30 Apr 2013

Table Top - End of April

So the end of April has come.

I've lost my job yet I still survive due to my wife and the kindness of others.

For my hobby this has become a challenge and a boon.

New Rev. Moiras - 'bout bloody time
So much better then the previous version
Let me explain.

29 Apr 2013

Media - Memo to GT

Dear GT

I've liked your recent videos where you sent a concerned letter to the various video game publishers that have been not doing so well in the media.

I find these concerns are brought forth in a intelligible and concise manner, without insulting the companies and the people who worked on any mention product directly. These videos have put forth a challenge to these beleaguered companies in order to extract a better product from them.

In our age of transparency, freedom of information, and high speed communication, we the customer have a closer connection to businesses that can allow us to influence the products. Companies have used it to market their product yet outside of forum rants and video commentary we've had little success to push any changes we want.

I can see why. We're bitchy, whiney wankers who think just because we buy the product means we have a say.

If you want to see what GT has come up with I've provided all the videos after the break.

26 Apr 2013

Thoughts - I've got to start again

I need to get back into shape. I'm getting bigger and my energy levels are low. I need to grasp and take control over my own form. I need to force the discipline in order to push the body. I need my energy levels to rise and return. I want to feel healthy.

I'm an emotional eater and with the stress from no job, the empty cupboards make it easy for me to not go and binge. The lack of cash also prevents the pizza man from being able to put his kids through college off my shopping alone.

Friday is my last day of this week.

Saturday I will rise from the bed and put on my shoes and take a short run. I will hate where I am and that hate will hopefully fuel my efforts.

Sunday I will hopefully feel better.

I'll need to keep it up to feel better and I'm running out of reasons to not go running.


23 Apr 2013

Table Top - Mind the Gap

Heavy Gear has come back to the fold over the last couple of years and my itch to see some Paxton Gears piloted from the folks at Peace River got worse and worse. The new rules for the current load out of the game looked great and play even better. The models are getting the love that the IP inspires. All is going well with Heavy Gear. Yet when I got two boxes of minis from my mates last year as a birthday gift what has kept them from being put together, painted and played?

Peace River Gear Stride
by Paxton Arms
Dream POd 9 has put out some great books in the past. The new rule books are pretty good with some great rules. Gear Up their free electronic magazine is filled to the brim with awesome little nuggets. The NuCol book was just out and recently we got the Southern book. Why am I not playing this game all the time? Well it's the gap.

22 Apr 2013

Media - Cliff Burton

When I look back at the three years I fucked around but never learned how to play anything with my old 4 string base, I always remember the inspiration to look at the bridge between the beat and the melody known as the bass guitar.

I will always remember Cliff Burton and his work. I like Metallica but my favorite albums were Ride the Lightning, Justice for All and one of the greatest albums in the world Master of Puppets.

That folks was Orion. "The" great song of Metallica's formative years.

You can thank Cliff for it. I think about him every time I hear it.

18 Apr 2013

Table Top - Turks Rules

It's Thursday and normally Tuesday is a Table Top post day. Yet this Thursday's Thought is quickly becoming a Friday Utterance.

So I'm keeping it happy. Today is my last day at work and I found something very well put. I found this set of rules written down by an old mate of mine. He says it all in this nice link.

Take a look and enjoy.


16 Apr 2013

Table Top - Keeping the Hobby Fresh

Yesterday (Saturday as per this post) I played a set of round robin games. Me, Doc and Pale Rider played with Sarge because the three of us are playing in the Ottawa Starter Boxes at 20 paces tournament. The four of us played 3-4 matches to bring out experience with the new 'casters/'locks and give Doc some experience playing against Hordes.

Great way to introduce a new store to the local gamers
After a few hours off putting dice to table, minis to battle and rules to clarification we all walked away pretty happy. I felt ready to go home and paint and continue some of my works in progress.

It made me think about how we stay engaged with our hobby.

15 Apr 2013

Media - Checkpoint

For those of you who do not watch Checkpoint.

Please correct this by watching the video below.

Ok so how much fun was that.

I got nothing else for you. I was going to write about SquareEnix dumb expectations and the return of Ducktales... they did it so well here I scrapped both of those post ideas.


13 Apr 2013

Lost Sat - Old Mate

Quick Post here folks.

I got one of those long time no see e-mail from a bastard who I actually like. I respect and think this wanker is top notch bloke who is worth you're time if you ever meet the man. But that's not why I'm making a big deal here.

I found out he's a dad.

Best wishes to him and his family and their daughter. He was there with me when I met my two girls and helped me out as I was all fucked up even if I never knew it or mentioned it.

He's gona be an awesome pa.

Other Family news, my cuz Al and his wife just met their daughter this week and everyone is healthy and happy. It seems Tzar, Charlie Papa and Sister Kay are all expecting soon.

World getting better sometimes good folks are having kids. We need these good moments more often.


12 Apr 2013

Friday Utterance - Myself

Folks today is short.

With all the woes with lacking work and the final week of full time employment dragging me around. I realised that I'm not handeling it well.

If I'm to bitch about everything on my Fri F.U. (see it's a pun) I should not cut myself from the list of targets.

11 Apr 2013

Thoughts - Working Hard to Work Hard

So the Job front is showing some progress, it's sad that it took over 4 month but hey that includes the Winter Holidays and the times are not that great with the world money wise. Thanks to some generous folks who I do the odd job for, me and the wife are no where near as shitty shape as we could be.

So what's my plan?

Well until I get a job, my job is to find a job. 

When I say that people look at me oddly. 

9 Apr 2013

Table Top - The Cost of Awesome Tau

So I was in a local game store in Quebec City while in the throws of my Honeymoon.

That may have started wrong... urm the wife wanted to see what a game store out of Ottawa looked like and we were 45 meters from the downtown game stores.

Luck it seems was on my side.

So while inside I picked up some novels, the new NQ for my mate Forgotten Virtue and White Dwarf 400. You see I overheard two people talking about who Ian Livingston was and why he was in the new White Dwarf.

What the fuck... who is Ian Livingston. Well he and Steve Jackson (not of Gurps) created Games Workshop. He later left the company he co-created and started another game company called Eidos... they made some famous game. Theif, Hitman, Deus Ex, Tomb Raider and Legacy of Kain. He wrote my first foray into gaming with his Fighting Fantasy books when I was in the second grade before the I opened up my parents Dungeons and Dragons purple boxset.

So I picked up White Dwarf 400.

8 Apr 2013

Media - Gaunt's Ghosts

I picked up the most recent two novels from the Gaunt's Ghosts line. 

If you are not sure who the Ghosts are allow me to help.

In the 41st millennia their is only war. The Imperial Guard are the countless legions of Mankind's military might. Each of the billion planets within the Imperium must volunteer regiments of soldiers as tithe to the war effort. 

Commissars are those who keep the discipline. They enforce with sword and bolter, order within the ranks. They keep watch for sedition, corruption and cowardice. 

Commissar Gaunt has received a rare promotion he has been given command and is now one of the rare Colonel-Commissars. His arrival on Tanith the planet of larger then life ever shifting forests is followed but the destruction of the planet. Leaving only the single regiment under his command. 

The Tanith 1st and Only. They are the lost with no home to return to. They are dead walking. They are invisible souls wandering the stars. They are the Ghosts, they are...

Gaunt's Ghosts. 

5 Apr 2013

FU - My last days of rest

I'm pissed off... hence the Friday Utterance.

Dear Job people and your HR departments. If I ran my office or any of my previous teams like you run your dept I would have been fired.

You folks are not pulling your weight. With the hard times ripping up the economy and the jobs being fewer and farther appart, you need to be more on the ball here then ever before.

You have less jobs to give, more folks to interview, and higher expectations to deal with. You need to step up to the plate.

Don't be late with replies, the line 'only get back to you if you're considered' is bullshit. You can all simply fuck yourselves right hard. You're HR departments have become wishing wells, where folks like me throw our info, CV and cover letter in and hope to get something back. I worked in recruiting and I was never able to get away with that line. I did that for three years and worked my ass off to keep all applicants informed and up to date.

A simple automated, 'we are no longer processing your application.', would be fine.

If we the seekers are working our assess off to find work, it's doesn't mean you folks can laze about.

Fuck Off

4 Apr 2013

Thoughts - I am 33 years old

Today I turned 33 years old.

I just got back from my honeymoon. My wife is taking me out to dinner to celebrate my graduation and my birthday alongside our anniversary. She's that awesome.

I don't mind getting old.

I don't mind not having kids... again. I don't mind feeling useless and full of fear as my job ends in 14 days. I don't mind my own failures and weaknesses... I've had plenty of those.

I don't mind being so fucking stupid so often in my life.

At times, waves of memories will flood over me and I'll re-live a whole moment with what I know today. I'll be drowning in shame and embarrassment for all the dumb shit I've said and done. I push it back down knowing it will come back and haunt me.

I don't mind those moments. They keep me honest and they remind me of the lessons I've had to face.

I hurt people and I'm sorry I hurt those people. I am not immune to the shitty aspect that is being a member of the human race. I try to be better, and hope (when I'm down) and believe (when I'm happy) that trying is a good place to be.

I don't mind my birthday.

I don't mind me.


3 Apr 2013

New Comic Day - Robin aka D. Wayne

This is a spoiler heavy post so here is an image nothing else until after the break.

From DC Comics

2 Apr 2013

Table Top - Dreadball Season 2

Well folks for those of us who jumped onto the Dreadball Kickstarter we're eager and ready to get our hands on our second shipment and the open gates that will lead us to Season 2! Now if you're not sure on Dreadball here is my note to the game.

Play it. I swear by all you may hold holy this is a fantastic game. I've gotten non mini players picking up this game and loving their time on the future pitch. The more experienced players, including those who played Bloodbowl, love the speed of the matches and the pace of the game. Dreadball is an awesome product and a great game to add to your hobby without breaking your wallet.

Dreadball Season 2
Robots vs Judwan

Now excuse the lack of fancy blogging magic. I'm working only from my iPad in a Hotel room on the rain day of my Honeymoon. So as I go through the notes from Quirkworthy after the break make sure you keep the site in mind and take a look at what this bloke is doing.

1 Apr 2013

Media - The Wolverine

I was worried. The last time I saw the film version of Wolverine and liked it was a brief 'fuck off' from the character in the film X-Men: First Class. Very nice... well done Bravo.

Now that's not to say I like the character. Brother Bear was a fan, I never was. I dislike the bitter, angst ridden lone wolves of team stories. Now there have been some stories that were well done and played on Logan's strengths but otherwise I've never liked the 2d cut out that the Wolverine has been cast and cursed with.  

Watch the trailer and join me after the break.