27 Feb 2015

Best of Movie Bob part 5 - Media

My top videos from Movie Bob end the week - I hope we don't stop seeing more of Movie Bob. Heads up Internet 'He'll be back.'.

My Favorite Ms Take, part 1 and 2 - the Big Picture

Movie Bob does a great account of a classic Marvel character and shows us how some characters are simply not treated well and how some comics are simply fucked up but you just don't see it at first glace. This is my favorite of his Big Picture series.

Twilight Saga: Eclipse - the Escapist at the Movies

If you cannot laugh when Movie Bob starts up, then you are not someone I hang out with. Movie Bob really brings all the big guns and in doing so making my favorite of his movie reviews for the Escapist.

26 Feb 2015

Best of Movie Bob part 4 - Media

Dhoom 3 - the Escapist at the Movies

Bob takes on Bollywood and has some fun, showing us why we could also enjoy it. This video was a nice look at non-traditional Hollywood fare and it made me look at my own current movie meals.

Found in Translation - the Big Picture

I had fun watching this one. It's that simple.

25 Feb 2015

Best of Movie Bob part 3 - Media

X-Men: Days of Future Past - the Escapist at the Movies

Bob really pull out some sharp knives on this review and it also seemed like he was not being a dick about it. A few things I didn't even notice until Bob brought them up and I was happy I watched this review.

Why Robocop Still Rules - the Big Picture

Movie tells us why Robocop (the original) was awesome and still awesome today. Remember the bad guys won.

24 Feb 2015

Best of Movie Bob part 2 - Media

You are Wrong about Sucker Punch, Part1 and 2 - the Big Picture

You may not agree with Movie Bob but his break down on why Sucker Punch was good, or at least not as bad or evil, is very well put together.

The Raid - the Escapist at the Movies

Bob really liked this film and that energy comes off so well in this review. There are other films he really liked and some he loved but this review of the Raid was really pumped. Maybe Bob was having a good day.

23 Feb 2015

Best of Movie Bob part 1 - Media

I finally start getting posts out regularly and Movie Bob gets let go by the Escapist. So this week will be my farewell tour to Movie Bob's former showings and my favorite of the episodes. Each day will have one video from his the Big Picture Series and another from Escapist at the Movies.

Edge of Darkness - Escapist at the Movies

This is the review that told me Movie Bob was something special. He was more than some laughs and smart quips this guy knew his stuff and he was funny when he showed it.

Nothing Gold Can Stay - Big Picture

Movie Bob loves his 80's cartoons and his simple yet long look at this classic episodes of Transformers really makes the viewer think.

19 Feb 2015

The Dream - Break

For those of you who don’t know me and Lady Bear are working towards a cottage. Not a house, a cottage – hopefully by the lake. This is the dream. Kids are not the dream, there are issues there and I’m not going to get into them here in such a public forum. A house is not the dream – we have one, it’s being rented and it’s fine for the now.

We love the outdoors and we love the city. It is a complication. Chantelle and I love living and working in the center of the wee city of Ottawa. It has plenty to offer, just enough actually without being overwhelming like Toronto. Ottawa feels like a younger Quebec City, our second favorite city in the country. Plenty of good food and plenty of places to entertain as needed. We wish the live music scene was a little more robust and developed such as Quebec City but Ottawa is close enough to other more developed music scenes that we can leave to visit.

We also love the outdoors –

Sitting on a deck off a lake with coffee in hand as the sun rises over Trees tainted red, orange, and yellow by the seasons. Puppy, currently Moby, keeping us company as the world passes by in moments of calmness that seem like they overwhelm you until you find yourself in the center of simple peace.

Let me tell you about it after the break...

18 Feb 2015

Movie Bob has left the building - Media

As I sit down for five seconds long enough to write up excuses on why the blog has not gotten any substantial updates due to the explosion that I am calling Feb, I ran into something. Seriously Feb has not been shity but very inconvenient; weather, sickness (Lady Bear got sick), work (big project at the primary), work (I lost my no2 on for a upcoming winter training - if ya pray send one out to his and his own), and delays ... oh and a wee water leak that has halted all work incase it grow into a large leak. Not bad, simply busy and poorly timed.

Movie Bob - whom I am a long time fan of his work at the Escapist has left their site. I just finished reading the FAQ on what the deuce happened and it's a wee bit spooky since it's happened shortly after Joystiq closed down.

Now I'm not a fan of the style of the Game Overthinker - Bob's primary outlet but I am a huge fan of his Big Picture series and his Escapist at the Movies series. Both had a cleaner edge that The Overthinker lacked which kept me away. I hear it's changing but I doubt the level of polish I need to stay a loyal fan will be present. It's too bad - with support Bob is one of the best pop-culture commentators and critics I've listened too.

Watch his Big Picture series and you'll find far too many gems that shine interesting lights on the odd spots in pop-culture and my nerdy hobbies. There are 225 5-8 min episodes and all but maybe 5 are bloody brilliant. The other 5 odd ducks are good but nothing special - the rest are special. Each one is a nugget of observation, logic, and social commentary.

Escapist - I'll still be showing up but now I have two major reasons less for showing up. Until you drop Yahtzee, and Loading Ready Run - then we're done and I'm sorry for it. You were, for a time the source of all odd kids getting a chance to show their stuff. You didn't look like a major business on the surface. I hope the spark comes back...



16 Feb 2015

Update - Break

This week and weekend ended up with a lot to do around the house.

I have two nice folks, Yasha and Xipe help me out on Sunday morning 8-12 moving bins full of books. It was a shit load of books. I still have more books - two of the three runs between the new place and the old place were just books. Don't be a book nerd and marry a book nerd who is also a Library Tech - you will collect books.

Saturday I was with Wolf putting up a framed inner wall to one of my basement walls, 2x4s and pressboard in order to let me mount things on the wall without having to drill into cinderblock or the foundation. I left an inch gap between the basement wall and the 'plywall' so air can travel and no moisture builds up causing mold and such.

Of course the 1 hour framing job - it's a single uncapped 10' long frame with nothing behind it. It's easy until you have to fight with a few things. Wolf who's a tradesman for close to a decade and spent three years dedicated to framming was cursing a storm - we were contending with weather, gathering tools, fighting my insurance company who dropped the ball... the odds were not in our favour.

Of course once we finished - we found a leak on the other wall. From the city water meter... bugger. Just a drip drop but it needs to be attended to. Of course most of the wood for my new gaming table is also in the basement ready to be worked. So we had to put things out of place so in case it got bad we would not loose all the wood we just picked up.

Today - I'm doing a quick run from the flat to the house. Then its testing out all the stripping systems to the furniture with Lady Bear.

Well that's it folks.

- Cheers


11 Feb 2015

Eating Dreams - Magic

I love to mill my opponents.

Milling is a term for when you play cards that force your opponent to take cards from his or her library (their deck of cards) and put them into the graveyard (the discard pile). When a player cannot draw a card from their library they lose the match, called by many in the game 'milling out', 'milled out', and 'mill out'.
House Dimir from the plane of Ravnica
owned by Wizards of the Coast
Graphic Artist Unknown
It's an easy counter to any spell in Magic the Gathering. Not only will it not bother you, what ever it is but it is in the graveyard and not in play or in your opponent's hand. Now milling is not a direct counter, it cannot affect the cards in a player's hand - only the cards they have yet to use.

Understanding the basics of an ambush will help you understand my concept for a mill deck.

Frist off an ambush is not a sneak attack. A sneak attack is engaging an enemy unaware of your presence or direction of attack. An ambush is a efficient sneak attack, that also cuts off an enemy's escape and sows confusion. This is normally done when you box an opponent while engaging them at the same time. In most cases when attacked from hidding, humans do one of three things:

1. Freeze - good as dead no need to talk about this one.

2. Run - also good as dead, cutting down a fleeing opponent is easy, you just need to get to them and that's their only defense. So catch them or watch them escape. When you've cut off their escape one of two things will happen:

a. They don't realise they are trapped and fall to your assault.
b. They realise they area trapped and change their state to Fight.

3. Fight - the hardest result when you ambush an opponent. You should have a few things to your advantage:

a. You've struck first, limiting or stopping their ability to fight back - hopefully because they are dead otherwise if they are injured they are also now less effective. You have the advantage.
b. You've struck from hiding and your lack of obvious presence makes it difficult for them to strike back - they need to know where you are to fight back.You keep the advantage.
c. Your position allows you to attack from a superior position. Your position may also provide cover or limit their ability to strike back. This can stack with the above point. You keep the advantage.
d. You've engaged the enemy in a palce where they cannot effectivly mount a defensive. You keep the advantage.

Once the initial contact has been made, it is up to the ambusher to keep the advantage in order to defeat the enemy. A good ambush gives the attackers more time, engaging from outside of the enemy's awareness, and they should be attacking from a superior position.

If an ambush was a 3 act story - the first two acts the enemy is a non-effective combatant and should only be activly engaging you the ambusher in the third act. By then you should have eliminated the enemy or they are in such a weakened state that there is little left for them to do but inflict as much harm on you before they fall.

Milling is an ambush and I love to mill.

9 Feb 2015

Daredevil on TV - Comics

Of all of the more grounded Marvel characters that are not normally associated with a team, Daredevil is my favorite. The fact that he, Nightwing and Backlash all share similar characteristics should not be surprising.

Daredevil like all serialised comic characters share the same curse. 

When you have a good creative team Daredevil will be awesome. When you have have an ok creative team Daredevil will still be awesome but his stories will be... meh. When you have a shity creative team, well Daredevil sucks, plain and simple. 

Over the years Daredevil has had plenty of shity creative teams. Recently over the last five years Daredevil has had some great times. Currently he's a bit off for me, but many critics love the current Daredevil series. 

I liked the Directors Cut of the Daredevil movie. The plot was ok - Electra was silly and Bullseye was simply dumb. Way too much of the better stuff was left on the cutting room floor. They even changed the character's powers... it was an ok film. I'd give it a score of 3 - Director's Cut that is. Ben looked like Matt, he moved like man... its too bad that outside of Ulrich and Kingpin - no one else seemed like there comic book counterpart. 

I'm glad Marvel got Daredevil back, and I'm glad they are doing a TV show that comes out April 10th!

Daredevil... so what's his thing?

7 Feb 2015

We are Online! - Break

Sp the move is in the final stages here in the Bear House... Bear House. The last time I lived in a house it was with my ex fiance (whom is not Lady Bear) and before that it was in House of Sin 2 (many of us worked together at the time, and there was a previous house of sin).

This place has been a blessing - we have a place to grow and wow it's a place. Me and Lady Bear only live with Moby our pooch and that's it. We have a new 3 bedroom semi-detached place and until the guest room is set up (Sept) it's way larger than anything we'd need. It comes with a big backyard for the pooch and it's looking like we'll have a boarder living with us over the months of summer.

Moby's new bed

So let's see some of the move to date.

5 Feb 2015

Dear Snow - Break

So we had some snow yesterday.

It looked mighty pretty but it prevented the internet from getting plugged in. I am still without the tubes with all those kittens inside.

I was also supost to head out to a cottage this weekend - Lady Bear is going to make it, I will not. Tonight I was to take my first class of 'Israel Groin Kicking and Throat Punching' since a short stint in 2001-2002, but my weekend job called me up last minute... grr.

So we have some delays... Awe well. Short imageless posts until I'm online.

- Cheers


4 Feb 2015

It's Feb and I'm thinking of Mar - Break

All of the big stuff has been moved into the new flat. We still have a few runs with the wee Fit but we'll get that done over the coming weeks.

Moby has started to accept that he now lives in a house with basement. He's started to make his demands more vocal recently, earning many a laugh from his two owners. Last night he wanted something from the laundry pile - yes we have a pile of laundry now. For those of you who don't think this is a big deal imagin not being able to leave laundry in your laundry room... anyways. Moby leads Lady Bear down to th basement and stares her down until she pulls out of the linens that have come from the old flat that need washing, Moby's fuzzy blanket.

Laughter - oh yes.

March is looking like a big month in terms of my hobbies. By the time March comes around, my weekend job will be much calmer with nothing on the horizon until May. I'll have cleaned up the basement, have the lab in working order, and be well on my way to finishing up many a miniature.

Feb will be constructive, March will be fun.