25 Nov 2013

Media - The Black Flag

You need to understand how much I loved 'Sid Meier's Pirates!'. When visiting mates who owned the game, as a young boy I'd hound them to play a bit of the game. Oh I loved it. It wasn't until 2004 when the new remastered version was published that I was able to sit down and dedicate my life to the high seas. I had the game for my PC but for some odd reason my Xbox Live version was the game that got the most love.

I also liked Assassin's Creed. When the game was first being shown I had never seen such movement over terrain before. Add in the historical setting and I was sold to the creed. After playing the first game I was happy with it but it had some issues, issues I would hope they could sort out. Sort out they did in the following four games. AC 2, AC: Brotherhood and AC: Revelations were a great epic tale of my favorite Assassin of the past, Ezio. AC 3 had some great elements to it and I loved the first two acts of the game.

Assassin's Creed 4 is my favorite of the series. It's a score of 5. I have a hard time calling it Assassin's Creed 4 without adding in a Sid Meier's subtitle since it took so much from that game.

22 Nov 2013

The Funk


I'm busy and the posts I've got in the wings are just 'not there' yet. Things are pretty hectic over here in the Bear house and I've just not had the time to polish and shine the few posts that are near completion. 

I've got things I need to say but my time in the day is limited and rare. The ability to focus when the sleep cycle is all fucked up makes it hard to even like what I am putting out. 

I hope to queue up a few for next week. 


15 Nov 2013

Mutterings from a Friday

Normally my posts are pre-written and go up at 0100 on the day of the posting. Today is an off day so this is going up once I'm done with it. It's a bit of an update of what's what in the life and times.

Work is well work... I'm missing the holidays this year. I'll be getting Boxing Day off but I'll be working my normal hours which is the 4 nights/days before boxing day. This sucks for a few reasons: My wife loves the holiday and I like seeing her happy. I've been cooking the holiday dinner for my family since 2006. We eat rouladen which I make from scratch with Bear family famous calorie 2000 mash potatoes with spatzle that I also make on the spot for the dinner. Brother Bear does the annual cheese sauce experiment where he tries to make cheese sauce from scratch... its a miss mark and he can never get it to his standard but the experiment is always yummy.

Aside from the missing holiday, I'm still doing the job I've been working for a while. It's better than the dole but it's not living. The hours suck and finding time to do what I like to do is getting to me. I've been getting some Magic the Gathering time in on the breaks with a co-worker and I've since gotten back into the game but at a limited scale. The wife is even playing and two weeks ago Wolf and the Pale Rider each picked up at least one pre-made deck.

Since the fall of WB Montreal's Batman: Arkham Origin (and still lacking the patch) I've been dedicated to the world of Sid's Pirates brought to you by Assassin's Creed. Once more the busy season pushes aside another game. Once I'm done AC:4 I'll be going back to GTA V and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Batman needs a patch before I spend my limited time in the land of electronic Gotham. Only XCOM Enemy Within is drawing my attention and I expect it to be the last of the 7th generation. Not a bad way to end a console generation mind you. LEGO Marvel has been fun and I'm looking forward to playing some more as a break from the West Indies.

Table Top wise my KemVar for MERCS have come in and I'm really looking hard at which of the new Infinity double packs I want to get. I may even ask the wife to pick up a set for a holiday gift. Dreadball season 3 showed up on the doorstep and it's quite the box. I have a few extra's, a few missing and once it's sorted out and finally checked I'll be able to get back to work. I've started to run up a staggering number of completed minis that need dipping over the last pair of months and it's strange since it's normally a large number of minis that need painting. I still have that issue but it's a nice new problem. A dozen privateer press minis, another MERCS faction and some Dreadball are all looking for some time to take a bath and chill out. Once the Dreadball situation is sorted, I'll be looking for a all in one bag that will hold every Dreadball mini, the boards, cards, etc... for an all in one go bag of Dreadball. Battlefoam may be the solution I end up seeking but I'm still searching for some good foam and a better bag.

I've been reading some odd poetry these days but otherwise I'm hitting up my comics which encludes Year Zero Batman and I'm enjoying that run. The team that has been running 'new 52' Flash is leaving so I may go with them. I await what's next for Barry Allen. I've read Batwoman and Capt Marvel (both of which I showed my wife to read and instead have already gone through them) and they have been great. With Nat Portman's character in the recent Thor flick I've been really enjoying some strong female lead comics.

So that's the rundown. The reason for the late post, I've been sick. The guts turned on me on Wed and I had to leave work early. I missed my Thursday night game but I rested with the wife and pooch with some easy LEGO video games.

Got a few posts in the pipe waiting to get the scub, should be out next week.


13 Nov 2013

XCOM: Enemy Within

Thank you GT for that insightful video preview of what to expect.

So folks XCOM 1.2 is coming out, what do I think?

11 Nov 2013

The Day we Remember

As someone who grew up in a military family and having lost a few people to the recent decade of fighting in Afghanistan (aka the Sand Box) November the eleventh is a pretty big deal to me. I have quite the handful of folks that are very close to me and have done more than one tour there.

I hope those the fallen have left behind are able to find peace today.

This year I've experience quite a bit of ignorance regarding today and I will not rant.

I will remember those who I knew and those who I'll learn about.

8 Nov 2013

Media - Batman Arkham Year Two

Well folks. I picked up Batman: Arkham Origin on the wife's orders and boy-o-boy was I excited.

Batman- Arkham Origins - TV Spot by itsartmag

The story is simple. Batman has yet to be confirmed outright but he has been working in the city of Gotham for 2 years. It's Dec 24th and Black Mask has put a large one night bounty on Bruce Wayne's head. Many fearsome assassins have come out of the woodwork to earn the large payday. Being the 24th of December, the love of a white Christmas the city is also snowed in via a small snow storm. I say small because I live in Ottawa and we get plenty of snow. The citizens are home warm and hidding from all the promised violence.

Bane - More normal looking then the Spider-face version
Looking awesome creepy
Story aside the last game in the cycle, Batman: Arkham City is one of my favorite games of the passing 7th generation on home gaming consoles. Batman: Arkham Asylum was brilliant very hard to beat but the folks at Rocksteady did themselves in with the sequel. When I found out WB Montreal was working the series for the third game I was wondering how to do you beat the first game Arkham Asylum and who would want to try and even come close to the awesome that is Arkham City? Was this game dead in the water before launch?


6 Nov 2013

MERCS - Part Four: Game On!

So last Friday as per the post I was able to chill with Ontos and put in two games with out teams.

First off I was playing my fully painted CCC. I had used the Army Painter Yellow as my base. I use Charcoal for the fabric portions of the armour, trimmed with a metal and used an olive drab and a dark metal for my equipment. I used some textured Games Workshop paint to base the minis with better success then I expect before dry brushing the texture with darker shades of grey. After all was said and done I dipped the 6 CCC miniatures in Army Painter Quickshade.


Ontos based white put a few off colour whites, off and near metal whites to shade and used a dark orange to detail. He dipped as well and finished with a mat spray varnish. His Keizai Waza look awesome and really had a used state of the art tech feel to the minis.

Keizai Waza Starter Box 

It took me over and hour on and off with the brush. The base painting and dipping were each only ten minutes for each effect. Ontos said he was done super quick as well. Not bad for a run at getting the armies painted and ready.

So we played two games...

4 Nov 2013

Table Top - Infinity Mission Packs

Infinity has done it again!

I swear every time I pause and think about Infinity and how I need to play more of it, they do something. It's a new min or a new set of rules. Sometimes a new scenario or an update with some high speed gear. 

This time they did it all.


Ladies and Gent's the Dire Foes Mission Pack Set. 

Mission Pack 1: Train Rescue
Mission Pack 2: Fleeting Alliance
Mission Pack 3: Dark Mist
So who likes that?