31 Jan 2014

Dreadball - the nightmare of time

Well folks one of the reasons for the late delays in posts is lack of time. I just got back from the cruise where both me and Lady Bear got a cold at different times. Yeah! My job interview process is going at a breakneck pace. I also had to sort out my Dreadball return order by today.

Mantic makes a great game.

You see folks Dreadball was a kickstarter that pushed an awesome game. When I got my first Backer rewards pack I was over the fucking moon. I got some delays with the second Backer delivery and there were some issues with the third Backer delivery and the extra tiny fourth because of delays... I had until today to sort everything I had gotten.

Now I got my gear in November and I got held back. The issues I did send up got caught in the mess of their December HQ Shutdown and they sent out a you have 30 days to fill this form right before I left. So to say the least I was not ready and life kept getting in the way of going through all the yum that is Dreadball.

12 Jan 2014

On the road - Part 1

So this trip is the a long sough after dream of Papa Bear. To give without fear to allow memories and joy to claim his family. Both of his sisters, Nana Bear and Adventure Bear have joined us. Even my mother, Mama Bear has her brother and wife coming down (Mr. Pan and Mrs. Pan). Only a few of my cousins have joined us; Adventure Bear's eldist and his super fun wife (DM and AW), Mr Pan's eldist Chef Pan and her friend Foody... all in adition to my parents, Papa and Mama Bear, me and my wife Lady Bear, and my brother Big Bear and sister in-law Cookie Bear. 

We're pretty loaded with folks. 

As we moved farther south the clouds kept a wrapping on the world as he jumped up into the air. It would feel like we meandered about for a while up there before unwrapping a new world. Comming down in noise of enginges and air breaks into a warmer world. Chicago was the first time we landed. Looking outside of the terminal windows I see the grass lightly covered in snow, and the roads showing no trimmings of snow clearing. I poke Big Bear and nod to him "Looks nice outside", he smiles and replies yeah. I stop him and wonder aloud "Look how fucked up Ottawa is when this is nice weather."

We laughed. 

When we landed finally in Tampa it was plus something and a lair of humidy like a film left behind by the wrapping that kept this part of the world away from us. Smiles from the children of the Bear. Lady and Cookie jumped a bit and Big Bear let out that sigh. You know the sigh that only can come from the body of a weary man. That raspy and life affirming sound of it's done, born of toil, stress, and hardship. He changed right there and he relaxed for the first time in many a moon. Lady Bear was so happy all she wanted to do was kiss me... I wasn't complaining. 

We gathered for dinner those of us who had arrived and spent some time participating in that American Hobby - Shopping. I found shorts as I left my climbing shorts behind (Still making me rage as I type this - Fucking hell my favorite and most comfertable shorts, Damn it!) in Ottawa some where in the mess of clothes I have in my drawers. 

Upon getting in it was 6pm and I was up for 34 hours straight minus an hour nap on the flight between Chicago and Tampa. I was dead... and after a few minutes in front of the idot box I was earning my nick name. Waking up five hours later (damn my inability to sleep a full nght) I grabbed some melatonin and bam I was out once more. I work up at 445, cleaned up, dressed, brewed some Kurig in room coffee and found myseld down here with the itch to write... long forgotten it's like working out again. 

Speaking of working out, I'll also be taking advantage of the running track early on the boat. I hope to be meeting the sun at sea as I work my way around the boat.

So I'm down at the hotel bar, empty minus me and my coffee. Tapping away on my iPad and wireless keyboard making sure to let the Lady Bear sleep. I'm feeling like I get to catch a breath. I can't ignore my troubles and stresses but I'm sure as hell going to ignore them this week. I need persepctive without all the shit life heeps on you and once I'm back I've got to get ready for a job interview. 

Yeah Job interview! Not where I want to settle but buckets closer to where I was... hell it's a 50% pay bump. Still not what I was making but much closer and some of my better paying prostpects are still in the works and I'm hoping to touch base with in a few months as HR catches up. Hell I applied for this Job back in Aug and they are fiannly getting back to me in Jan. For the Jobs I posted in Nov still have some time. 

And that's one of the good things waiting for me at home. 

So far so good. I don't think I'll be able to post while on the ship but I'll be scribbling thoughts down as I go.

Cheers folks. 

Dozer is gone for a while. 

11 Jan 2014


As of the launch of this post I will be a few hours from waking up and heading to the airport.

Work has been busy and job applications have taken up far too much of my free time.

I've got a slew of neat projects for the blog but time is rare and fickle.

I'll hope to post travel journals as I go but otherwise see you come the 20th.

2 Jan 2014

Table Top - Future T.A.G.

In the game Infinity the Tactical Assault Gear or TAG is the big elephant on the table. They tend to be less prone to the ultra lethality found in Infinity. Not immune, less prone. They are still subject to dice making a shit of your plans and watching the effect of bullets to people.

So I've been lucky in recent weeks that I've be able to work into my shity work schedule and get in a few games of Infinity. Four to be exact at the time of this posting. It only took that many to make me want to go out shopping and pick up some new minis.

Hold on, I've got plenty of unpainted minis, why am I buy new ones? Well in actual fact, many of them are getting painted and the end still no where in sight but it's now a plausible dream instead of angel farts ... which don't exist by the by. Angels don't fart, that's fucking crazy. Stop making shit up.

So with the bug to buy I'm also hit with lacking of funds. Every time that happens I plan instead and save up for my next purchase.

"Long preamble to the point Dozer?"

Stupid brain... I'm looking at which TAG I'm gona pick up in Feb... late Feb but still within the month.

Come lets take a look.