25 Feb 2013

Media - PS4 'five more mins'

Folks I worked in a Video Game store when the PS1 came out. The controllers were much larger by the time the second SKU came out the Japanese sized controller was the norm. It was the size of a inch thick comic book. The spring in the motor for the CD drive was bad and many of the first SKU had to be put on their side in order for the sound to work when you played the game.

The Play Station was what media outlets was calling SONY's best innovation since the WALKMAN.

It was a marvel in technology and the fresh new face to the video game world challenged SEGA, Nintendo, and killed off what was left of ATARI's Jaguar.

It brought out games like Metal Gear Solid, Syphon Filter and Tenchu Stealth Assassins along side Final Fantasy 7 and Need for Speed.

It changed the way we looked at games.

21 Feb 2013

Thoughts - The Uniformed Person

During the Tokugawa period the Samurai, the warrior cast the grew from the feudal conflicts that marked the country since the inception of the Bukafu, were becoming complacent and discipline was suffering.

In an attempt to curb the growing anti-social behavior the Samurai were encouraged to take on and develop cultural skills to balance their own martial prowess.

When you meet a soldier who is well read, educated and demonstrates a modicum of culture, it is simply a warrior finding a way to live with themselves and accept their existence alongside their experiences during peace time.

Grunts, Seamen and Airmen are not all dumb but they are all warriors.

Don't spit, shout or strike. They may have experience in hurting those without the same discipline they show you. The discipline they use to not hurt you and stop to your assault. The discipline they used to survive and live with themselves is what allowed them to work far away in a place of chaos.

Be better then those they fought.

19 Feb 2013

Table Top - The Smaller Games part 3


In their own words:

Another odd duck from Malifaux

So Malfaux, another game played on the smaller tables. With some odd ball factions, freakish minis and a neat set of rules to muck about with. Malfaux is growing and with Kickstarter it's growing fast. Once again I've not yet played but after yammer with a few folks who do play and by exploring the interwebs I'm just exploring adding this game to my list of things to play.

18 Feb 2013


Today is Monday and me and the wife are sick... this normally dose not stop the posts by I've been down for four days and have had no time to complete my drafts.


14 Feb 2013

Thoughts - The Red Collard Dog

I have a dog, he was never trained well in social behaviour. When new people show up at the flat he get's very excited and wants to play with them. When we meet people while outside he'll bolt towards them stop right in front of them and bark very loudly. It's scary but he's just telling them he's got his eye on them and play nice.

Now imagine you're a runner out at night doing a 10k when you round a quiet corner road when a black ninja dog suddenly appears in front of you projecting a sonic wall. It's funny.

Moby - Ninja Dog
You see my dog is timid. This is what we see most of the time.

13 Feb 2013

New Comic Day - Cable

Your grandfather is a space pirate who lost his wife and third child to intergalactic slavers. You're father  is an orphan trained from life to lead a covert team of super powered operatives. You're mother is your father's first wife and a clone of his second wife. You've been sick since your were less then a year old and were sent to an apocalyptic future in order for this virus to not fully take hold of your body and make you into some cyber-robot creature. You were raised by your father and his second wife as they psychically inhabited bodies through time by the summoning of your possible half sister.

You've been a freedom fighter since your arrival in the future and you're destined to kill your mad clone and his creator the reason for the dark future you inhabit. Your son was taken by those two beings and you forced to kill him after you followed your clone and your son into the past where you met your father in his real body. You've traveled through the future raising the savour and messiah of your people until she was able to destroy a creature of infinit power and restore your race once more.   

Your name is Cable.

Life has been hard.

11 Feb 2013

Media - How cars replaced guns

In the 1960's the action in films were becoming less of an facet of the genre films that grew out of the post Second World War. Instead they were becoming a whole genre themselves. The genre flicks back in the early evolution of the action genre were it's parents. The film noir, post war military dramas, and the western style. You had Operation Crossbow with George Peppard, the military epic of the Devils Brigade and On her Majesties Secret Service the greatest of the James Bond's. The Westerns were slowly fading as the world became less large and the detectives gave way to the new generation of espionage. Each had the tropes that would become the action genre.

Strong male characters, sexy females and climatic violence.

The the years continued to churn and the world changed. The 1970's came international communication. The war in Vietnam was instant. Instead of days for stories to cross the seas and enter into the columns of the daily news prints. You saw a bullet frozen in time as it passed through a mans skull. You were witness to a girl covered in napalm only hours later. The world became bitter and our tastes became more international.

It was Kung Fu fighting and Samurai Flicks. Action was Harry asking if we felt lucky and the black-spoliation of Shaft kicking someones ass.

You see as we step through the years that lead up to today I'm going to ask how the Fast and the Furious series saved our action films.

7 Feb 2013

Thoughts - Value of Time

Sitting around waiting for the wife to return from work and the time of her travels makes me think how we use time.

When I look at rule number 20 of Ned's Rules of Engagement, I'm reminded that we only have four things to work with when trying to complete any task.

Energy (fuel, electricity, food)
Resources (people, tools, money)
Knowledge (education, experience)

Of all four you can never get back time. You may try to slow it down, or avoid it but it's constant and moving forward, a second at a time never stopping.

6 Feb 2013

New Comic Day - Call Sign: Green Jeans

I've been trying to write a post on one of my favorite comic book heroes for quite some time. It's never coming out the way I want it and I'm still not even sure this is gona be up to the task.

Now he is not my favorite but he is No#2 on my list.

He's a former military scientist who's an expert in WMD's, energy systems, and other military technologies. When he went rogue they gave him a call sign. You use these words and the military or SHEILD will track you and investigate.


Because he is the most wanted man in Marvel Comics history.

He is the the Hulk.

5 Feb 2013

Table Top - The Smaller Games part 1

Well folks I've been working like a dog recently and with all the time to paint the bug to seek out new games and explore the table has struck me. So this Month each Tuesday post will be going over games that play on a smaller game area.

For those that are not up to date on gaming size, most games are played on 4'x4'-6'x4' table tops or larger. As games and model technology becomes more available and the crowd funding that broken in a slew of games over the last two years games that need less models and less terrain are popping up everywhere.

So without further ado the candidates of the smaler surface games.

4 Feb 2013

The Media - Hope for the Stars

Well there is plenty out there on the situation with Star Wars. The Franchise has been sold to the mouse who also owns and pushed the Marvel flicks. JJ Abrams who re-launched Star Trek is slotted to direct the next full Star Wars flick.

This is gona be a big job.

1 Feb 2013

Friday Utterance - Someone else

Instead of bitching about something I found something funny that has bitchy things to say. Here is the LINK to the original post.

Even if you disagree with Tom Naughton, the man is able to eloquently put forth his argument and take  the piss out of you at the same time.

If you're a fan of language humor or love seeing a smarty pants gets trounced keep reading and enjoy the show.