26 Aug 2013

Quick one today.

Thor: Dark World, second trailer.

Looks... good. Enjoy the video.

See y'all later.

23 Aug 2013

Table Top - The Starter Box

So GEN Con has come and gone. Folks are flocking to a fro in order to get the newest and latest of various products that litter the trade floor. We the fans, the player... the community are right as rain. The lists for the holiday shopping are being crafted. Tournaments are being planned with all the new bells and whistles in mind. Events are coming and gearing.

Recently we had a new addition to the crew. So why do you care. Well she is one of the many who are jumping in. She's a gamer of the RPG variation has recently jumped into the Table Top scene with Hordes.

She is not alone. At the Wizards Tower, I've seen two demo matches played in the last pair of times with folks I've never seen before. The flock of new players is growing. Other shops in the area are making note that there are plenty of new people playing these games.

So why do I mention our new player... well how do you start playing?

Seriously Games Workshop was the doorway to our hobby. Yet they seem to have less and less of the attention across the hobby. In order to break in or make the same footprint in accessibility those who have games in the same area need another product. Stores have less GW stuff and more of everything else.

Well folks they are showing up, one by one, to be counted. They are a two player starter box.

Let's dive in.

21 Aug 2013

Table Top - Playing for Scenario

I am not a tournament player. Out of my last three Warmachine/Hordes tournaments only once did I get into the top 3. My last tournament I was in the back half and the other one I was middle of the row. I don't have the time allocated to tournament play. I could become better if I put my time towards game time on the table and putting together my minis. I decided that I have more to do every night then work on army list and figure out neat ways to use my Nomad's Sin-Eater Observant. Instead I work on another plot point for a far distant RPG campaign that may never see the light of the dice.

Sin-Eater Observants w/ Multi Sniper Rifle
also a very sexy model
Updated my Kickstarter contribution to add this
fuck yeah! 6 player royal rumble
I crash on the couch with my wife watching Netflix rather than hitting Fandom 2 and putting in a game of Dreadball and setting up a league for the locals to play in. I live in a small two bedroom flat on the 3rd (also top) floor of a fifty-five year old building. It suits our needs and makes it easy for us to go back and forth to work, food and letting out the pooch. I don't have a 'lab' anymore to work on the Heavy Gear Arena table I've been dreaming on building since I played my first match of a Peace River sponsored Tech team but that's life. Oh how I wish I had the place, money and more than anything... time to spend on my hobby. Using a 'rattle can', spray paint, is hard with no basement or garage.
Mushashi - Merc, Irregular and the best CQC guy in the game

You see I have much more on my plate - all of my own choice - then to master or become a better tournament player. Yet tournament play is getting more and more coverage. I can understand why. Pitting my JSA with Musashi in an ITS event just because no one expects it was fun and I did pretty well. Throwing down on a starterbox tournament at the Kobold's Korner (which was the first tournament of the store) was a good time (it was the last event I've played in).

Last but not least not all of my mates or all of my hobbies are just spent on the table. I read comic books, watch flicks, listen to music, play Farcry3: BloodDragon ... yeah you know what check out the video and read about what I want to play in the next little while.

Tournament play is here and it's lead to some of the best miniature play in recent memory. Scenario based play... see you after the awesome.

ps. Video has bad words and stuff so get your headphones and keeps the kids aways as you get told about neon lit dinos who shoot lazers... yeah see you after the break.

19 Aug 2013

Media - The Witcher ... and Wolverine

When I read the original releases on the first game under the Witcher title I was impressed. A mature RPG with a slew of great gameplay elements and tons of depth. An open world to explore with plenty of grey lines to walk all over. The Bioware right and wrong was absent.

I wanted to play the Witcher. Poor english translations and all.

Then they came out with the second game, Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. I heard nothing but great things from this game. Once again I held back and waited, other things were at the fore of my attention and it was always 'when I have time/money' sputtering from my lips when I mentioned the game.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunter is coming out soon.

Why am I still a maybe?

18 Aug 2013

FU - Making fun of people

I'm a little pissed off after watching this. 


I have a mate and his sister is also disabled. If someone was making fun of her, he'd not even lift a finger. He take her away and protect her and make sure she was safe. He'd be angry. His wife would be angry. His whole family would be angry.

I have a cousin he and his daughter are disabled. If someone was making fun of him or god help anyone her, his wife a lovely lady would have to remind him he's got two kids (third's on the way). He'd get angry. His wife would be angry. His whole family would be angry.

These people I am close to would have to leave.

These people would do nothing.

The people around them... well they would commit crimes.

That mocking someone... well they would be a victim.

We'd let our anger boil over into violence fueled by rage. We'd be wrong to do that, maybe? Would it make it better, maybe? Would we get caught, maybe?

My suggestion raise your voice. Let the world hear your cry. Speak to those with defiance to their actions.

yet don't be surprised if someone takes up arms... those that have the moral flexibility or the conviction to walk down darker roads. If you meet one of those folks, don't shake their hand, don't cheer them on.

Do something or go away.

12 Aug 2013

Media - The Fall of 2013

Every fall, video games are released on mass for the holiday season and the slew of options are always so large that it's hard to pick one or the other. 2013 is the odd year, with the end of the 7th generation systems and the 8th generation of systems due out this fall the games being pushed our way are on the small side when compared to the selection of the last few years.

So today here is my list -

Splinter Cell: The Blacklist

First on the list today is the new Sam Fisher game. Check out the video and see you after the break.

8 Aug 2013

New Comics - The Wolverine

So I saw the most recent X-Men Fox Studios outing, The Wolverine. Not bad Fox, to bad you treat you're audience like idiots.

Treatment and adjustment of demographics aside. Fox made a solid action film here. This flick is an easy 3 out of 5. It passes. If the 3rd act of the film had not been such a mess (I'll explain after the break), it would have earned a 4 out of 5, going above average. The first act forces us to acknowledge that X-Men: Last Stand happened. Logan has thrown away his Wolverine identity after having to take his unrequited love's life away as per her last sane wish. He lives on the fringe of society just like he was in the first X-Men film. He gets whisked away to Japan and is forced to defend a young heiress and through his actions reclaim his name and become once more the hero.

The action is very well done, Logan and Mariko are both acted as well as the characters could be. Their are some funny moments and Logan shows us a killer that's been PG-13'ed in previous films. This Wolverine is the guy at the bar telling Charles and Erik to fuck off without even looking at them.

Go see the film, enjoy the ride and weather through the final act.

SPOILERS past the break.

7 Aug 2013

Table Top - Looking at the new Guys

Well Privateer Press has explained that the new Characters and 'Casters shown in the Kickstarter for Warmachine: Tactics will be released in the forthcoming rules Warmachine: Vengeance.

Now the moulds for the Kickstarter will be broken once the minis have been produced. Being a Swan (Cygnar) player we're getting a new 'caster and the new character journeymen. Their rules are looking awesome since the PDF came out and I've finally gotten time to look over them over.

So lets take a look at what I like...

6 Aug 2013

Table Top - Dreadball Update

Folks here is my update on Dreadball.

Season 2 has not gotten as much play time as I'd like. My human team is all done, the Forge Fathers and the Orks are almost done. A few of the MVP's are finished and the Vyrr-Myn are last to get done.

Few of the Season 2 teams have gotten any play time. Simply because I've not been playing. Seems there is a group playing in Ottawa but it's downtown in a basement so the group can enjoy beer and cigarettes. With work the way it is... well you know.

So Dreadball season 3 is due soon...

Dreadball Season 3
3-6 player pitch setup

5 Aug 2013

Media - GTA 5

I love me some GTA.

I loved GTA 3 back on my PS2 and it was awesome! I played the ever living crap out of that game an it was worth every moment. GTA: Vice City was fun and played that up but outside of Motor bikes the game had some issues including invulnerable enemies and mission vehicles. That killed the whole open world concept for me as open world to me also means complete missions as I want. 

GTA: San Andreas was my game. I played that until my PS2 made noises of pain and suffering. It was brilliant. GTA 4 was a great game, if not for Red Ring of Death and my HDD failing I would have finished it (I was on the last mission, when it all went down) and picked up the other two DLC's. I may still just pick it up... 

Anyways watch this.

So you want this?