27 Mar 2013

New Comic Day - Back to Batman

Folks I loved the 'new 52' Batman. The first story arc, Court of Owls was brilliant. Batman was almost broken by a Mystery he could not solve and it was more then a physical challenge or a mental problem it became a confirmation to his mission and life goals.

Batman suffering at the hands of the Court
DC Comics
The follow up cross over Night of Owls was a bit of a whimper outside of Batman and some of Bat Family titles. Only Nightwing had any presence to the event as it whip by. Night of Owls was a great first cross over making sure to keep the connections without making the demands on the readers to go out and get all the books. Of course playing it safe means some of the other books fail to really produce a good story and feel a bit like a cash grab rather then a facet to the story in a constructive way.

Well folks Owls are long gone. Guess who's back?

26 Mar 2013

Tues Table Top - GW fails us all

I got into the hobby through Games Workshop. They were the only supported table top wargame with the 3 things I look for:

1. Intellectual Property: A great IP is hard to come by but it's the fluff that cements your choice of faction, model and list design. GW has a great set of IP. I play many of the GW 40k RPG's and my whole family of gamers have spent many a session tromping around in the Warhammer Fantasy World with their 1st and 2nd edition RPG. It has inspired some of the best sci-fi novels out on the market.

2. Inspiring Models: We play with the little plastic men and we paint them (or try to keep up with painting them). We spend so much coin on picking up these models I hope they're pretty or else why would you pick up a game with ugly minis? Space Marine minis are Iconic. You can recognize them immediately.  My Eldar, Dark Angels and Tau all inspired me through the models that GW Sold.

3. Sustainability: Look as some of the other games out there and wonder why they are gone. GW has been around for a long time and they could be even longer. The worst thing to happen to us as we play our games is suddenly finding ourselves without the game because the company is gone.

Well GW you did it again...

25 Mar 2013

Media - The Beat 'em up

Since I've been playing video games, I enjoyed many genres. A classic that always claimed my attention for a long as I had quarters or continues was the beat 'em up. Double Dragon 2 was a favorite in the house. Final Fight still gets me going for short burst and I found the Xbox jump into the world through their game Streetwise was actually pretty fun. 

Yet there is one that has alluded me through the years that never got the HD fix which is less about the HD and more about the being able to finally play it. 

When Golden Axe came out (not the Dino Rider Girl game... that was bad) all re done up and made pretty I had a hope. 

Then I saw this... oh the time is finally here.

16 Mar 2013

Break - Funeral

Folks the Crew as I call my mates are garnered from time around the table or console. We are a close knit group of friends who have become greater friends.

One of us lost his pa on Friday and I've been busy helping out instead of doing edits on the blog.

Priorities folks.

I'll have more for you come Comic Day... I hope.

14 Mar 2013

Happy Birthday Big Guy

Well I have to say that on Sunday 17 March, Thirty years ago, the fruit of my parents efforts (and loins) came into this world as Big Bear or Brother Bear aka My Younger sibling. I the reason for my parents trying again was graced by the little reason that made them stop trying. He always retorts because they 'finally got it right'.

I never disagree with the guy.

You need to understand that this guy actually cares about the shit that goes on around him. He's smart and yet able to just chill with the fine folks that toil a living. He is the bridge between so many worlds. He loves his video games and RPG's while having huge drunken Super Bowl parties and cruising on his ridding mower with a beer. You can see him aboard a fancy Cruise Ship and eating from fine diners or you'll see him cook up a breakfast just for you every morning your in his home.

He's successful in work and his education. He convinced a great woman to be his partner and wife, and together they made a great home. Their house is the result of both of them working almost four years with two jobs to make up the capital. Think long hours and no life but together they earned their success.

He's a hard worker, an honest guy and pretty cool when you meet him. He spends the time to ask how you're doing and unlike so many others he listens to you. He's funny and has learned how to be the joke as much as he's learned how to use that razor sharp wit to knock you down a peg or three notches.

He is a hope, an example that there is a chance for the world, for us not to be all bastards.

So when you spend the day drinking your face off or relaxing at home. Know on this day a real Saint was born. Just as fucked up and broken like the rest of us, but someone who I look up to and think at least this one tries to get it right a few more times then most.

To the Big Dog, my brother...


Happy Birthday Bro.

Thoughts - When the Post Fails

Sometimes I write these at work and have them ready for the week. Seems more and more the old crappy IE we're using along with XP and Office 2000 is getting old.

You'd think that being the year 2013.

Seems my three New Comics Posts for Wed (last and the next two) never came up. Also my Friday Utterance is also MIA.

How buggered up that I have to push today's post to next week in order to explain the issues.

Next Week I yammer on; Far Cry 3 vs Halo 4, Gargantuans, The Death of the Family (part 1 of 3 Batman Story Arcs), and Thinking - How the Comic Shop died.

See you tomorrow for a special post.

Until then mourn the valiant efforts of Arsenal 2-0 win last night, that still led to elimination.


12 Mar 2013

Table Top - What's on the go.

Hello folks today we're looking at a round up of activities in the spring and summer.

Ottawa Gatineau Warmachine Club @ Wizard's Tower
The first tournament since the re-branding of the club
The play area in the back if full to the brim on Sunday nights
and the Warmachine/Hordes selection in store is pretty good
1. Some asshole (the dancing fool in the pic above) at the Ottawa-Gatineau Warmachine club is posting a monthly series of posts on Cavalry models and some learning curve discoveries with the Cav rules. If you're interested go hit the link in the sidebar to see the clubs website.

Otherwise here is the first two posts.

I'm on a horse and and the horse you rode in on.

See you after the break.

11 Mar 2013

Media - The King is Back

I like music. Not as much as my wife. When you look at the bear family I'm the one in black wool. Brother plays guitar along with Lady bear. Mother bear is an accomplished singer and pianist. Papa Bear sings, guitars, pianos and recorded tunes. When I married Lady Bear, I found that her family is also filled to the brim with music.

Me in my family. I'm the audience.

I hear the noise and enjoy what they all do.

My first owned album was Superunknown by Soundgarden.

Then I heard him.

Ladies and Gent's he's back.

5 Mar 2013

Table Top - The New Faction

So the Gent's at Privateer Press announced their new Warmachine Faction: The Convergence of Cyriss which is a faction based on the Cult of Cyriss who worships the technological innovations of the Iron Kingdom and are somewhat responsible or a participant in the technology level in the Iron Kingdoms.

So What do I think?