31 Oct 2014

You Tube Week - Day 5 'LoadingReadyRun'

Loading Ready Run is a comedy group that has been around for a while.

Enjoy - Next week we're back to normal.

30 Oct 2014

You Tube Week - Day 4 'Bo'

This guy is brilliant.

Bo Burnham became famous with a wee video. He's a brilliant young lad who's got some real talent.


29 Oct 2014

BREAKING NEWS! Phase 3 - Media

I've no time to edit this so please forgive the typos and spelling errors - this is BIG news for the nerd in me. The rest of the week will continue with You Tube videos.

Wow so last night that would be... 28 Oct 2014. I got home from my second job and I was bombarded with a slew of info on the new Marvel movies for Phase 3.

The Future of Marvel Movies

Ant Man will be the last flick of Phase 2 rather than the first movie of Phase 3. Ending with Ant Man will give us the viewers of lots of background insight to the world post Ultron unless they make it before the second Avengers film. Ant Man has always been a hard character to put into the Marvel universe but recently when they included Ant Man they've been doing it well.

Phase Three will start on 6 May 2016 with Capitan America: Civil War. Tony Stark has been announced to be the antagonist of the film. His role will probably be the primary supporter of the government in taking control of super powered folks through a Superhuman Registration Act. I'd like to have it teased in the background during the Ant Man movie. The fear of the coming act is the reason why folks like Hank Pym (Michael Douglass) never put on a costume. I expect Captain America to loose and/or give up as he did in the comics. I hope to see Falcon come back for the whole film while Winter Solider aka Bucky Barnes deciding to show up, even convince Capt to run away and not give up, take it to the shadows only to watch as Steve Rogers (aka Cap) gets hauled away. I see Bucky holding the Shield (aka the Torch) while Cap in gone. Also for Captain America: Civil War will be a introduction for Black Panther - but I'll get to him later.

You Tube Week - Day 3 'Mc Chris'

I watched this when it first came out and it's still funny today. 

Here is an old Classic - enjoy

28 Oct 2014

You Tube Week - Day 2 'The Machine'

Sounds like the university education I was looking for. Welcome to one of the funniest stories I've ever heard.

Welcome the Machine

27 Oct 2014

You Tube Week - Day 1 'Bacon Pancakes'

This week will be filled with awesome Youtube videos that make people smile and maybe even laugh. Last week was less than pleasant so I decided to find some old vids on the good old you tube to share with folks.

Sometimes the world needs a giggle.

24 Oct 2014

No Post today -

Sorry folks there will be no post today - well not the expect post.

You see this week has been pretty busy for Lady Bear and myself. It's been busy for lots of folks where we both work. We live and work in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Bruce MacKinnon's cartoon from the Chronicle Herald Oct. 23
(Bruce MacKinnon/Halifax Chronicle Herald) - used without permission
Wednesday was a bit harrowing. You see I was sitting down with a co-worker, talking about work when some lady barreled in the cubicle and said: 'A soldier got shot at the War Memorial'. It was 0959 hours.

Fuck - this was now officially a bad day.

I left them, got back to my computer and googled the news. First headline showing up was that the shooter had entered into Parliament.

Fuck - this was now a really bad day.

I e-mailed Lady Bear and waited until she got back to me. She last spoke with me at 0930 hours. She had two meetings that morning. There was a real possibility that she had one at center block. Had one of her two meetings been on the Hill she would have been there - in person. Ontos who works with me, came up to my desk and asked if Lady Bear was ok.

When Lady Bear got back to me (aprox 1030 hrs) she said she was safe and she had just heard about the shootings. During our talk as the events unfolded she said: 'I would be freaking out if you had gotten that job on the hill.' History lesson: A few months back I was up for two jobs. One is the current one I have the other was security at Parliament Hill.

It could have been worse.

The shooter could have stayed at the memorial and kept shooting everyone in sight instead of making a final run into Parliament. He could have killed Parliament staff or security personmel before going down. He could have killed a second person...

It could have been better.

Cpl Cirillo could have lived. Nathan could be still be expected to join his family for the Winter Holidays. The shooter could have missed. The shooter could have simply not done...

On Monday WO Vincent was killed. Patrice could have lived. The driver could have missed the two soldiers. The driver could have simply decided to not...

It could have been something else.

In the Royal Navy there are toasts for every day of the week. For Wednesday it's written (before the political correct changes) and said by sailors as such: 'Ourselves (as no one else is likely to be concerned for us!).

This past Wednesday - that toast was in error. Everyone was concerned.

Rememberance Day is fast approaching. In the Bear house, it is the most revered day of the year. It is never missed. Lady Bear didn't even blink when I told her: 'I could miss every birthday and holiday but I never miss November 11th.' Rememberance Day is about all those who will forever miss birthdays and holidays.

Lady Bear has always supported this. She a wonderful woman and brilliant person. No matter which side won, who passed away, or who was right... someone is gone. Forever. It happens and it's sad.

In 18 days there will be one more to the list of names. At least one more person will have a vested interest, a personal connection to Rememberance Day.

The folks and media will say and do all sorts of things. Everything that's need to be done has been done minus one thing:

Taking one single minute of silence when it's... expected, no... due?

The words are missing right now. The fallen do not expect, they are not here anymore. It's not due to them, as they did not charge us for their deaths... the words are not here because they are hard to find.

The words are lost but the deed is still... needed?

The silence is still there.

If your family has yet to be touched by these losses, please respect those around you when they do decide (could that be the word...respect... maybe?) to pay the cost of a minute of silence.

I'd like to close as I describe my favorite War Memorial scuplted by Walter Allward (1876-1955) found in the center of Stratford, Ontario. It is not his most famous cenotaph but I find it to be my favorite of his work.

There are two robed men with their backs to each other. Walking away from the other, one is bent and broken. He drags a broken sword seemingly to large to him to swing. His robes are worn and his head is hooded. The other man stands upright, his chin jutted forward looking upwards to some invisible and distant horizon. Yet he is tired, his face a mask of exhaustion. He is done but he still stands strong.

23 Oct 2014

Where am I - Comics

Comics have been one of the great loves.

I've been playing chose your own adventure games since I was in the third grade. I've been reading comics since the fourth grade - the same year Papa Bear and Mama Bear put me through my first game of D&D.

Comixology was the cheep way for me to get my comics - as I made fuck all in moneys, so the digital option fit the bill. Recently over the past year, Lady Bear has been reading comics instead of me. She picks up Trade Paper Backs (TPB), while I browse through the issues on the stands and look at the TPB's I want to add to my collection.

I'm not a monthly subscriber anymore - it's too much of a pain in the ass, I prefer the pace and full story arcs found in TPBs. Storing all those individual issues is no longer part of the fun. I've grown up and time in the day is now limited. Also I prefer to read on the go, which single issues tend to not survive.

Some of my favorite characters are not getting good stories - that or the last couple of time have been a bit on the poor showing side of things and the clean up may not be that much better. Example Nightwing a favorite of mine had some pretty good story arcs - they moved the character out with a new creative team before killing Dick Grayson off and making him now a super spy. Reboot seems a bit harsh, it only had just over two years of play. I guess they didnt know what to write - it's not like there is close to 75 years of stories that need to get a modern twist since the 'new 52' is everything old is new... yeah- fuck it, reboot!

22 Oct 2014

What fun I found today #4 - Magic

This week has been pretty heavy with some Magic playing. Plenty of game playing, deck testing, and as per the game money spending. Lady Bear has her first card that is worth money that was not pulled from a booster pack.

Pale Rider and Wolf both decided to double sleeve with their respective Commander decks. Wolf goblin deck was pretty slick.

Oh and I got milled! Alter of the Brood, Midnight Guard, Onithopter and a bounce card led to unlimited milling in standard! Crazy fun.

These are some neat things this week for you to look at.

- Cheers

21 Oct 2014

Marvel Movies - Comics

Civil War - Issue #7
by Marvel Comics
Captain America 3 will be based on the Marvel Comic story arc, cross-over event Civil War. Iron Man has been announced as an antagonist for the film.

What is Civil War and what does this mean for the film universe that has made Marvel comics the leader in Superhero flicks?

Intro -

Marvel has been the leader of having their heroes not only fight the villains but also each other. From the infighting within the various teams: Cyclops versus Angel (followed later on, with the more famous conflict with Wolverine), Hulk versus well everyone, and the Fantastic Four with Johnny Storm (the Human Torch) vs Ben Grimm (the Thing).

Marvel has been pitting their heroic characters against each other for ages. Avengers fighting X-Men was not a new thing that started out a few years back. In the 1980's when Magneto replaced Xavier (yeah that happened), the Avengers were called in to bring in the X-Men. Hell even the Avengers have had fights since before Civil War. The Avengers West Coast and the East Coast Avengers have always been rivals in some form and another.

Comic fans through the ages have always argued over who would win in a fight between the fans various super heroes. My favorite character of all time is Marc Slayton aka Backlash of the now defunct Wildstorm comics and it's unique semi-shared universe with the rest of the origional Image comics lineup. While Rocko's favorite character is Cole Cash aka Grifter (absorbed as part of DC Comics 'new 52') who's former Team 7 (now also absorbed and changed into the 'new 52') teammate and main 'heroic' rival was Backlash. We got our match up between the two characters in the first volume of Kindred - that was interupted by the main villans... Backlash would have won I tells ya!

Anyways... Marvel has loved pitting their heroes against each other through their whole publishing history. This habbit has also paid off and drawn in many a reader to stay loyal to the publisher. There best example of this hero vs hero conflict was their major event cross over in 2006-2007, Civil War.

Civil War was about super heroes being forced to register themselves and become agents of the government as part of a series of ideas put forward by the smart heroes: Hank Pym (Ant Man), Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Tony Stark (Iron Man). Capitan America who has already been a direct hero agent for the government and experienced the faults of such a forced relationship - rebels. So the Heroes of marvel Comics entered into a Civil War. There were some interesting moments, Spider Man telling the world who he was, the Punisher coming back to the main continuity and getting beat up by Cap, the split of the Fantastic Four, the mad clone of Thor. It sure was a show. Sometimes with too much flash and too much noise, but the story held itself up. Cap looses by giving up the fight and a few years back the issues of the government controlling every super person becomes evident with the rise of Harry Osborn who takes over SHIELD.

So what does this mean to the movies? Is this even possible?

17 Oct 2014

Mass Effect 2 Journal - 03

Omega - the dark mirror image of the Citadel. Found in Terminus space a hive and center point for all scum and villany. Somewhere here lies three of Shepard's candidates: The Veteran, The Professor and Archangel.
by Bioware

Upon arrving EDI the Normandy's AI - updates him that a quarentine is in effect in the lower hab levels. The Professor is running a triage clinic in the area fighting the plague that's come up. With that good news up front Shepard, Jacob, and Kasumi get off the gangway and enter Omega.

Shepard's team is greeted by a Baterian Thug who works for Aria, the one who runs Omega. Shepard ignores the request and sends the thug off. Reapers scare Shepard not gang bosses. They also stumble onto Zaeed Massani the Veteran before they enter the main level. Luck would have it that Shepard would not have to hunt down the expert Merc. Instead Shepard stumbleds on Zaeed getting his last job completed.

Zaeed is tough and no non-sense. He also dosn't care about Cerberus. It clear right from the start - he has a job he needs done and Cerberus is paying him lots of money. Those two things are the only reasons he is accepting Shepard's job offer to go through the Omega - 4 relay (aka the suicide mission).

Shepard once more finding a Cerberus free individual, sends Jacob back to the Normandy. Shepard hopes to keep Cerberus loyal crew only as close as needed to get the job done. He steps into Omega's trade zones and picks up supplies and sorts out a slave issue between and Hannar and a Quarian. Only the outbreak and some rumours of the three main Merc forces - Eclipse, Bloodpack, and Blue Suns are in a stand off on another level below. Everytime Shepard tries to get somewhere - he's cut off. Someone has limited his access within the station.

Fine time to see the host.

16 Oct 2014

After the Storm - Table Top

So I now have my copy of Operation: Icestorm. The crew is looking at running Campaign: Paradiso starting November. I have two factions to play with (and a few minis to paint); Japanese Sectoral Army and Nomads.

I have enough minis for each faction by Paradiso has a slew of objectives that require lots of support units and specialist. Also Paradiso is played at 300 point and my average size of game has been between 200-250 so my forces we bought and built for that range of points and SWC (Special Weapon Cost).

So I know I need to pick up a few more minis for each faction - but due to the campaign I'd like to only spend the money on the minis for the faction I'll be using.

Let's go over some needs.

15 Oct 2014

What Fun I found today #3 - Magic

Another episode of findings of strange cards for Magic the Gathering. I have to admit that missed out on a lot of MtG. I started September of 1994 and left after Unglued. I had instead left for a in my opinion a better game, but not as accessible/simple, Babylon 5.

Getting back into the game last October showed me a huge gap of history with the game. Yet thanks to tools like Gatherer I looked back. I'm still way behind in card knowledge but I've been learning about the various sets and stories.

So far my favorite block that I've been around to play during its release has been Theros block. It had a brilliant mix of supporting mono coloured decks alongside the various dual-colour decks that cam out of Return to Ravnica block. I love the bestow, devotion, heroic, and scry mechanics. I thought monstrous was a brilliant ability but my favorite was tribute. I want more of the tribute mechanic - I wish it would have been more prevalent in the block.

My favorite block that I missed upon its release was the Time Spiral block. Considered nostalgic and loaded with references from the older sets I grew up, Time Spire cards are some of my favorites every time I flip through gatherer.

But enough of that lest see what I found this week...

13 Oct 2014

Thanksgiving - Late

Sorry Folks I was out in the woods. Post got out a wee bit late.

Packed in all the fun
Me, Moby and Lady Bear left the city of Ottawa and drove south to a Cabin three hours away. We also joined two close friends - JRex and Bee there and had ourselves a decompress and relax.

So me and the Mrs grabbed some comics, some novels, and a slew of games. We packed up food and the pooch and hit the road.

Lady Bear brought all her Batwoman TPBs, Fables vol 1 and 6 (her current TPB to read), League of Extraordinary Gentlemen omnibus (Vol 1&2), plus Wonder Woman vol 5, and a copy of Stardust.

Games selection included Pandemic Second Edition (a gift for JRex), the Mrs. copy of Takanoko (it's hers because it was gift from me to her), and a copy of the award winning Ticket to Ride (seriously it won a slew of awards). Throw in my current selection of Netrunner, Love Letter, and my well loved copy of Citadels to round out the games.

I also brought some Magic the Gathering.

Seriously - this was going to be fun.

No Bite, why I chaged Clans - Magic

I'm a Blue player but there is a dangerous trap that I need to avoid.

Doing nothing.

Seriously I can have so much fun building decks that simply fuck with my opponents that I lose focus and I am unable to build a deck that wins. When I first built my mono Blue Commander deck it was ok but it started to slow down as I found more things to put in it. The deck started to shape up as something that did nothing - it did nothing at all but it was fun to play.

When the pre-release for Khans of Tarkir I picked the Jeskai Way as my go to clan. They were a Blue clan with some White and Red. It seems that each colour in Khans is around being Agile, Fast, Strong, Deadly, and Tough. Jeskai is agile, Ffast, and strangly resilient. Yet they have no edge. I found it very hard to play with them as most of the time I felt like I was playing around for the sole sake of playing around. Adding a level of bit to the clan was hard when I was constructing my decks and after a week or so of playing with the set I realised - Jeskai Way is not my clan.

I am of the Sultai Brood - I am a 'ruthless' Magic player.

10 Oct 2014

Mass Effect 2 Journal - 02

Shepard was back in command of the new Normandy SR-2. He has a mission and he's said good bye to those that have been lost since he landed on Eden Prime. Dr Chakwas had followed Joker and Shepard was happy so see the old friendly face. Their presence evened his reaction to the new faces. He took a breath and went out to meet his crew. He learned what they needed and how loyal they were to Cerberus.

They all wore the Cerberus uniform - Shepard did not. It was not the proper act of a commander to cut himself off from his subordinates but many only followed him because of the Illusive Man - they followed Shepard but they had yet to trust him.

Shepard finally entered his quarters - they rested along the spine of the ship directly above the CIC (Combat Information Center) where Shepard commanded the ship. They had a picture of Liara. He missed her but she was on Illium and he had a job. Once more his duty took him farther away from her.

He settled at the desk and went over the dossiers for the specialist team he'd need. The Illusive Man had gathered quite of bit of intel and had picked a good range of people that would flesh out Shepard's new assault team.

9 Oct 2014

Review: Operation: Icestorm - Table Top

One week ago from this post I was called up by the fine folks at Les Freres de Bataille aka Boutique FdB that my order for Infinity's Operation: Icestorm had arrived with pre-order miniature. Lets say I made a big deal about how happy I was and made myself to look like an idiot over the phone and in two languages to Lady Bear's witnessed amusement.

source: Boutique FDB

For those not in the know, Operation: Icestorm is the new Two Player Battle Pack for Infinity that also has the first printed look at N3 (Infinity 3rd edition rules). Rumors are floating around that in a years time, this pack will be replaced with another Two Player Battle Pack with different factions and this will happen over the next coming years as Infinity deploys N3.

So is this product worth it? That's a bit of a loaded question as it can target three groups;

A. New Table Top Players - Folks who've not yet picked up any game. This all inclusive two player starter would be a target for folks looking to jump into the hobby with a buddy due to look of the miniatures, two full starters (Nomads and Pan-O), low model count (compared so other games), and price.

B. New Infinity Players - Folks who've traveled in the dark future where the is only war, those who battle all over the iron kingdoms, and those who clash in neon arena's with alien sports teams... there is a list of possible first time games. Lets just say that those who are looking for a second (or third, etc...) game for their hobby will find the contents attractive and may pick it up.

C. Current/Former Infinity Players - Folks who've been playing Infinity and who want the new minis, the exclusive minis, a taste of N3, or who just want more Infinity factions to have. (Ontos picked this up and is now has a force in for every army minus the Tohaa).

Lets go over the product section by section (with scores) after the break.

8 Oct 2014

What Fun I found today #2 - Magic

I'm trying another search for random Magic cards that have crossed my path in my search for new fancy cards. Some may have crossed my path when they took me to town and ruined my day.

Don't matter hope you enjoy this weeks selection after the break.

- Dozer

6 Oct 2014

Iron Kingdoms RPG (Full Metal Fantasy) Year in Review

With the start up of a new Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy RPG (IKRPG) campaign about to start up with one of my groups with new and old players I started going over the pros and cons of the game system that has captured my attention.

I've been into Warmachine and Hordes for almost as long as I've known my wife - Lady Bear. When they announced IKRPG I was hoping I'd be able to use my slew of miniatures for role-playing as much as I could use it to fight on the pitch. Warhammer Fantasy RPG was a let down in this department even though its still one of my most favorite dark and grim fantasy settings. Also what would be really neat is that they leverage the rules from the awesome table top game...

Then they did that very thing.

Drop the mic - see you after the break.

3 Oct 2014

Mass Effect 2 Journal - 01

Commander Virgil Shepard - SSV Normandy SR1 CO

After Action Report

It's been months since the Citadel, now Shepard and the crew are patrolling the Amada system in the Omega Nebula. While near Alchera searching for the source of missing vessels - or a possible Geth raider an unknown vessel was discovered. Once discovered the ship moved in to intercept the Normandy ignoring the ships state of the art stealth systems and started firing.

One shot the of the unknown ships beam weapons drops the Normandy's barrier and weapons. The second shot did worse. Joker watched Navigator Pressly die on the flight deck of the Normandy - along with a dozen or so others across the whole ship.

Liara in full armour suited up and ran to collect Shepard. There were holes in the hull. Bodies were everywhere floating in Normandy, the artificial gravity had been lost since the second shot. Shepard ordered Liara to grab as many of the crew as possible. Joker was left at the conn and Shepard would not let Joker die when Joker had saved their lives countless times before. Liara was in shock - Shepard was ignoring the fear and the death, he had to. He had become cold simply because doing otherwise would only slow him down. Liara concided and with a final longing look back ran to save those she could.

Shepard now alone walked through the Normady as she quickly became a tomb.

Stay alive - find out what and why later. Just live.

Shepard broke Joker's arm lifting the stubborn pilot out of his chair and helped him to the last escape pod. He seated Joker down when another beam from the enemy vessel's weapon cut into the hull separating Shepard from the pod.

Shepard grabbed the wall, looked back at Joker and launched the pod. Within seconds the Normandy's hull finaly ruptured from the damage and slowly broke apart in Alchera's orbit. Debris struck Shepard's armour and oxygen from his armour started to vent out. Shepard struggled with his armour uselessly as he started to enter Alchera's atmosphere. He fought with every last breath as he fell towards the surface of Alchera.

Shepard was dead.

2 Oct 2014

pNemo - Table Top

Ahh Nemo - the old guy. That guy who made all that cool Cygnarian toys that I love so much and my opponents hate so much more. 
by Privateer Press
In May last year I posted about my big three ‘casters for my Cygnar force and how they would work with my Stormwall.  So far my current list of go to ‘casters is Kraye, Siege, pNemo, Sloan and the new guy Sturgis. Recently Privateer Press did a number on me by showing off a new character Warjack all done up with a bow for Nemo (all three versions of him).

Ladies and Gents: The Dynamo.

It’s looking pretty sexy no?

I have to say since I’ve been able to jump back onto the table, I’ve put Nemo back down yet. I don’t have eNemo or his most recent version N3mo (or 3mo pronounced – IPA: θri mo, SAMPA: Tri moe) but I still do play pNemo. He unlike his other versions tends to be more of a toolbox 'caster - a 'caster with lots of options for many situations, instead of a directed 'caster who shows up to do a job and they do it well.

So why do I still play the old guy?


1 Oct 2014

What Fun I found today #1 - Magic

I've been thinking about throwing down a post every so often about cards that have really taken my attention. I also would like to make sure each post is not just about some fancy blue card (or blue/black) I picked up, or was introduced to. So I will try to put down at least six new cards one of each colour - I'll try.

Please note I'll be sporting the same cost codes you'd find across the internet: G=Green, B=Black, U=Blue, W=White, R=Red.

Example: Cancel - 1UU (costs; 1 colourless and 2 blue)
Example: Deflecting Palm - RW (costs; 1 red and 1 white)

So lets try and look at some fancy cards.