29 Jan 2015

We've started the move - Break

Last night me and Lady Bear picked up the keys to our 2.5 Bedroom (they say 3 but it's closer to 2.5), 1 Bathroom semi-detached retal home. It was late but we moved in enough kitchen ware, all the bathroom supplies, and most of Lady Bear's clothes (I only packed a days worth).
Our first night home
I set up my military cot and I once more took to the floor. I brought over our tiny BlueRay player and our tiny (monitor sized) TV which we use as out computer monitor. I set it up on one of the black yellow transport bins while Lady Bear took a shower.

Moby took to the new house with his customary gusto. Lots of excited tail wagging and sniffing. Lots of sniffing. Hell, I don't mind at all since it's no longer an ordeal to get him out every morning - I just open the back door.

Before it was walk him down three floors of stairs - which is a good work out for a pup his age (11 years old in may). Then walk around in the cold while he decided to sniff at everything all the other dogs in the neighbourhood had left lying around - without being picked up, gross. I run after Moby voice trying not to reach the hights of raised as most other in the six plex series of flats are still mostly sleeping. He scampers off in hope to get a good roll in the snow - which as mentioned before may not be clean. Then it's convincing Moby to drop a duce while I shiver in the cold.

I'd like to be warming up my car at this time, but that distracts Moby who decides standing araound staring at the car is a better idea. All doen in the hopes that he will be able to join me for a car ride - words you don't say in our house unless you mean it.

Today I opened the door and before our fancy kettle could boil water for green tea, Moby was at the door done and ready to come back in.

Each evening I'll finish work, drive back to the old flat and meet Lady Bear. She'll have loaded six of the bins you can see in the photo. I carry them down the stairs and load them into the car. We snag a few other odds and ends before driving home. Unload and unpack right away at the new home. We could do three runs an evening but because we're unpacking right away - to reuse the bins, it's slow and I think two will be our max.

Until we get the internet - hopefully by end of week I'm just typing away at coffee shops and mates houses to get my posts done. Once we're moved in expect my comparison posts on miniature Wargames.

- Cheers


27 Jan 2015

The new League - Table Top

Warmachine and Hordes has a long history of being event oriented.

There is the Journeyman League for new players or veterans who are looking to start a new faction. The Steamroller rules which layout all the scenarios for events and the special rules that go into the elite tournaments – Masters, Hardcore, and Iron Gauntlet. Each year there is a four week window where Privateer Press drop some new rules or event variant rules on current miniatures for a seasonal league.

This year is different.
News from my copy of No Quarter No. #58
by Privateer Press - used without permission

This year you can jump in beyond simply playing Warmachine or Hordes. Now you can participate with Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy or Unleashed (due in March). You can also play matches of High Command as participation.

Having the league break out into all of their Iron Kingdoms products is brilliant. Seriously how could they top it?

Oh wait they already did – did I forget to mention something. Seems Privateer Press is taking a page out of Corvus Belli’s book. Looks like Warmachine and Hordes will be adding a bit of the Infinity with their own take on Spec-Ops.

As per the pic and the post below we are getting an upgradable character solo take a read and catch me after the break.

26 Jan 2015

Still Fighting the Sick - Break

This past weekend was my third weekend in a row being sick.

Seems after a 2+ hour long wait, the Doctor thinks I got a cold (with Lady Bear), followed up by another cold or flu (right after Lady Bear), to end last week with more cold... The doc had to explain that you can get back to back cold and flu of different strains. Seems the first one did me in and afterwards it left the door wide open for the others in line to kick me while I was down.

Seems my shity immune system has continued to fail me. Next time I got up a level I need a class with a better Fortitude save - seriously.

So updates are slow and will be slow as I move into a new place this week. Hopefully I get back to a 100% ASAP and my move stays on the path closer to easy rather than being a bother.



22 Jan 2015

It's All Out - Table Top

So Infinity is hit N3 in December of 2014. With N3 we got two things - a new edition of the ruleset and a promise. This promise was that the new edition would only replace the core rule book and the other two books, Human Sphere and Campaign Paradiso, would not get redone... yet.

Ok fine so I picked up my copy of N3 - with special pre-order miniature. So without looking at the new rules, since I did try out the sampler rules in Operation: Ice Storm, I went right to the profiles at the back of the book.

I loved the new layout. I hate that most of my minis were missing...

History Lesson: Dozer plays the Yu-Jing sectorial, the JSA (Japanese Sectorial Army - not really creative in the name I know) and the Nomads.

So in the core book minus a Ninja, Yojimbo, and Mushashi there are no JSA profiles... bugger.

Ok so I'll play Nomads until my JSA comes back online. Sure why not?

Well most of my minis are part of the Nomand sectorial, the Bakunin Jurisdictional Command. I have three Sin-Eater Observants, a Reverend Custodiers, a Reverend Moiras (old sculpt), Cassandra Kusanagi, a pair of Salyut Zonds, three Moderators, all without profiles... even my ordered Iguana Squad (TAG) was missing.

Ok - so outside of what I got with Operation: Ice Storm, my Clockmaker and Daktaris (plus two remotes and two Zonds), I've got very little to play with in N3.


Then it dropped.

20 Jan 2015

Sickness - Break

So I got sick, still recovering... damn cold.

It started off hard. Coughing up blood and phlegm like a dead man. Sunday the phlegm was closer to 30 years of two packs a day. Today is the first day I`m not spitting up half my weight in a yellow grey fluid. Today I`m also back to work.

We Bears are moving on the 30th of Jan. We need to pack and plan. The cold did not help.

My posts got put on hold. You see I write most of them and the night before launch I`ll do a last round of edits. This has not been happening recently - before I was sick I was taking care of Lady Bear who had (more like still has) the blessing of Nurgle.

I`ve got a few posts lined up and almost done.

A few Mass Effect 2 journals - Mass Effect 2 is much larger than Mass Effect.
A Christmas dinner post, just got the photos from everyone who helped the day of the cooking.

Also a Comparison series on cost to play Miniature Wargame. This is my current driving force of writing next to the Mass Effect posts.

Stay tuned - lost coming once I`m better.

Which I hope is soon.

15 Jan 2015

Fates Reforged - Magic

Lady Bear has been sick and it seems like I'm going down the same path sorry for the late post.

So this weekend at Wizard's Tower I'll be joining my mates for a talegate event. It will also be the 5th pre-release event for Fates Reforged. This event is the last and it's also a Two-Headed Giant event.

Two-player teams face off against each other with the new set.

This year I'll also be talegating on purpose. This time Wolf and his Lady will be teaming up again. Pale Rider will be stuck with my partner from last event, Dawn Seeker. I will be a very happy player since I'll be playing with Lady Bear and it will be her first magic tournament.

I'm excited to pick up a new pack of sleeves for my prerelease deck as a wee treat and of course one of the intro packs.

Fates Reforged is an odd set.

14 Jan 2015

Dropzone Commander - Table Top

I have been having problems embedding images over the last couple of posts so there are non in this post. - Sorry

Since Hawk Wargames was launched...

Sorry I'll start over.

Snce David J. Lewis quit his job and applied his design skills to make a game solo.

Seems I need another break in the history lesson.

He made the miniatures, rules... everything. Solo. By himself. Without anyone minus support from his family while he worked this gambit.

Once he was ready to start production he started pulling in folks to help.

That is Hawk Wargames - the dream of every hobby game designer. To build a product and have it so successful that it becomes your job.

Since Hawk Wargames was launched they have been very successful with Dropzone Commander their primary product. Last fall they released a fifth faction to their award winning game, a two-player starter (one of the best two player starters in the whole hobby), and individual one player starters for each faction.

12 Jan 2015

Miniature Wargaming 2015 - Table Top

When people think of Miniature Wargaming they think of Games Workshop. Steve Jackson (not from GURPS) and Ian Livingston did a great job to bring out a Miniature Wargaming product to the masses. Before Games Workshop and their production company Citadel Miniatures the world of metal and plastic miniatures was lacking in standard and quality. GW really pushed the marker of quality minatures. In 1991 when Steve Jackson left (and went on to found Lionhead Studios) and Ian Livingston left (and went on to make Eidos from a small company to a worldwide name brand) Games Workshop started to change. The Hobby grew into a major money exchange - the games and the supplies to paint the minis are not cheap.

When you think of RPGs (Role Playing Games) you think Dungeons and Dragons. When you think of CCGs (Collectable Card Games) you think of Magic: The Gathering. When you think of Video Games you think Nintendo.

When you think of minis Games Workshop is the top of that list - because they were the first. Now times have changed there are other players on the field.

This year is Priavteer Press' eleventh year making Warmachine with Hordes only a few years behind. Infinity came out in 2005 making this year and the newly released N3 (3rd edition of the rules) the ten year milestone for Corvus Belli's most famous ga4me. Wyrd the folks who publish Malifaux started in 2005 and their game came out in 2009. GCT Studios who make Bushio (a game on my want list) started in 2011. Dream Pod 9 those neighbours of mine in Montreal, QC started up on 1994 - they just celebrated 20 years of being in games. Dystopian Wars the flagship game from Spartan games is only 4 years old and they have two other games, the older Uncharted Seas and younger Firestorm Armada. Megacon Games the folks who brough MERCS and Myth are around the same age. Hawk Wargames is only a few years old started by one man and his game Dropzone Commander is also on my want list. Add in Mantic (Warpath, Kings of War, Dreadzone, Dreadball), Ninja Division (Relic Knights, Robotech), Cipher Studios (Anima Tactics - another on the want list), and Knight Models (Batman Miniature Game - I want to play with Nightwing and the other Robins... nothing else). Plus the slew of miniature games and publishers I did not mention...

Also WAY TOO MANY publishers and games to link - do the google yourself today folks

We have a slew of NOT Games Workshop.

Yet yesterday I was speaking with a young mustached man, eldest of seven children who is about to get married and he had no idea there was anything better than Games Workshop. I had him to go the miniature page on meeplemart and he almost shat his pants. He had no idea...

ques'que fuck -

9 Jan 2015

Mass Effect 2 Journal - 07

Due to being busy and all cheery this season this came out late - sorry.

Liara T'Soni
by Bioware
Liara... Shepard remembered seeing her again when had landed on the planet. She was speaking with someone on a comm channel and Shepard walked in at the end: " Have you ever faced an asari commando unit before? Few humans have. I'll make this simple: either you pay me, or I'll flay you alive - with my mind!" 

Someone was trying to kill the woman in Virgil Shepard's life. Not an easy feat: She's is a very powerful opponent. She is a gifted biotic, brilliant mind, and spent time training and fighting as a lynch pin in the crack assault team that has put down the worst enemy the galaxy two years ago.

You don't fuck with Liara T'Soni.

She has a web of contacts, plenty of resources, and her allies are a force that few could meet and survive. This woman also had an ace up her sleeve.

She was a crew of the SSV Normandy and fact: "No one fucks with Shepard's Crew", the collectors were learning this.

Vasir dropped off Shepard and the assault team at the bottom of the building before she took the roof. He'd move up with the team while she moved down the building. The hope was to find Liara before who ever was trying to kill her got a chance. The Spectre's were elite, Vasir and Shepard were going to show these mercs what two Spectre's could do.

Shepard and the team got out and readied their weapons as they walked into the Chaos and found the place under attack.

1 Jan 2015

2014 in Review - part 4 TV

TV - an odd creature these days that means different things to different folks. For me and mine - it's Netflix and online watching.

So here is a list of things I watched in 2014 that I think you should take a look at.

Number 3 Agents of SHIELD 

I finally got around to watching the series that would  have some off hand tie ins with the Thor and Captain America movies. Phil Coulson and Malinda May are two of my favorite characters in a weekly action-drama since Firefly.

Me and Lady Bear blitzed through this series once it hit Netflix and we're eager to watch the second series. The final moments of the last episode were down right funny as the Whedon's show us some
very funny, funny bones.

"I found it." - Phil Coulson, Agents of SHIELD ep 22

One of the best lines that made me laugh out loud.

Malinda May is one of my favorite female characters I've had the pleasure to watch since Glenn Close was on season 4 of the Shield as Monica Rawling. Seriously deep, interesting, and strong female characters. I want all the little people in my life to grow up with more characters like May.

Honorable Mention: The Following