29 Jul 2013

Media - Kingkiller

"The best epic fantasy I read last year... He's bloody good, this Rothfuss guy."
- Geroge R. R. Martin

That's one.

In 2007 that Rothfuss dude wrote and published the first book of his Kingkiller Chronicle, The Name of the Wind. In 2011, he followed up that book with the second of the three novel series with The Wise Man's Fear. They are a good book and knowing that the last book of the series will be out before 2015 but not 2013, is a good thing.

Mr. Martin is famous in the 1980's for his TV before moving on to make it really big with his series of Fire and Ice. Later he would go on and dominate TV again. He is one of the largest and established names in fantasy writing.

His name echos along side names like; Ursula K. LeGuin, Terry Brooks and Brandon Sanderson.
That's two, three and four.

Orson Scott Card, as much as he's a media target, is five alongside the popular and always present dragon lady, Anne McCaffery, who is six. The number of names go on; Tad Williams, Nancy Pearl (author and 2011's Librarian of the Year - Library Journal), Robin Hobb (aka Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden) and Lev Grossman.

We're at seven, eight, nine and ten.

Hell I'm Canadian, Robert J. Swayer lives five hours away by car and he's number eleven.

Kevin J. Anderson has been around Star Trek, Star Wars and even the X-Files. He's number twelve right before Sean Williams of Australia came up as good old thirteen.

In the front cover of the books you'll see a dozen more published critics tell you the same thing that guy up top said.

"He's bloody good, this Rothfuss guy."
- Geroge R. R. Martin

Read the book. Read the second book and wait alongside me for the third. 

Let's be fourteen and counting. 


22 Jul 2013

Thoughts - For me it's Sundaty

As of writing this post it's actually 0022 hrs on Monday, 22 July 2013.

This is my Sunday.

Overnights are not bad, I like them in fact. Most of the dumb is absent because stupid has a sleep requirement. I'm left to my own devices and I'm able to read like the Flash.

I'm actually trying to get a real article finished for a real internet site, hence the long distance between posts. I'll post the link if it goes up. I'm hoping the editors like the piece if not I'll bring it about here.

Things have been changing here in the old house. With my current job we have spending money again. Before while I was unemployed we could get by on the one pay provided by the wife but alas it was barley paying the bills, cash was very tight, and the debts me and the Mrs have garnered over the years were no longer leaving us... it was a shity time.

No we have some cash again. Debts are almost done, we have some cash to spare... at the cost of the overnights I'm pulling. It's much harder to merge my time table with the wife's and she's alone far to often for my tastes. Yet for the short term, the coin I'm bringing in with both of my jobs (yes I have two,  one is part time) we will be be in a better place. I've stepped away from the table minus my Wed night gaming and the odd weekend event. Summer is still in full swing so it's hard to make up time to spend in a room around a table when the weather demands you to live outside.

In Canada we value our Summers, our Winter are long and very cold.

Of course my Sundays are the shity day. My sleep schedule is off because I got home Sat morning and I got little sleep. I need to right my clock for going to work at 1145 on Monday. So Sunday is a transformation into a creature of the night.

Monday is much better... but the wife is working while I'm home.

So Sundays suck.

See you all later.


19 Jul 2013

Media - Strider

So I love Strider on the SNES. It was a well done Metroidvania style game before the term was invented. Now the Strider on the Genesis and later on Strider 2 on PS2 were ok arcade sider scrollers, they lacked the exploration and more robust levels of the SNES version.

Where was my triangle jump?

Oh, here you are.

Awesome, see you all Sunday.

16 Jul 2013

Table Top - The Warmachine Kickstarter

As I'm getting ready for the new imDozer and writing projects pile up, I've found myself looking back to the Warmachine Kickstarter. For those of you who have no idea what Kickstarter is, it's the mac daddy of crowd funding. Folks post an idea, ask for coin and hand out special rewards for folks who give more then the min support.

For me I'm looking at the new minis that are coming out from the game. Seems each faction will be getting a Journeyman Warcaster.

Yeah... every faction will be getting a Jr, rules in the link.

I'll wait.

15 Jul 2013

Thoughts - On the need for sleep

I've been working only overnights and it has not been easy the last few days.

My body has decided after 36 hours of activity bookended by a 12 hour shift of work on each end that sleep is not what it desires when I get home. This makes my day a nightmare as I need to keep the sleep pattern I've developed to 1. work on time and not be tired, and 2. spend some time with the wife so we can still call ourselves hitched.

Today has been a bad day, Sunday was bad... today was worst as I'm leaving for work in a few hours. To say the least working off 2-3 hours of broken sleep a day is less then desired.

Tomorrow will be better I will be tired, I'll crash and have to get ready to work at my 1st job before going to my overnight shift.

Also I've been working on a few projects on the side and being able to work them on top of two jobs, husband, and being an active mate to the crew takes up all my time. I've not painted and that's also getting to me.

So folks work is getting done but it's not getting done the way I want to.

I also love my wife, she is the best and has really taken on the task of working with the grumpy bear in the house.

Cheers folks.

12 Jul 2013

Thoughts - Where to now mr D?

Since my new job as overnight safety tool has been taking up my free time to write posts I've been working on how I'm going to keep this up. With no internet, cell and only a pad of paper and a pen, 42 hours of my week are pretty much killed and make it hard to write posts.

I saw this video recently. It sparked something in me. It could also be me re-reading Richard Morgans' the Steel Remains and picking up the Dragon Age RPG Set 1 Box.

I'm thinking on what I'm doing with this blog. 

11 Jul 2013

Lost - Ryan Davis 1979-2013

He just got hitched in June and now suddenly he has passed away.

He made waves in the Video game industry for being honest, upfront and a oddly enough being a really nice guy.

Cheers Mr. Davis
For those who kept up with Gamespot and later on Giant Bomb he was one of those fine gents drinking odd beers and yakking on the local pod cast. He rocked it with a smile and made folks around him happy without knocking others over.

He had great taste and love of our games. 

He was one of the first true game journalists.


10 Jul 2013

New Comic Day - My Take on a Justice League Flick

Since this is my Blog and after a conversation I had last night my the shift supervisor at my current job a few ideas came to me about what DC needs to do in order to make a Justice League movie and make the same successful lead up to Avengers.

You see Avengers is a brilliant movie but the movies leading up to it were the foundation and the main driving force to its success. DC needs to do the same thing if they are going to merg films for an assemble film with their characters.

So what do I think they need....

9 Jul 2013

Thoughts - Job Interview

No Post today. I didn't get it done in time as I worked on a Job interview I have in less then an hour.

Sorry folks.

8 Jul 2013

Media - What do I want to play next?

This summer season in past years shows gamers like myself the new stuff coming out in the following Fall season. It get's us ready for what to play. Of course this Summer the 8th Generation Consoles are the new big thing. 

Yet what about the games?

What games are pulling my attention for the last big party for Generation Seven?

Lets go down the list. 

3 Jul 2013

New Comic Day - Revival

So I was working on another post for today... but this morning I read this. As I'm getting home at 6am from my over nights I'm about six hours behind on my on the day posts. C'est la vie, that's life. 

So as I browsed some cheep reading on my iPad, I found the first volume of Revival written by Tim Seeley and art duties by Mike Norton. 

I have to say the idea was brilliant. Small town has an event that results in a the recent dead coming back to life. The local town goes into lock down and the world is watching intently to see what's next. The reader joins the world in wondering what's next...

2 Jul 2013

Table Top - Coming out of the Shadows

Ever since I picked up my parents copy of D&D, I was drawn to the Rogue classes. In 2nd Edition AD&D, I owned all the rogue class players guides. Thief's, Bard's, and even the Ninja's handbooks. When I lept into other game systems, the stealthy sneaky classes, careers and archetypes called me.

I liked not being the one who hit the hardest or the one with all the bells and whistles. I liked being that reliable aid to the party. I liked being able to fuck off and do my thing as needed. I loved it when the 'locked door' was the only thing between victory and the party with me being the only soul with the skills to open it.

1 Jul 2013