31 Mar 2014

Gift of Music

Hearing loss is far more common than I'd like to admit. In my old full time job, hearing loss was common for folks in my trade. On top of that the work environment could result in a large noises and more than a few folks in my old job after a few decades tend to lose hearing over time.

Large bangs and booms do that to hearing.

It's a scary thing to think of a world without music. Without hearing your love ones familiar voices. The cursing and cues from a great film or video game.

Understanding the loss is possible for a jerk like me. Understanding the scope and gravity of such a gain is outside of my mental and emotional reach. I try but I can't figure it out and I don't think I'd ever be able to fully grasp the whole idea unless I myself lived without hearing.

26 Mar 2014

Break - Life getting in the way

Last week the focus of my work was to get my younger brother to the gaming table, the first time in almost two whole years. The life kinda ran with the idea that this - the blog I'm doing was lower on the list of stuff to do. The family has been pulling me from one place to the other. 

I'm sitting here Wed night with little to no sleep, some more events coming up next week, wife passed out in the bedroom and a can of Heineken (Thanks Ontos) empty next to flakes of parmesan cheese and organic pepperellos. 

I hope to be back on track by Friday with my posts. 

Until then, sorry for leaving so suddenly and thanks for the feedback I've been getting on my last couple of posts. 


- Dozer

17 Mar 2014

Genuine Community

This is gona be a hard post. It's darn (wanted to use damn there... whew) touchy subject matter. It's about community and I'm going to the church to help me explain.

I'm not expressing any faith, but faith is a facet of what I'm gona go on about. What I want to go on about is Genuine Community. Churches, Temples, Shrines - any place of faith requires of that person, a genuine feeling. I believe that faith requires more of the believer than a believer is capable of giving, the faith fills that gap. Faith is a one way street and no matter what faith I may or may not have I think I can still talk about faith.

For those who have a faith, the following statement is not a cop-out on my own beliefs. You are a special group that has the ability to reach out beyond your own understanding and accept something simply as true. You have my respect. I may not agree with you, I may not share your belief but I do respect that aspect of you that is honest unfearing faith.

Not that faith that is used as an excuse to exclude others, heaping shame on them for what they are or what they believe in. Not that faith that justifies violence or hate in the name of something else. Not that faith the promotes fear in each other and secludes one person from another.

No, I respect that honest faith, the one that falls out of a person from that soul center of their being without the restrictions of their own mortal or human issues.

When I was at the sermon below with my wife and her parents. I was surprised that past all the dogma and religious content there was a solid message of community needing to be genuine. Take a look or look up the video at the parts where I time check.

This sermon made me take notes. I'm not a member of the Life Center but their head pastor said some bright things. See you after the break.

14 Mar 2014

Mass Effect Journal - 06

Noveria is the last stop for Shepard. He has got the time and there are plenty of things on the periphery that are still grasping for his attention.

Cerberus, hostages, cults, Geth threats ... there is a list of things that are demanding Shepard's attention.

The last piece of the fracture puzzle that is buzzing in his head will get solved there but now he is no longer ignorant as he was. There is more then just this one mission, he is changing things for others and it's just as important.

First things was first. Get back to the citadel put Shepard's house in order.

Right off the boat was the reporter Shepard's been dogging all game. After Feros and the recent loss on Virmire, Shepard was angry and resolute. She asked her questions, he was cool headed and he was honest. She sounded like Bill O'Riley, raving mad but she asked one question... Shepard replied.

He told the galaxy that Saren was rogue. He told the galaxy a Spectre had gone to the dark side. There is a boogie-man, and Shepard was hunting him down.

Fuck the council's inconvenient issues, one of Shepard's was dead. They were angry - Shepard was angry. The council was not to blame but Saren sure as hell was, and Saren is now the most hunted Turian in the galaxy.

What else could Shepard do before he jumped back on the last puzzle piece...

10 Mar 2014

Magic - I'm Blue

Since I started playing Magic the Gathering in 1994, I was drawn to the colour Blue. Little young Dozer had just entered into highschool and over the PA system during the morning announcements at Colonel By High School a games club was announced.

Feedback by Wizards of the Coast
I had few friends entering into highschool so I sought out those who played games. The club was formally run by a much older student named David Smith, who's younger brother Joe I would become friends with in my younger years of high school. Dave was the only member and he was in his final year of school. 

He brought over games of Battletech and Magic the Gathering. 

September of 1994 I bought my first starter deck of Magic and my first booster deck showed me a card that would result in my fealty to Blue.

Feedback. Cost of 2 colourless man and 1 blue mana.

Followed by Power Sink, Mana Drain, and Jump I was looking at a game where I was able to be a bit clever and I would be able to earn a win. 

I was not bringing down my opponent through fireballs, giant creatures, holy smiting or demonic gifts... I found weaknesses and through those discoveries, I used combinations of cards to earn a victory that was not shown. 

I felt like I was cheating at the game. I felt like I was using exceptions. 

I was made to feel smart and I could win. 

7 Mar 2014

Mass Effect Journal - 05

This post has been the hardest to date and it coming in much later then the previous posts. 

Commander Virgil Shepard - CO, SSV Normandy SR1

After Feros Shepard has realized two things:

1. He is ignorant
2. He is not alone

Shepard is changing. After the mission a priority call from a Salarian Special Task Group (STG) pulls Shepard towards another emergency. Noveria can wait Virmire is the next fire and Shepard needs to put it out. So he plots a course and decides to take some time to pounder and reflect with his team and crew.

For me as his player I've come to understand, through Virgil Shepard's eyes the level of severity that the story is trying to impart. The video below, for some reason since I've started this, hits home quite a bit more. This experiment has been getting some positive feedback, so for those who are reading look at the video made up of scenes from across the whole Trilogy of games. Enjoy and thanks for reading this experiment.

That's the now, the future, and the end. It's reminiscent of Shepard's visions from the beacon on Eden Prime and it's very fitting as I move onto one of the more prolific missions of the first game.