31 Jan 2013

Thoughts - Brothers

I've been trying to write this post for a while and I've not been happy with what I've got written. Last week the posts stopped because I got busy with a funeral in the time I spend writing posts. I've known this guy for 22 years, I met him in the summer between grade 6 and 7.

His Pa died.

I want to write about brothers. My parents greatest accomplishment is my little brother. They finally got it right and since then I've had a partner in crime that stuck with me when I was dumb. We've been close and we've been apart. Yet we're still brothers...

So brothers...

30 Jan 2013

New Comic Day - Capt Marvel

When you look at the history of comic character few have such a history as the Current Capt Marvel. Formerly Ms Marvel, Binary, Warbird ... she's got quite the history.

Carol Denvers as her famous Ms Marvel
from Marvel Comics
With the most recent changes to the character I'm looking back where she came from today and what she ment to me, a reader of comics who is also a man.

29 Jan 2013

Table Top - The New Campaign

Well since Jan last year I picked up the Kingmaker campaign for the Pathfinder game system by Piazo. Every Wednesday I’d gather my books and head down and run a group of five wankers and a tall lady through one of the best campaigns I’ve ever had the opportunity to play, let alone run.

Last week, we finished the fifth book and we’re looking at starting the final book of the campaign. When me and Pale Rider were in his car awaiting for the cold to recede we yammered about what was going to be run next.

28 Jan 2013

The Media - Games to Spring for

Well the season of game releases is done and over. During this time, I got back to older games put in some more hours, work my hobbies, and wait for the late spring releases.

Well school is done, I'm looking for work, and I've got time on my hands.

So what's worth my times these days of future past?

21 Jan 2013

Monday Media - Korn

Well I thought these guys were dead.

I was a fan of three of the 1st four Korn Albums. Korn, Life is Peachy and Issues. Follow the leader was a popular album but I felt the sound was lost in the noise.

After that I stopped picking up albums.

I liked Twisted Transistor, from See you on the Other side but the sound had changed so much. Korn sounded like a Korn band but they weren't Korn.

Then this happened.

18 Jan 2013

Friday Utterance - the eBook

You think I'm dumb. You think that I'm retarded - having a medical condition that demonstrates limited faculties and cognitive functions.

I expect this from Games Workshop. Selling me a Codex for $55+ both in hard copy and as an eBook. If you use the iBook app or have an iDevice check out the price and gawk. GW you took the gun the foot.

But Privateer Press... what the fuck gent's? I'm a fan here. I'm a loyal fan and yet you do this...

17 Jan 2013

Thoughts - I'm Back

With school done and the Holiday's now at an end. It's time for me to get back to work on keeping up my blog and looking for work for the new fiscal year.

I was so burnt out even after the holidays I had no desire to work on my various projects.

Now I'm better.

I'm reading, finding time with the wife. I can paint, play more games and enjoy writing.

Sorry for the break.

Thanks for reading.

16 Jan 2013

New Comic Day - Volume Nine

The Punisher has been one of those characters that falls on and off the grid. Back when I was in elementary I was a fan of the comic Punisher: War Zone and Romita's blocky and dark work. Franks European vacation was also pretty grim and nice.

Otherwise Frank is like Batman. Boring. Boring or used poorly. Who ever thought being an Angel of Death or a Frankenstein monster was a good idea needs to be understand that doing that changes a character for ever and wont work out as a short story. Do a five year plan to follow up on those stories not just a 'neat idea' off the cuff print.

You see in a world of super people is there the need of a gun totting broken man taking out bad guys and swearing vengeance as justice? Well Volume Nine of the Punisher shows us just how he can fit in.


15 Jan 2013

Table Top - Top 5 Mini's of 2012

This year I'm listing the top five mini's (or mini products) that have made my year kept my attention through the year. It's not just how pretty the model(s) are it's also about the rules they have, what they do to the game and bring to the play. It's about how they make me feel and how much fun they are. Of course looking good is important...

So before I get past the break here is a list of Table Top births that were almost on the list. This year I hope to see more from Dream Pod 9 and Infinity. I'm looking forward to the rest of my Kickstarter for Dreadball. So without further ado the almosts followed by the Top 5 Mini's of 2012!

14 Jan 2013

Media Monday - The Golden Man 2012

So my top 5 flicks of the year are already posted but just because they are my favorite doesn't mean I'm not aware of other films and their deserving achievements.

Now we have our nominations, not winners that's another issue. You see I can not agree with who won or who didn't win but that's all personal choice. Now the way I see it, the nominations are more important. Its far more obvious when you see things that didn't make it on the list. It's ignoring the work of those who've succeeded who deserve to be recognized for their efforts.

Now I've never been one to keep track of the awards unless one of my favorites of the year end up on the list and even then, I check out the news after the awards. I'll do my take on the winners and the history of winners when the time comes today we're talking about the guest list and I'll be avoiding the big four (Film, Director and the Leading Roles)

7 Jan 2013

Media - Top 5 Flicks

I don't like to see 'top lists' until after the year since my drop dead date is 31 Dec. So here are the list of my Top 5 flicks for the year.

Here is the list of mentions that didn't make the final list.

Moonrise Kingdom, The Goon, Dark Knight Rises, and Judge Dread

See ya inside.

2 Jan 2013

Media - Top 5 Games

It's the new year.

So here are my top five games of the year.

Here are the ones that didn't make it but were still really good.

Halo 4 - Master Chief used like a person and the new villan was pretty good. The campaign was short but good. I'm glad they didn't pad the game with lame levels. I'm looking forward to playing the online co-op.

Assassin's Creed 3 - Great game, plenty of fun running around and collecting things. The story felt broken after the introduction. I preferred the game from Haythem's point of view and the historical aspect of the plot felt broken and disjointed.