28 Oct 2013

Life - Where is Dozer these days

I'm still looking for work. Officially I'm not unemployed. Hell I have my main job, my second job and my third job. Once I find a real job I'll be able to put to bed two of the three jobs I've mentioned. The second job is the one I'd keep. 

I've avoided mentioning what that job is because some of the things I've said could reflect poorly on that organization and I would never want that. Within this job there are some mindsets that help protect those that work there and sometimes my views would conflict with that mindset. 

I've taken a break from this second job. Things are heating up with family and instead of trying to juggle so much I've asked to simply put down that one thing. 

As of now my main job is 12 hour overnights that kills my Sunday and I'm on and off 12 hours until Thursday morning when I wake up with my wife with 6 hours of sleep. This schedule is less than ideal, but I'd rather earn my coin instead of collecting Employment Insurance. 

I'm having all sorts of conflicting thoughts on a regular basis. I dislike the state the economy lies, just like everyone else. I dislike the world we've inherited from the Baby boomers and that's a real sticker for me. They got a post WWII world to live in with Cold Wars and the threat of nuclear destruction from their parents but in general the wealth was a bit more accessible.

Another though the is the Empire building in many places of work. Where leaders will hinder or hold back employees in order to safeguard their job. This hurts both the employer and the employee from reaching possible heights. Also the amount of folks staying in longer then planned is really holding up the possibility for entry for folks like me and advancement for folks like my wife. 

There also seems to be a lack of long term continuity planning by far to many employers. They have relied on these older vet employee's but within the next ten years they will fall away and since they have not invested and planned for continuing their business without issues. Too many companies are watching folks retire or simply quit with skills that have not been passed on or planned to loose and suddenly that same person is coming back as a contractor earning twice as much coin simply because the employer did not plan the first time. Worse part of it, they don't learn from this mistake the first time and they keep the contractor on without any planning... 

This was more of a bitch than I expected and I didnt plan for this to go in this direction but voicing some of my frustrations felt good. 


25 Oct 2013

MERCS - Part Three: The Rules

So I've been reading the rule book for MERCS. My play experience is pretty limited so I'm going to focus on the Rulebook and the rules as they are presented. I hope the next post will focus less on the rules and more on play.

Ahh the Simpsons so many good quotes.

Back to the MERCS issue at hand. The Game Rules book.

23 Oct 2013

MERCS - Part Two: The Other Team

After looking at my CCC starter in the last post of the series I also going to look at the other faction starter box I got. The largest difference between this box and the last one is that Texico is a new faction and is not included in the main rulebook. This can be an issue as the rule book has lots of first timer help and some FAQ in the back on each of the figures that were part of the first wave of MERCS. Lucky for us those gents at MERCS have an up to date FAQ for each faction and an active forum community to help explain some of the more odd ball rules that comes with Texico. 

Texico - Starter Box

At first glance these power armoured cowboys look awesome and it was a toss up between them and the faction that was released alongside them the ISS. Both factions are unique of having a seventh figure (ISS gets to deploy a turret). Once more I also picked up the plastic measuring card produced by Outrider Hobbies. 

21 Oct 2013

MERCS - Part One: Start Up

I was at FdB with Wolf showing him around the shop on the other side of the river. I also had a bit of a mission ahead of me. I was looking for some KemVar and another faction to start up my experience in the MERCS world of games. Instead KemVar was out. I was happy to pick up CCC and Texico, two other factions in my top 4 factions I want for MERCS.

CCC - Starter Box
So this series of posts will be about my first contact and expectations of MERCS and how I expect it to go. I'll be looking at the starter boxes I picked up before I get into the rule book and playing the game.

18 Oct 2013

The Absent Dreamer's Hit-list of things on the go.

I've not be blessed with much free time outside of two jobs, getting pulled from the flat, while leaving the city each weekend for the last four weeks. I've kept in the loop on how things have been going in the various points of my interest.

First up - Games Workshop have once more earned the ire of the hobby community. This time that have targeted the fine folks Beasts of War (as found on the sidebar) forcing the team of hobby journalists to cut ties with groups that worked to support the team and their efforts. The main effort is Wayland Games who are the primary sponsor for the Beasts of War.

I feel that railing on GW for this new practice so soon after the madness of their sales policies and the whole buggery around the term 'Space Marine' is a bit easy. They are deep in competition against Privateer Press, Corvus Beli, Wyrd Miniatures, Mantic, Hawk Wargames, and Dream Pod 9. Alternatives are becoming more and more possible.

I look at MERCs and I think to myself. 60$ for the whole set of six minis, with quick rules and unit cards. Even if you add in the new 7th mini for each faction you still under the 100$ mark. Add in the fact you're only putting to brush 6 (or for some 7) figures, using a 2'x2' playing board, and not needing a whole contraption of rulers and templates due to the cards measuring mechanic... MERCS is a cheep option.

Yeah... hard to compare if you only look at the almighty force of currency. Anyways next on the list...

16 Oct 2013

Media - Top 'Stealth' Games

I like Game Trailers for videos and some of their shows are pretty brilliant. Final Bossman is pretty much the cream of their crop.

Recently they posted a 'top 5 stealth games' video and I was disappointed. When GT or Screw Attack do a Top 5, Top 10, or Top 20 they always come with a grain of salt. Some of the games are a nice selection and call back to early games in past generations.

This time they really failed. Watch the video and see you after the break.

6 Oct 2013

Break - The EVAC

I know there are only a few folks that read this blog and many are friends and family but my stats tell me a few more folks read this and a couple more pile in on a few of the select posts where I wasn't a bag of editorial poo. Me and the Wife had to EVAC our flat and we were out for almost three full weeks. 

With my scheduled overnights 4 nights a week plus the other job, getting in the time to post has not been easy. Add in a wedding, our wedding anniversary and things are getting busy. 

Now flee your home during this time and try to pack for a 4 night stay in a summer camp that is only boat access while living out of someone elses home and trying to stay on top of work. 

It's doable but it's bloody hard when you're trekking a few extra times a week across the city just because you left behind something you needed for this weekend or the next... 

So I have quite a few posts on the wings that were almost ready to post expect them soon. With access to my Mac I'll be able to jump back into the blog. Dozer's back folks, he's back.