31 Jul 2014

On the road

Well I'm out of the box, no longer caged.

Those 12 hour overnights in the restricted zone are done and done.

I'm in BC, British Columbia with the Lady Bear. Us bears have a plan and thats to relax before coming back to the reality of my now no longer full time job... Ok thats my plan. Her plan is to enjoy seeing BC for the first time and wish her cousin well as she gets the hitched.

I did have a post up about Mass Effect and it will go back up next week when me and Lady Bear get back to Ottawa. I also have some more posts as the Operation: Ice Storm info comes out over at Beast of War. Guardians on the Galaxy is out after we get back, and Im eager to see Abnett's team go big screen, they are getting rave reviews and GotG 2 has a release date.

I'll keep ya folks posted when I can but i expect the internets to be not as fancy when we go deeper into the mountains.



28 Jul 2014

Infinity Starter BOX - The Showing

Beasts of War got the world showing of the new Infinity Box set. If you have not yet seen the video I'm posted it right here and I'll see you after the break.

24 Jul 2014

Infinity Starter Box Set!

Operation: Paradiso was one of my favorite tabletop miniature books in recent memory.

It had a great robust campaign that allowed you to play through a win/loss path of connected missions with your buddies - sets of 4 players was the best result.

Each mission was a series of connected conflict between the various forces as they were solving a mystery of who are the Tohaa. You as the player could play the scenario with your own chosen forces or play with the list from the story. Imagine getting the list for the famous battles in Warhammer 40k, Warmachine, MERC's and then play them as per the prose?

Paradiso also had some great new minis that added more to each faction on top of delivering a whole other faction to the game. Then you got the final goody - the Spec Ops. Allowing players to play any campaign and have a advancement system for one miniature through the campaign to make them into your hero.


So when Corvus Beli showed us a posted for Operation: Icestorm - I'm thinking how can they do this again. Covus Beli is ramping up for 3rd edition and they are still getting a groove - time between major releases tends to get big.

Well folks it's a Starter Box Set!

22 Jul 2014

I should have gotten the job...

This is a line I hear often from a person who through my experience should not have gotten a job or position. When I catch myself from saying I need to make sure I'm alone because I'm not sure if some one else would look at me the same way I look at those folks.

There are times when I find a position that I get excited. When I even get a call back is a day to celebrate. Most of the time I don't get a call back... it's a bad time to be unemployed. I have fifteen years in a technical field, with plenty of leadership and training experience. Add a BA with a Minor in English I figured I could find a niche, someplace that would look at my skills and experience and hire me.

I know what I'm good at.

Convincing those who've never worked with me - that's harder.

So far impossible.

It's hard to dream and try to think about weddings, kids, cottages... it's hard to think about the shit I ramble on about here in my silly blog.

Since December 2011, my resumes have been launched and I've only had two replies. One has turned me down the other I got pushed on the list because I got sick during the paid training, and I've yet to hear back.

It's been a while since I got a win. I look back at everything - hoping to learn anything. I should have been more myself during the interview, I should have tried to be more relaxed, I should have... been someone else who will be getting the job.


14 Jul 2014

What's new on the Table in July of 2014

Well some things are changing as per the norm in the world and the table is never to be ignored.

So I've decided to give a run down on some of the things I'm looking at with want as the summer convention season winds down for the final laps

1. Magic 2015 Core

M15 is about to drop next week - with this weekend running pre-release events at your local store. When a Core Set drops it really sets the mood and meta for the upcoming block. Waste Not is the new card that was designed by the community. I'm not sure on how this is actually done but the card has some neat things going on and I'm thinking of making a deck that takes advantage of killing a players hand rather than a players library - as I am normally fond of doing (it's called milling in case you decide to look up the word hate in the Magic the Gathering dictionary)

2. Infinity 3rd and Op: Icestorm

Infinity is getting ready to release their 3rd edition of their uber awesome table top game. They have some of the best minis on the market and some of the most sexually provocative miniatures. As good or bad as you may or may not like this, Infinity is a great table top game.

With 3rd edition we can expect to get a better translated book that will clear up some of the odd rules in the game. The hope of players and promises of Corvus Belli is that the rules will not change - the book will just be better organized, updated, and in general cleaned up. On top of 3rd edition we are expecting another Operation book. The last one we got was Operation: Paradiso, but now there is a wave of posters that are showing Operation: Icestorm... interesting and unlike Corvus Belli who tends to put out books one at a time and with great spans of temporal matter between each text release.

10 Jul 2014

D&D Next

Update: Here is the handy link for the current 5th edition rules (ver 1.0)

Ok so D&D Next aka 5th or what ever they are calling it is out as of the 4th of July. Well at least the starter box... so what do I think about that?

Dungeons and Dragons was a coming of age for the pre-Dozer. The wee lad me, always found this box. In the massive blue chest that held all the family board games.

Now I was playing Steve Jackson's (of GW not GRUPS) and Ian Livingston's, Fighting Fantasy books before I eventually played this purple bad boy. Fighting Fantasy started with Portal of Evil as my first owned copy that I picked up and was playing in the third grade. I also played Clash of the Princes, which the old man also had locked away on his shelves next to the original Grail Quest Trilogy box set.

I finally got the gumption and asked Papa Bear and Mama Bear to pull out the unused boxset and run me through my adventure.

That's right - I played D&D with my parents. I was in grade four and they did me a life long solid. It was brilliant. I never had so much fun before without LEGO.

aside: LEGO was the family toy since we moved around alot and LEGO is easy to pack... hint don't use plastic garbage bags. LEGO be sharp and tends to escape

So old is new... for lots of things these days and I found this neat little video. See ya after the break.

9 Jul 2014

My love and hate of the World Cup

I like my futball, football, soccer.


This year the World Cup has been a roller coaster ride. I've been sitting on this post for a few weeks now. Life been busy and time has been precious.

I tend to pick a few teams after seen the last couple of games and looking up the roster. My favorites coming into the tournament are as follows.

Today is better

I have only a short shift. The mid week is when I only work six whole hours. By midnight I'm leaving work and I'm on my way home. Forty Two hours of my week are done and before I'm back at work by Sunday.

I'm cranky. Yet this morning as I rip some scraps of the english language and paste them here on my own magic board for all to see, the sun and the breeze are enough to get me through... I rant and rave and I do it pretty publicly - but I bitch about my situation and dumb people.

I'm lucky to have good mates, awesome family, and a brilliant wife.

Still gots foods, a working roof of for my livable flat. I have hobbies and plenty of fun toys...

It's not all that bad - just sometimes. It's inside and I need to let it go.

I don't chill with mates after work and bitch about shit. They mostly are on there way to work or have yet to rise from the depths of slumber, by the time I'm done my shifts.

When the Mrs. gets all lost I ask for her to journal her thoughts, collect them and put them out in a way she can look at them with a different point of view. Yesterday - I did the same thing. I put it all on paper and it's there for folks to see.

Today is better - I still hate it here, but I have hope that 'here' will change and i'll have a little less 'hate' in me when it does change.


8 Jul 2014

I hate it here.

Well folks that pretty sums up my day. 

I'm being a cranky bitch again. I tried to make it better and yet things keep sliding down the fucking rabbit hole. I'm watching the world and the folks in it be free and yet I feel trapped in a cage. 

Spider Jerusalem - Copyright DC
Art by Robertson - Written by Ellis
I work a job that I have to fight with everyone else - bosses, clients, and coworkers. They don't care, they want everything, and the rest are pretty much as a majority (there are some who are not) lazy. 

I want to go out and camp, play games - I don't want to be injured again. My foot's fucked. I want to eat better but when you're not allowed to even leave your place of work for over 12 hours - you're limited to the crap foods. 

The average person wakes, cleans (some work out), eats and works. Four hours later they eat again, work and leave work before eating again. All in the average span of 10 hours (some are around 11). For more than 12 hours I'm eating only junk - microwaved, pre-made, snack ... the crap foods we're told to not eat. But I have no place to cook or even microwave most nights... asking for an accessible fridge on most days is a wonder. 


I'm too educated, too experienced or sadly both, to work anywhere else. I'm too poor to make changes. I have no time to enjoy. People have lives and I've had to step out to the sidelines to watch all year long. I've been at this for over a year.

The games are being played yet I can never be there or watch it live, I'm always watching the highlights the next day on the way to work.

Imagine living life like that. Getting only the play by play, highlights and commentary. Never watching the game from the couch, live or even better - playing it.

Imagine that.

... I'm tired, poor, angry and frustrated (yes the last two are different states).

I'm always explaining why I'm the above because no one understands. Not even the wife gets it, she has her own issues and its hard on her when I lose my shit. 

I hate it here. 

Tomorrow better be somewhere else because this place sucks.