not getting done the way I want to.

I also love my wife, she is the best and has really taken on the task of working with the grumpy bear in the house.

Cheers folks.

12 Jul 2013

Thoughts - Where to now mr D?

Since my new job as overnight safety tool has been taking up my free time to write posts I've been working on how I'm going to keep this up. With no internet, cell and only a pad of paper and a pen, 42 hours of my week are pretty much killed and make it hard to write posts.

I saw this video recently. It sparked something in me. It could also be me re-reading Richard Morgans' the Steel Remains and picking up the Dragon Age RPG Set 1 Box.

I'm thinking on what I'm doing with this blog. 

11 Jul 2013

Lost - Ryan Davis 1979-2013

He just got hitched in June and now suddenly he has passed away.

He made waves in the Video game industry for being honest, upfront and a oddly enough being a really nice guy.

Cheers Mr. Davis
For those who kept up with Gamespot and later on Giant Bomb he was one of those fine gents drinking odd beers and yakking on the local pod cast. He rocked it with a smile and made folks around him happy without knocking others over.

He had great taste and love of our games. 

He was one of the first true game journalists.


10 Jul 2013

New Comic Day - My Take on a Justice League Flick

Since this is my Blog and after a conversation I had last night my the shift supervisor at my current job a few ideas came to me about what DC needs to do in order to make a Justice League movie and make the same successful lead up to Avengers.

You see Avengers is a brilliant movie but the movies leading up to it were the foundation and the main driving force to its success. DC needs to do the same thing if they are going to merg films for an assemble film with their characters.

So what do I think they need....

9 Jul 2013

Thoughts - Job Interview

No Post today. I didn't get it done in time as I worked on a Job interview I have in less then an hour.

Sorry folks.

8 Jul 2013

Media - What do I want to play next?

This summer season in past years shows gamers like myself the new stuff coming out in the following Fall season. It get's us ready for what to play. Of course this Summer the 8th Generation Consoles are the new big thing. 

Yet what about the games?

What games are pulling my attention for the last big party for Generation Seven?

Lets go down the list. 

3 Jul 2013

New Comic Day - Revival

So I was working on another post for today... but this morning I read this. As I'm getting home at 6am from my over nights I'm about six hours behind on my on the day posts. C'est la vie, that's life. 

So as I browsed some cheep reading on my iPad, I found the first volume of Revival written by Tim Seeley and art duties by Mike Norton. 

I have to say the idea was brilliant. Small town has an event that results in a the recent dead coming back to life. The local town goes into lock down and the world is watching intently to see what's next. The reader joins the world in wondering what's next...

2 Jul 2013

Table Top - Coming out of the Shadows

Ever since I picked up my parents copy of D&D, I was drawn to the Rogue classes. In 2nd Edition AD&D, I owned all the rogue class players guides. Thief's, Bard's, and even the Ninja's handbooks. When I lept into other game systems, the stealthy sneaky classes, careers and archetypes called me.

I liked not being the one who hit the hardest or the one with all the bells and whistles. I liked being that reliable aid to the party. I liked being able to fuck off and do my thing as needed. I loved it when the 'locked door' was the only thing between victory and the party with me being the only soul with the skills to open it.

1 Jul 2013

27 Jun 2013

Thoughts - New Job

So I've got job where it's overnights and long hours, I have no internet. Lucky for me I love books already and keeping happy on a overnight shift is a skill I've kept up over the last decade plus in my other job.

Of course the schedule is temporary and should only be lasting a few months.

Other jobs are on the horizon I await their positive reply with as much earnest as I had before finding this work.

Work is work and there is a value in having it outside of the money. It's the self worth that comes with the labour and efforts. The job is pretty easy but after 12 hours solid of working one gets tired. A few days of 12 hours and the tired is bone tired.

Tonight and tomorrow night I have a pair of 12 hour shifts.

Well, need to fuel up and grab some rack... got to work tonight.


26 Jun 2013

New Comic Day - The Best of Superman

So it's been a while for the new comic posts. For one I do not like writing reviews on individual issues and instead on story arcs within said comic series. So I need time to build up the story arcs to really give my 2 cents. With the recent Man of Steel release and now it's widespread success has turned the world on to Superman stories. So I decided to look over through my old brain pan to figure out some of the best Superman stories out there that someone would like to read.

Superman "new 52"
Art by Jim Lee
I like Superman stories that include some sort of reflection or hearing what his thoughts comprise of since I and most readers will never be able to understand the power this one creature holds. Now I'm reaching into all the Superman stories I've experienced since I was.... urm in grade 4. So modern Superman is the only factor. Golden Age or Silver Age are far to foreign to me and the whole industry of comics as full fledged stories was still not there yet.

So see you after the break. 

25 Jun 2013

Table Top - Disappointing the Shop

So I was in a GW store yesterday as of this post. I had another post ready to go up, but instead this one has sprung forward and fuck it, this is my site. Next Week expect some looks at RPG'ing for the next little while.

Until then...

A Games Workshop store
you may recognize them
The moment I stepped in a young lady employed by the store, identified by her work uniform, asked if she could help me.

My reply.

'Sorry no.'

24 Jun 2013

Media - Oz Great and Powerful

Last night the wife and the Pales settled in the flat for a relaxing flick night in the humid weather that's claimed the city. So thanks to the Ottawa Public Library and my wife's luck, we watched OZ the Great and Powerful.

It's been a while since Sam Remi has been behind the camera. He's always been pushing his visual style. Evil Dead 1&2, Army of Darkness and the Spiderman Trilogy with Toby as Peter and MJ as the main squeeze.

20 Jun 2013

Media - the Game of Chicken, next gen Chicken

So Xbox One. After you came out, people had questions. After they brought you out and showed off all your friends, people were angry and still had questions. Confusion was a miasma that was becoming more and more obvious while also becoming thicker.

Yesterday, as of this post, something about you has changed.

Xbox One
finally desired

As a community of consumers something has changed. This last generation (the 7th) of consoles has been one of the longest and strongest in history. Games have broken sales records, meeting numbers that films would want, while also having overwhelming underperformance. We have also changed. Facebook and Twitter are under News reporters titles on the the TV. TV is now watched on the internet with services like Hulu and Netflix. We are able to ravage and gobble everything up so quickly and the turn around to expresse their acceptance or lack thereof is just a 'like' button.

So did we win or did they loose? Does it matter that it has changed?

18 Jun 2013

Table Top - Someone bought me a Stormwall pt3

As I'm limited in my ability to work the blog while I'm away, please ignore the formatting and lack of images as I work this out.

So my last post on the Stormwall and some of things I'm looking at. Today we're talking Capt J. Kraye one of my favorite 'casters in the game. The first of the Cav 'casters/'locks in the game he is one of the best riding high.

17 Jun 2013

Media - State of Decay

This game has become my favorite Zombie game of all time. Now don't get me wrong, RE2 and RE4 the two best of the Zombie action games from Capcom are great. Left for Dead 1 and 2 are also good games but there was no survival aspect in the Zombie Survival game. Fallout: New Vegas on the Hardcore mode was more about survival then those games were. I felt no fear of the future just the fear of not being able to fend of the next Zombie.

There was no long term goal other then escape in all of those games.

In this game there is no escape. There is only survive. You have nowhere to go and you just need to live.

See you after the video.

15 Jun 2013

Media - Man of Steel

I am not a fan of Superman. Yet there are times when I forget that and revel in the sheer power of the Kal-El. It's part of the fantasy and part of reading comics of watching animated cartoons. There are few stories that actually have kept me interested in a God like character. Characters with similar abilities at least have a bit more rounding or weakness. Hulk turns back into Banner and he is always alone, Superman is weakened by leftovers of his planet. Invincible could be miss-named for all the beatings the character takes, while good old Clark Kent rarely bleeds... as sign of the makers of his comics or a sign of the character, maybe both.

Like the Film this is very nice to look at
So what did I think about the most recent attempts at putting the Boy Scout on the big screen? It was pretty good as an action film and ok as a comic adaptation.

PS spoilers after the break.

11 Jun 2013

Media - E3 Part Four (PS4)

So Sony had the last show of the night and they were looking great. How great, well it's made me look at getting a PS4. I'm not fully sold, but they have something there that Xbox is missing.

See you after the break.

Media - E3 Part Two (EA)

EA you have the worst position out of any publisher. Since the EA programer wife letter spelled out the poor treatment of your code monkeys and the two years running as consumers worst company EA you've got a lot to prove.

So how did you do?

Pretty well actually... so where did this come from? I'm not sure I just hope this is not a shity illusion.

10 Jun 2013

Media - E3 Part One (XBox)

I wasn't going to do this there is plenty of E3 hype out there but some of the stuff I've seen has really got my attention. So this week's posts are getting pushed back by a week as I hit up some of these E3 moments. Tomorrow expect some EA and Ubisoft reporting.

So Part One will be Xbox One (aka Xbone). 

They still have yet to fully explain what is entailed with the always online, the used games and the must be there to see and hear Kinect. Three weeks ago, Xbox One came out of the shadows and afterwards the rounds tables, where media and news sites get one on one time with the folks for questions failed. Different information and unclear answers were being pushed and Xbox was looking like it was about to eat the barrel of Video Game suicide.

Imagine Best Buy, Future Shop, Amazon and even more importantly Game Stop and EB Games loosing all that revenue from used games. The idea alone made Game Stop drop 5 full points on the market after the Xbox One press conference. Yet the idea is strange, would you be willing to sell a product that is cutting you off at the knees. Microsoft need the brick and mortar stores to sell the consoles. 

It's a game of chicken. Will Xbox drop the used game download, reuse fee ideas that are still floating aimlessly in the internets or will they push the game stores to buy the console and sell it or else those stores will loose all the possible cash? Who will fall first? 

Those answers were not there instead we got a slew of games. That's ok but I want to know more about some of this foolishness. Well some games that got my attention are below after the break.

Media - Monaco: What's Yours is Mine

I love the heist moves. From Ocean's Eleven (and Thirteen) to Heat, the heist film is my favorite action/suspense sub-genre. When those folks at Pocketwatch games made up a neat little game about a crew and the performance of various heists I was set to try it out.

Please note I've yet to finish the main campaign but I think my take on the game so far is pretty well developed.

5 Jun 2013

Hump Day is Broken

Seems the posts I pre-loaded and worked on before leaving did not launch while I've been away. Sorry dear readers my ability to post is limited and shit while using work PC's.

So next week, we're back on the board. Below are my trailers for next week.

Mon - Monaco
Tues - Stormwall Pt3, Capt J. Kraye
Wed - Tales of Clark Kent you should read
Thur - Looking for Work


2 Jun 2013

Lost - Sunday before Long

Well it's Sunday and I've been away. Posts go up as scheduled and if I have time to write them ahead of time.

Seems I've been blogging for over a year now. Last Wed the Anniversary post went up. Neat.

I've got lots to say after the break.

Party on Wayne, party on Garth

28 May 2013

Table Top - Someone bought me a Stormwall pt2

While I'm away for work and earning some coin, part 2 will entertain you.

So this week is Siege, also known as Markus Brisbane.

Now he is my go to 'caster for the faction. He was the reason I made Cygnar my 3rd choice. He's very much a 'toolbox' 'caster as such he's got a trick for every party just like Batman.

So what can he do with a Stormwall?

27 May 2013

Media - Gun Machine

I'm a fan of Warren Ellis.

Transmetropolitan (sample)
by Warren Ellis and Darick Robinson
published by DC - Vertigo
Yeah you read that. Well Warren Ellis is a master of the written word. His works are on my top comic lists. Planetary, Freak Angels, Tansmetropolitan (aka Trans-Met) are just the top three of the Warren Ellis popular pile of awesome comics. 

I discovered his second and most recent novel. Gun Machine. See you after the trailer

Get More: 

22 May 2013

New Comic Day - Batman Video Games

Another comic day post that has to do with comics but is not directly about comics. 

Batman: Arkham Origins.

Take a look at the most recent CG trailer and hit me up after the break. 

So looks good but will it be good?

21 May 2013

Table Top - Someone bought me a Stormwall pt1

Well folks someone bought me a Stormwall.

Still have no idea who got me this
Also it's freaking huge!

For the next few table top posts I'll be going over some of the Stormwall 'casters I'll be using. Lucky for  me, I play with Cygnar who has the Stormwall who has something for each 'caster in the faction.

This week I'm going to go over some of the things I hope to try out and see how these ideas play out with the following old man; pNemo.

The current pNemo model
what a sexy crippled old man

See you after the break.

20 May 2013

Media - The Failing Sun

At my old job I'd go to Jam Showbiz! and read up on all my celebrity gossip and media updates. When I get the link to read some of these posts I was surprised at some of the blatant inaccuracy.

Now I'm not one to pick a flavour of news media in order to be informed to my taste but I do avoid FOX News for some of the really mean things they say. 

But this most recent bugger up was the last straw for me. 

If you didn't catch the error please note the following; Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, and Avengers. The article states that there was 2 bad hulk films until Iron Man... arg

17 May 2013

Media - New TV for 2013

That's it I've just got plum loco. A media post on Friday - sweet merciful crap it's the end times.

So I found a neat post online about all the new TV that's coming out this TV season. Now me and the wife only watch 5 shows on Apple TV and we watch other shows online. We stream. We also miss out on many a comercial.

So here are a few shows I may decide to watch this coming year.

16 May 2013

Thoughts - Ramble on!

Well it's late on Thursday and the post didn't go up because I have nothing much to yammer on about on the Thoughts topic.

Maybe I need to adjust and get off the daily topic and just post what I want when I want? Maybe.

I've got some work coming around and I'm pretty happy about the cash inlfux coming in. I also got my Dreadball season 2 box. IKRPG on Wed nights is going well, after the third session I feel the game has got some legs to it and the WNG2 (Wed Night Game Group) seems to have got into the grove with the game so far.

Pale Rider is out in OZ with his lady and they are on vacation. The wife is doing well and really putting up with my shit. This month she's been really good to me and so fucking patient I owe here a fancy dinner or a flick... and thats just a start to who thank you process.

I guess I have the whole marriage to keep up the momentum. I'm looking forward to it.

Work on the Colossal is after I finish my Bronze Back Titan. I've not put anything out for the Ottawa-Gatineau Warmachine Club for a few weeks now. I'm working on putting some work together in the next couple of days.

Then I saw this and the future looks bright and fun.

Lots of new coming out on the game season is ramping up and some movies like the new Star Trek and Superman are holding my interest this summer.

So I guess enjoy the week I have more on Mon, Tues and Wed for you next week and expect a post on Sat.


15 May 2013

New Comic Day - SHIELD

I love my wife.

Seriously when she saw this video her reply was: "I am so watching the shit out of that."

So who's the super hero, Luke Cage aka Power Man? I dunno, posible could be something else.

Does the series look like it will be worth our time? Sure I'll give it a go.

What about you, seems like they have their heads on right. Could this go well like Firefly or fall apart like Dollhouse?

Mr. Whedon the ball is in your court. Don't drop it now.


13 May 2013

Table Top - Quick and Dirty

Someone bought me a Stormwall.

Seriously. I have no idea who they are. I got a call last Wed while running one of the pre-made IKRPG adventures and the Wizards Tower called me up saying it was ready for pick up.

I explained that I have no job and I never would have ordered a Stormwall. They told me it was pre-paid.

So someone bought me a fucking Stormwall.

It sits in pieces on my desk as I slowly remove the flash. The parts sit next to my Skorne Bronzeback as it is my current project until this monster of a model came over and shuffled the board.

Thats fucking huge! The base is the size of a 5" DVD/CD!

Awe well. Thanks and I'm still trying to solve the mystery.


Media - Enders Game

So I grew up in a family where everyone read all the sci-fi fantasy classics. Seriously, I read all three lord of the rings novels in a single month in grade 6. That's the age of 11... yet for some odd reason I can't go back to it as if my child's mind was more adaptable to Mr. Tolkien's style.

Yet I was 32 years old when I finally read Ender's Game. My parents had a copy they had read most of Orson Scott Card's works. I was a fan of his work in comics and I knew him and Ender Wiggen to be part of the sci-fi history. I even took a sci-fi lit class in university and I never got around to reading the bloody book.

Of course my wife was giving the genre a good go and one of the books she picked up was Ender's Game. She was half way through when I decided to read it with her. It took me less then a day on the couch as I poured through the book. It was simple, I've sampled some of OSC's work and this was more elementary but also satisfying.

I have no desire to read the rest of the series. Ender's Game seems to be a great one shot book.

I have every desire to see this.

8 May 2013

New Comic Day - Flash # 18 &19

The last two issues of the Flash have Bucellato and Manapul working only on script and letting Marcio Takara take over the art duties. At first I was not sold... at first. Barry Allen is working in a bar that is frequented by super villan as the police work out the bureaucratic red tape to make him legal to work in the lab again. 

Flash #18
by DC Comics

Sounded gimmicky. That and the art was slow to win me over. 

Boy was I wrong.