27 Jun 2013

Thoughts - New Job

So I've got job where it's overnights and long hours, I have no internet. Lucky for me I love books already and keeping happy on a overnight shift is a skill I've kept up over the last decade plus in my other job.

Of course the schedule is temporary and should only be lasting a few months.

Other jobs are on the horizon I await their positive reply with as much earnest as I had before finding this work.

Work is work and there is a value in having it outside of the money. It's the self worth that comes with the labour and efforts. The job is pretty easy but after 12 hours solid of working one gets tired. A few days of 12 hours and the tired is bone tired.

Tonight and tomorrow night I have a pair of 12 hour shifts.

Well, need to fuel up and grab some rack... got to work tonight.


26 Jun 2013

New Comic Day - The Best of Superman

So it's been a while for the new comic posts. For one I do not like writing reviews on individual issues and instead on story arcs within said comic series. So I need time to build up the story arcs to really give my 2 cents. With the recent Man of Steel release and now it's widespread success has turned the world on to Superman stories. So I decided to look over through my old brain pan to figure out some of the best Superman stories out there that someone would like to read.

Superman "new 52"
Art by Jim Lee
I like Superman stories that include some sort of reflection or hearing what his thoughts comprise of since I and most readers will never be able to understand the power this one creature holds. Now I'm reaching into all the Superman stories I've experienced since I was.... urm in grade 4. So modern Superman is the only factor. Golden Age or Silver Age are far to foreign to me and the whole industry of comics as full fledged stories was still not there yet.

So see you after the break. 

25 Jun 2013

Table Top - Disappointing the Shop

So I was in a GW store yesterday as of this post. I had another post ready to go up, but instead this one has sprung forward and fuck it, this is my site. Next Week expect some looks at RPG'ing for the next little while.

Until then...

A Games Workshop store
you may recognize them
The moment I stepped in a young lady employed by the store, identified by her work uniform, asked if she could help me.

My reply.

'Sorry no.'

24 Jun 2013

Media - Oz Great and Powerful

Last night the wife and the Pales settled in the flat for a relaxing flick night in the humid weather that's claimed the city. So thanks to the Ottawa Public Library and my wife's luck, we watched OZ the Great and Powerful.

It's been a while since Sam Remi has been behind the camera. He's always been pushing his visual style. Evil Dead 1&2, Army of Darkness and the Spiderman Trilogy with Toby as Peter and MJ as the main squeeze.

20 Jun 2013

Media - the Game of Chicken, next gen Chicken

So Xbox One. After you came out, people had questions. After they brought you out and showed off all your friends, people were angry and still had questions. Confusion was a miasma that was becoming more and more obvious while also becoming thicker.

Yesterday, as of this post, something about you has changed.

Xbox One
finally desired

As a community of consumers something has changed. This last generation (the 7th) of consoles has been one of the longest and strongest in history. Games have broken sales records, meeting numbers that films would want, while also having overwhelming underperformance. We have also changed. Facebook and Twitter are under News reporters titles on the the TV. TV is now watched on the internet with services like Hulu and Netflix. We are able to ravage and gobble everything up so quickly and the turn around to expresse their acceptance or lack thereof is just a 'like' button.

So did we win or did they loose? Does it matter that it has changed?

18 Jun 2013

Table Top - Someone bought me a Stormwall pt3

As I'm limited in my ability to work the blog while I'm away, please ignore the formatting and lack of images as I work this out.

So my last post on the Stormwall and some of things I'm looking at. Today we're talking Capt J. Kraye one of my favorite 'casters in the game. The first of the Cav 'casters/'locks in the game he is one of the best riding high.

17 Jun 2013

Media - State of Decay

This game has become my favorite Zombie game of all time. Now don't get me wrong, RE2 and RE4 the two best of the Zombie action games from Capcom are great. Left for Dead 1 and 2 are also good games but there was no survival aspect in the Zombie Survival game. Fallout: New Vegas on the Hardcore mode was more about survival then those games were. I felt no fear of the future just the fear of not being able to fend of the next Zombie.

There was no long term goal other then escape in all of those games.

In this game there is no escape. There is only survive. You have nowhere to go and you just need to live.

See you after the video.

15 Jun 2013

Media - Man of Steel

I am not a fan of Superman. Yet there are times when I forget that and revel in the sheer power of the Kal-El. It's part of the fantasy and part of reading comics of watching animated cartoons. There are few stories that actually have kept me interested in a God like character. Characters with similar abilities at least have a bit more rounding or weakness. Hulk turns back into Banner and he is always alone, Superman is weakened by leftovers of his planet. Invincible could be miss-named for all the beatings the character takes, while good old Clark Kent rarely bleeds... as sign of the makers of his comics or a sign of the character, maybe both.

Like the Film this is very nice to look at
So what did I think about the most recent attempts at putting the Boy Scout on the big screen? It was pretty good as an action film and ok as a comic adaptation.

PS spoilers after the break.

11 Jun 2013

Media - E3 Part Four (PS4)

So Sony had the last show of the night and they were looking great. How great, well it's made me look at getting a PS4. I'm not fully sold, but they have something there that Xbox is missing.

See you after the break.

Media - E3 Part Two (EA)

EA you have the worst position out of any publisher. Since the EA programer wife letter spelled out the poor treatment of your code monkeys and the two years running as consumers worst company EA you've got a lot to prove.

So how did you do?

Pretty well actually... so where did this come from? I'm not sure I just hope this is not a shity illusion.

10 Jun 2013

Media - E3 Part One (XBox)

I wasn't going to do this there is plenty of E3 hype out there but some of the stuff I've seen has really got my attention. So this week's posts are getting pushed back by a week as I hit up some of these E3 moments. Tomorrow expect some EA and Ubisoft reporting.

So Part One will be Xbox One (aka Xbone). 

They still have yet to fully explain what is entailed with the always online, the used games and the must be there to see and hear Kinect. Three weeks ago, Xbox One came out of the shadows and afterwards the rounds tables, where media and news sites get one on one time with the folks for questions failed. Different information and unclear answers were being pushed and Xbox was looking like it was about to eat the barrel of Video Game suicide.

Imagine Best Buy, Future Shop, Amazon and even more importantly Game Stop and EB Games loosing all that revenue from used games. The idea alone made Game Stop drop 5 full points on the market after the Xbox One press conference. Yet the idea is strange, would you be willing to sell a product that is cutting you off at the knees. Microsoft need the brick and mortar stores to sell the consoles. 

It's a game of chicken. Will Xbox drop the used game download, reuse fee ideas that are still floating aimlessly in the internets or will they push the game stores to buy the console and sell it or else those stores will loose all the possible cash? Who will fall first? 

Those answers were not there instead we got a slew of games. That's ok but I want to know more about some of this foolishness. Well some games that got my attention are below after the break.

Media - Monaco: What's Yours is Mine

I love the heist moves. From Ocean's Eleven (and Thirteen) to Heat, the heist film is my favorite action/suspense sub-genre. When those folks at Pocketwatch games made up a neat little game about a crew and the performance of various heists I was set to try it out.

Please note I've yet to finish the main campaign but I think my take on the game so far is pretty well developed.

5 Jun 2013

Hump Day is Broken

Seems the posts I pre-loaded and worked on before leaving did not launch while I've been away. Sorry dear readers my ability to post is limited and shit while using work PC's.

So next week, we're back on the board. Below are my trailers for next week.

Mon - Monaco
Tues - Stormwall Pt3, Capt J. Kraye
Wed - Tales of Clark Kent you should read
Thur - Looking for Work


2 Jun 2013

Lost - Sunday before Long

Well it's Sunday and I've been away. Posts go up as scheduled and if I have time to write them ahead of time.

Seems I've been blogging for over a year now. Last Wed the Anniversary post went up. Neat.

I've got lots to say after the break.

Party on Wayne, party on Garth