29 Aug 2014

John Oliver is Funny

John Oliver has always been a fan at poking holes in folks who end up on TV. Here are a pair of clips that show off his recent work.

I know some of the pokes are a little shallow and easy but the man makes me laugh.

Enjoy the jokes on your Labour Day weekend.


What's up Mr. Dozer?

Well lets see - I got a real job.

Yepper. It also pays enough that I can get back to enjoying things:

Time with my wife, time with my mates, painting and playing miniature wargames, playing video games, saving up for the dream...

These are all good things but they've kept me away recently. So bear with me as I clean up and sort out my schedule over the next week.

Expect another post over the weekend.


20 Aug 2014

We have a new Doctor

As the new season of Dr Who is getting ready to launch I wanted to look back at my favorite little snippets from the previous Doctors.


David Tennant in the Children in Need special between the end of his second season and the start of the Christmas special. I love the interactions between the younger and older incarnations of the Doctor doing their thing and being all odd.


Christopher Eccleston is an odd Doctor. The Doctor was gone for a dozen years and suddenly we have this darker Doctor who just wants to live and enjoy. Yet always in the background you see his pain and darkness that wells up from within in. As the series moved on we caught only glimpses of his crime - until this moment. How he ended the time war - this is as close as the Doctor would get to PTSD.


Matt Smith is a new Doctor with a new show runner and the two folks with their new cast and crew had to make a statement. This was it - equal parts homage, history, flashback, sass, threat, and introduction. Simply Brilliant.

'The Doctor will see you now'

To the next Doctor, whomever he will be next.

19 Aug 2014

Mr Williams - You nerd...

Mr. Williams:

We have never met but you made me laugh more than once. I liked you in Hook, One Hour Photo, Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, and Good Morning Vietnam. My favorite film you worked on was the World According to Garp. 

I hope you feel better and you've found the joy you fought so hard to keep and yet gave to so many people. 


- Dozer

Folks his death, it's been in the news but this - commercial is the video that gets my goat every time.

He was one of us - a nerd.

18 Aug 2014

Mind of a Chef - Watch this... go now.

As things are changing here in the den, Lady Bear, Moby Bear, and myself have been weathering the storm of my nerves and anxious energy with a simple show Mind of a Chef.

Pure PBS Awesome
Normally spend my these more negative energies cooking, training, and punching. After spraining the ankle and with my hand a bit on the fucked up side - I'm not doing two of those things. With the cash still on the low side - cooking is hard to not make cheep.

You see I may have a job soon. Seriously - after everything, almost is way too close.

Training and punching have always been a kind of expulsion of energy since writing and painting are hard when you're a ball of nerves.

Cooking and eating - both favorite things to do have always been a long love. I've gained quite a few pounds over the last year plus since I'm eating junk being unable to cook most meals - thanks old job, not able to work out due to lame schedule, and I'm an emotional eater. If I'm unhappy or very happy - I'm snacking and last year was a bad year for the sleepy bear - the Dozer.

So when me and the Mrs found the Mind of a Chef, we celebrated. We dreamed, we ate, we looked differently at the food we consumed.

The Mind of a Chef follows, so far, three top end chefs as they explore the history, styles, and methods of cooking foods. David Chang, Sean Brock and April Bloomfield three master chefs with plenty of laurels to stand on. Instead you see them sweat, smile, and enjoy the creation of food.

It's a small wonder.

Watch this show - PBS is about to start season 3.


PS If you have the USA Netflix you can watch the first two seasons.

15 Aug 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy - Film

History lesson - The wee tyke Dozer was in Grade 4. His class was in a portable at the Royal Orchard Public School, his first time not in a military school or international school, and it was also a Grade 4/Grade5 split class.
Taserface holding Nikki hostage
I own this issue, it's somewhere in a box
GotG #2, Vol 1 - By Marvel 

One of the fifth graders traded the wee lad Dozer a comic book, one of his Captain America's from the Dozer's monthly mail-in subscription with Marvel, for Guardians of the Galaxy #2.

I was in awe of the team. Charley 27 from Jupiter, Vance Astro the thousand year old mutant - Lita and Starhawk inhabiting the same body yet longing for a divorce, Yondu with his fancy mowhawk and whistle bow skills, Nikki from Mercury... and that crystal dude who shot fire from one hand and ice from another... I forget his name.

The villains were the Stark, an alien race that who used Tony's technology to raid and conquer worlds for resources. Led by the warlord Taserface - I'll wait for the laughter to end... they learned of the Stark's origins all while trying to search for Captain America's shield.

Jim Valentino had earned a fan with his art and I followed him when he and the rest of the big six started Image comics. I kept up with the first three volumes of his character Shadow Hawk. He also wrote the Guardians of the Galaxy as well, so kudos to him.

When Marvel started the whole Movie thing, they kind of left the whole Marvel in space alone. Until Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning took over the whole Marvel in space. They ran with the Annihilation story arc, followed by the Kings (War and Relm) arcs - but the big by-product and final contribution to Marvel in space was a new Guardians of the Galaxy.

And they used those silly characters that most folks forgot about... Groot, Rocket Raccoon, and that guy Star Lord. That 'who' moment you see in the trailer was done in real life when folks started reading the Abnett/Lanning run. Those two also changed Drax and Gamora - Drax was dumb as brick and big like Hulk. Gamora looked like a green skinned Red Sonya in space. Now the two character's look much better.

So they made a movie - if you have yet to see the trailer watch, enjoy and I'll tell you what I think about the film after the break.

11 Aug 2014

Where has the Mass Effect gone?

So the new Mass Effect engine is looking pretty good.

Oh here's the run from E3...

Of course Casey Hudson is now leaving BioWare... so what could this all mean?

8 Aug 2014

Mass Effect Journal - 07

With Cerberus and the Geth causing trouble, Shepard decided the Geth were first on his list of things to put down before finishing off Saren.

The Geth have been silent and out of contact with Humanity for years, Saren is the reason they've come out of solitude. Saren is counting on them to support his push with the Reapers. They are his greatest ally now that the Krogan support has been culled with the loss of the base on Virmire along with the cure for the genophage. 

The Geth have been a pain. More than once while landed on a planet, the Geth have put down traps to take Shepard down. 

Now Shepard was deciding on more offensive actions. The ability to quell the Geth activities may hurt the support they provide Saren. 

With that in mind, Cerberus was put down to second place while the Geth took first place in things to sort out before Saren. 

4 Aug 2014

Ends and Starts

The dark days are over.

The song by Florence and The Machine is not running through my head but it's been an odd ride. Me and Lady Bear came to BC for a few reasons.

1. She has never been and her desire to see everywhere is growing. I love her newfound desire to see what this planet has to offer.

2. I've only been here a few times, only once when not due to work. Also the Okinagan valley is a pretty neat place that was on my to do list for Canada. Come here and tube the river... You'll need to buy a river tube - looks like a big donought that you sit in and get into the river with some snacks and you favorite drinks. Enjoy the 2 or 4 hour ride through the mountains, shallow river, and the odd low level white water.

3. Lady Bear's only cousin that she talks to was getting hitched. 

4. We, as in Lady Bear and I, needed a break. The last 20 months have been stressful as the end of my last job loomed four months away - the clock is still counting as I keep applying for work. The last 14 months have been brutal on us. My overnights, her early mornings... We needed a win. Look at my last post and you see a portion of that win.

Now the list of why we're here is done - Why I'm typing away as the sun slowly creeps over the mountains at 0447 BC local time is because I'm still worried about work, money and all those other things.

Yet... I'm going to not let that ruin my ability to enjoy life anymore. I want to finish my Mass Effect journals. I want to finish painting my minis, play with them more, and enjoy the hobbies I have. I want to be more active, cook more... The list is pretty short actually. There are movies, family, etc... All of those things I want to do and havn't been able to do.

Today as it starts will be our last day in BC, 
our last day on Vacation, 
our last day away from Home, 
our last day where I'm beating my self up

Today is also the start or hopefully better days.


3 Aug 2014

From the Mountain

So this is one of the views I have to deal with. 

Since 26 June 2013, I've been trapped in a cage. 13 months and a week later and I may not have a new career, or high paying job... hell any solid work ready for when I get back. I've been looking for a win and this will do. I need to remember when moments like this come that this is a win.

This is a backyard... this is a win