28 Nov 2014

I am a Nerd

I've always been a Nerd. I've been called a nerd since I was a wee Dozer jumping around the world with my parents. Before I was in grade three I had already finsihed my dad's copy of the first three Grailquest chose your own adventure books. I was eyes deep in Fighting Fantasy series having worked out the Portal of Evil before we moved to Thornhill (a Toronto suburb) in grade four. Speaking of forth grade, I was writing simple programs from my Apple 2c from my 321 Contact magazine and I was an avid fan of Mathnet. Once grade five hit I was fully emersed with Mykit System 7 playing and making simple circuits. 

I am not a Geek -

What's the difference?

I like what this says about the issue, see you after the break

26 Nov 2014

What fun I found Today #6 - Magic

Big things story wise for Magic is the release of the Lithomancer identity. Sorin Markov is my favorite Planeswalker with Gideon Jura right behind him followed by Ajani. I play blue but none of the Blue planeswalkers interest me. I hate Chandra or I wish she did something more than simply freak out at everything. I think I hate the wasted possibility of her character almost as much. The rest just don't interest me. The rest of them are pretty bleh or they simply have yet to steal my interest - until Teferi came out.

The Lithomancer is one of the three Planeswalkers that imprisoned the Eldrazi with Sorin Markov and Ugin. She's been a unknown for quite some time and being able to finally know who she is, I think will be a big push story wise in the Magic meta.

24 Nov 2014

the Eight Generation - Media

When someone says 8th generation game consoles they are speaking about XBox One and PlayStation 4. Wii U counts as an Eigth generation game but rarely when you say 8th generation. I've been trying to write a post on the 8th generation for a while. I've also been trying to figure out which if the two 8th generation consoles, in this case between XBox One and PlayStation 4, I was going to pick up.

Nintendo has not wow'ed me since the N64. It hasn't met my likes or wants since the SNES. Unless there is a killer Mario, Link or Metroid game Nintendo has nothing for me. That's sad considering they were my childhood. It's as if I grew up and they stayed in Never-never land. Metal Marines, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy 3 (6 by the Japanes numbers), UN Squadron, and Arcana.

The SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) is a classic. It's got Super Metroid and Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Yet it's a fourth generation system and we just busted into the eight generation. I even think that the seventh generation may be in fact the greatest console generation we've ever had, surpasing the superiority of the fourth generation.

Back on track - I wanted to play these new games. Far Cry 4, Shadows of Mordor, Assassin's Creed: Unity, the new Mass Effect... the list goes one. When Brother Bear became a dad I decided to get a new eigth generation system so we could play Assassin's Creed: Unity for the multiplayer.

So I picked up an XBox One.

Now Why?

21 Nov 2014

Mass Effect 2 Journal - 05

Purgatory Station
by Bioware
After Kaiden and Horizon Shepard decided to take the time to reflect on the last two dossier missions that had happened before Horizon - Both of these missions were quick and dirty. I didn't even think about them much until after Horizon so Shepard is also going back to reminisce about those two missions before going to Illium.  

The first was Jack - a violent and powerful human biotic imprisoned on Purgatory. Purgatory was a for-profit prison space ship located in the Osun system of the Hourglass Nebula.

Her dossier had listed her with a long list of capital crimes. Violence and destruction seemed to litter her file. Jack was called 'the powerful human biotic', high praise from Cerberus.

Little did Shepard know.

Purgatory was a Arc Ship lost during the Human-Turian war that became a for-profit jail protected and run by the Blue Suns mercenary group. It was currently being run by Warden Kuril a Turian who had given up life as a law officer on Palaven due to disillusionment in catching criminals.

Jack being woken from stasis
by Bioware
He greeted Shepard and the rest of the assault team. Kuril explained that Cerberus had paid for Jack's release and she would be waiting for Shepard at outprocessing.

When Shepard arrived - Kuril sent in his guards to put down the team. Over the intercom he explained that Shepard had a bounty on his head.

Garrus was the first to shoot dropping a guard coming through the doorway to subdue the team. Shepard was less than a second behind the round striking the Blue Suns merc following up with a Biotic Charge on the second guard. The fighting ended with another shimmer of light as Kasumi uncloaked and cut down the last of the guards.

Then the stations shook - Jack was loose. She was tearing her way through the whole ship. Guards were scrambling and prisoners were escaping.

20 Nov 2014

The Burner

Last week, I took a week off due to Remeberance Day. Seems all the schedule'd posts got mixed up - I may have set them up at some dark morning hour evening. Also I got behind with everything going on in November: Remeberance Day (and the work up to the day), the birthdays of Meat Mechanic, Pale Rider, Dawn Seeker, Dutch Pirate, Lady in Red, and more...

Seriously this is simply madness... but don't forget our sudden drop in weather with all that new snow. Swapping out all-season tires for winter tires, leaving early because the first snows make people scared (as if this dson't happen every year... this being WINTER!), and all those new video games.

So this post is simple - this is what's on the burner.

The Family
Well Papa Bear is somewhere in Bangledesh. Brother and Sister Bear are dealing with the brand new Baby Bear. I'm making sure to spend time with Mama Bear who is waiting for Papa to get back mid December (who left Mid October)... also there is this Holiday season coming up...

We have this season a game of 1940's Axis and Allies (Europe and Pacific) being planned once Papa Bear gets back. You can take both games (second edition) and play them as one HUGE game. We have a origional MB copy of the game that Papa Picked up when I was in the 3rd grade. Me, Him and four others will be locked in the stratagies of WWII.

I also get to cook Christmas dinner (as we celebrate Christmas) once agian - a duty I've done since 2005 with great joy. I may hate this Holiday but I don't wana grump it up for everyone else. I've gotten the family to stop doing gift exchange and with me cooking I'm locked away and no longer poluting the family's fun holiday spirit.

Also my gift list just doubled. I have Lady Bear and now Baby Bear to buy for. Which is easy since he is getting LEGO every year until he can buy his own and a book. His birthday is only LEGO. I will drown Brother Bear's house in LEGO which will be easy since Sister Bear is a fan of the toy brick system.

18 Nov 2014

What's Up Dozer?

Seems the Kittens jammed up all my tubes and this is coming out late, sorry for the mid morning post folks. - Dozer

My new job is to write and teach.

Not sexy things like novels, screen plays, and comic books. Nope I write and teach course material.

What the fuck does that mean?

I write the lessons, aid memoirs, and text books (my largest will be close to 600 pages). I can then teach others to take the above course material and go forth to teach as needed. I'm both an educator and a writer.

Both (writing and teaching) have been dreams of mine but in another way.

I wanted to teach in highschool - not adult learners who sometimes think they know better or more than me. I hate having to prove to my students that I know what I'm talking about. I dislike having to deal with supposed 'adults' who are acting worse than a child simply because the material I'm teaching challenges their view of *blank*. They always come around but their preconception and previous experience sometimes can really get in the way rather than be part of a faster and efficient transition of information...

I wanted to write the sexy things listed above. I've been working on my own Role Playing Game on and off for a few years now. Over the years with input from Brother Bear and CP aka Husband to Julia of the Weather Vane Sisterhood, I've thrown down enough to play. I add new rules and clean up things every so often but I let it fall aside far too long and far too often. I'm still not writing what I want ...

Now I love my new job.

It pays well and I'm not living on the otherside of the day. I'm using my education and previous work experience (almost all of which was needed to get this job) as if this position was tailored for me. I have great hours, plenty of room to breath, and freedom to come and go as needed within the restrictions of the material. It has plenty of room for me to advance - if I want to. I can continue in this carrier path for quite some time if my reputation continues in the direction I'm going.

I have plenty of hobbies, they take up most of this very blog. So I've decided to write every lunch break (30mins) on a project a month.

This comming December I will be working on my RPG - Grey Matter. Every lunch break I take, I will open my file and kick back into Grey Matter. At the end of month of December, I'll announce my Janurary project.

Now that I got my life back it's time I start living it.

Part of that is working towards my dreams no matter if I reach them or not.

17 Nov 2014

Fast and the Furious 7 - Media

Folks no new post this Monday but then this dropped last night (back when I wrote this)



10 Nov 2014

Remembrance Day

Folks as I've mentioned in a previous post Remembrance Day, 11 November, is a special day in my home. 

It's special because Papa Bear and Brother Bear have both worn the uniform. 

I've far too many friends that have worn the uniform and some that have taken it off.

I've far too many friends that have died wearing their uniform. 

One minute of silence -  
On the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month. 

Give sixty of your seconds. 

11:11, 11 November

See you next week. 

7 Nov 2014

Mass Effect 2 Journal - 04

Shepard had his team started but his assault team was ready for some real missions. Kasumi was the only possible loose end but her reliability and independence would mean Shepard and Garrus could trust her to watch their backs.

Escaping the MSV Estevanico
by Bioware
Shepard followed up with a few smaller missions that had popped up while he collected his people. The Professor was next on the list but the Salarian was deep in the bowls of Omega in the middle of a plague. Shepard needed to get Garrus out on a mission and work out the kinks in the new team dynamics so he decided to follow some smaller leads.

He plotted course to a crash site - the MSV Estevanico had gone missing a year ago. Shepard landed and explored the precarious wreckage looking for why the ship crashed over a year ago. Shepard picked up the data and left the ship quickly before it fell apart.

5 Nov 2014

What fun I found today #5 - Magic

Well the work on my new Mill deck continues.

Right now my current mill deck has Consuming Aberration, Wights of Precinct Six, and Phenax as my corner stones with as much efficient milling as possible. Once the graveyards get big and fat due to the milling - walk over with super fat bombs. Best case scenario - Cast Traumatize, with a Consuming Aberration and Phenax in play. Tap the Consuming Aberration and vola all the cards are gone - deck milled.

Turn seven perfect.

Now I'm working on a faster smoother ride to mill town. I'll have a post on my build and the lessons learned once it's done.

Last week we had a bit of fun with the You Tube but lets back to looking at fancy new cards I found.

4 Nov 2014

John Wick

John Wick is a furious paced film that keeps the attention of the audience by showing a level dose of frantic believable action. Brilliant choreographed fight scenes of clear (easy to follow) hitting and shotting litter this well crafted action film.

John Wick
Movie Poster
All of this comes from the pair of stunt men turned directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski. Both have quite the stuntman CV with lots of big blockbuster films. Leitch is known for being a stunt double for actors like Brad Pit in movies like Troy, Mr and Mrs Smith, and Fight Club to name a few. He's also worked with Hugo Weaving doing his stunts for V for Vendetta. Stahelski had been the stunt double for the John Wick's star Keanu Reeves in his Matrix films and Brandon Lee during his final film The Crow.

Recently both of these stuntmen had been taking on more second unit director positions and stunt coordinator roles. Over the last couple of years they have been behind the camera with some sucessful major budget films. John Wick is their first run in the big chair and they do a bang up job.

The screenplay comes to us from Derek Kolstad, who's IMBD listed body of work is pretty thin and has a level of humor in the film that's just stark enough to release some of the tension that the film uses as fuel to ramp up to the fantastic action scenes.

John Wick is a blend of the brutal realistic action from Taken films and the paced and glib humour of the Boondock Saints movies. The first major fight scene in John's house is blend of dark shadows hunting each other until exploding into brutal close gunplay. It ends with a pair of funny interactions between John and a cop, followed shortly by a clean up crew he calls. It's a great first example of what to expect through the entire film.

3 Nov 2014

Games Season 2014 - Media

This year is the year of the 8th generation consoles (PlayStation 4, Wii U, and Xbox One) as they show us the games we've been waiting for.

Here is my list of games that are on my radar this fall/winter/spring season.

Assassin's Creed: Rogue (Xbox 360)

The last installment of the Kenway trilogy but without a Kenway to be the main protagonist. It is also designed to bridge the gap between Assassin's Creed 3 and Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. While putting pieces in place to support the release of Assassin's Creed: Unity.

It will have improved ship/sea combat and you'll be playing a Templar in this installment while running into supporting characters from AC3 and AC4:BF. This game looks like just as much fun as Assassin's Creed 4, which is my favorite single entry of the whole IP. The Ezio trilogy is my favorite story arc of a single character but that's because I loved playing Ezio as he grew from punk hot headed rookie to full fledged member of the order, to master assassin and rebuilder of the order, and finally into legendary old man assassin - part yoda, part punisher. Brilliant character arc and the games were a blast.

The strange thing with AC: Rogue is it feels like the last game from my current 360. When I think about it, there is nothing left I want for my 360. This is the last game - fitting since I picked up my 360 when Assassin's Creed came out and I've been buying every major release since.

More games after the break