29 Jun 2015

Monday before Canada Day - Break

I’ve been away.

Today is Monday and Canada Day is this coming Wed.

On this coming Wed, I will rise after sleeping in… so 7am. I’ll open up a breakfast beer, pull out the first batch of brine and remove the meat inside. I may start with a Beef Brisket. I’ll let it dry while I got outside and start the fire for my DIY smoker. Once the fire is going and the heat is rising, I’ll go back inside and apply my rub to the slab of meat in front of me. By the time the whole piece of meat is done, I’ll put it in my smoker and go back inside to start making coffee. Through the day I will sit by the smoker tending to the heat.

Then folks will come...

22 Jun 2015

E3 2015 part 1 'XCOM2' - Video Games

Well last week the wee little convention or 'expo' if you will called E3... well it's really named the Electronics Entertainment Expo but no one calls Jeb Bush, John Ellis Bush. Get it John Ellis Bush, J.E.B. is more of an acronym than a nickname. Fucked up no?

This week I will go over some of the major releases and put out feedback on what came out of E3 2015.

So XCOM2 looks fucking good.

Do You Wish to Continue? - XCOM 2 is PC Only

19 Jun 2015

Exhaustion - Sleeping and Good Sleep

Sorry for the lack of posts.

Sleep apnea has been a problem over the last couple of years and it’s been getting worse. I’ve been on the 8 month waiting list since Feb, until then the Doc can do very little for Dozer.

Also I have bad allergies and while taking normal drugs like Arius I also need to use a steroid twice a day to be able to breath. Now this year has been the best summer I’ve had allergy wise in Ottawa but my sleep apnea is getting worse. I’ll pass out at 2130, wake up the next day at 0730 (late) and still be exhausted.

I've not done much outside of read the new Warmachine: Reckoning, play some Fallout Shelter, and watch TV (which I will pass out to through the afternoon). No painting, no shelf projects, no writting... nothing else.

So I have lots to say about e3:

Fallout 4
Dishonoured 2
Halo 5: Guardians
Rainbow 6: Siege
Ghost Recon: Wildlands
Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate
No Man’s Sky
Starwars Battlefront
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
Last Guardian

…but not this week.

- Cheers


15 Jun 2015

E3 2015 Bethesda - Video Games

I just finished watching the first showcase at e3 2015. It's also the first showcare by Bethesda Softworks - the developer and publisher for a slew of popular games: Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Dishonored, Doom, Wolfenstein... some of these are considered big names for video game type folks.

So they blow the doors open on the whole e3 event and it was a start that no one should have to follow.

First off they showed DOOM. Looks good, violent and bloody. Looks crazy wild. It's the granddaddy of FPS (First Person Shooters) and wow is the new DOOM looking pretty good. I'm not a fan of the franchise but I understand the reactions of the fans as DOOM filled our senses. I'm a Canadian who lives in Canada - I also hate Hockey. I don't like it, I loathe it but I can understand the rest of my country's obsession with it.

Next was some shitty, alpha footage of Battlecry. A 3rd person battle game that is trying to sport loads of character ala Team Fortress 2. It showed up last year but this year the showing was really... not good. It was the weak point of the show and I can see it being a sore spot for the Battlecry PR team. They will really need to bring it as the game comes out if it hopes to get in front of Blizzard's new IP: Overwatch which is showing buckets of character with the video below.

Looks like Team Fortress 2 had sex with Pixar and it looks like they both had a good time. Just take a look at the gameplay.

Nice - well too bad, back to Bethesda.

When the folks from Arkane studios showed up and shows us this my night went from, good show so far to brilliant fucking showing!

No word on when - but we will have a remastered 8th generation console version with all the DLC of the first game this fall season.

Playing as a female or male character in a victorian age, steampunk colonial setting is looking great. Each of the two main characters have their own set of unique powers. You play Emily the daughter of the Empress from the first game. She rules of the empire of the isles while Corvo is originally from Karaka (the southernmost of the isle nations) before he became the loyal guard of the Empress.

Coming back to this new IP after such a brilliant first game really shows that there is room for new IP's if they are crafted with a focus on quality and depth. The reward for gamers is a better game and that in turn through sales means the creators earn the resources to keep making games that they think we, the gamers, will pay for and enjoy.

Before I leave for the break I have to say I'm happy that Bethesda is leading a two games where my nieces will be able to play as themselves - as women who enjoy games about women. Bravo Zulu!

More after the break

12 Jun 2015

E3 2015 Prep – Video Games

This is the year for the eight generation of consoles.

Last year we had a great lineup of great games;
Dragon Age: Inquisition, Far Cry 4, Dying Light (which is still on my play list), South Park Stick of Truth, and Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor are great examples of a good introduction to th eighth generation of console games.

The surprise from last year’s slew of games comes from EA with Battlefield: Hardline. The main story was the best single player campaign in the franchise and the multiplayer was really good. I’m looking forward to seeing what Battlefield 5 or Battlefield 2143 (the sequel to my favorite of the series Battlefield: 2142) when it comes around.

Foreplay is over – time to nut up. This year the eighth generation needs to step up and show the goods or our consoles are gone stay lukewarm and unsatisfied. After the break I’m listing my favorite games that will be the topic of the press conferences starting Monday. 

10 Jun 2015

To my Moby - Family

I have a dog named Moby. I was not a dog person until I met Lady Bear and she introduced me to her first and origional life partner - Moby. When we snuggle in for the day he love sticking close to her. when she's sick - try and move the bastard and you'll be annoyed that he's sticking close to her.

He gets the most camera time in this post.

Moby was a dick yesterday but I don't think dog so I may be misunderstanding he intentions outside of food, poop, and sleep. I love the big guy even when he's a pain in my human ass. I love him and when I read about pooches that do great things I always think about Moby.

Today I read this.

Seems a Blind Service dog, golden retreiver named Figo was with his owner, Audry Stone (age 62) when a small school bus was going to hit Audry. Figo was going to have none of this.

The good boy, put itself between the bus and his owner, to shield her from the bus that was transporting two kindergardeners. Figo and Audry were injured and when responders arrived Figo refused to leave Audry's side.

I don't blame Figo, he just took a bus for the lady. Why stop there, Figo is fully commited at this point.

It's not the first time he's taken a hit for Audry either, as he stops shopping carts from crashing into her while they spend time at the grocers.

Figo is one of many dogs who help us.

In war there are service dogs, I've written already once about Cici and her owner and former parter, Sargeant Bos.

Dogs are unique as they are innocents, like a child. They are also full of potential to do great deeds and become partners.

Dogs time on this world are short, I like this kid's reason. I like to think this kid has got something right with his reasoning.

To all the pooches that guard us, work with us, and love us. Welcome to the family, enjoy the treat and 'Good Pup, here's a treat.'

- Cheers


5 Jun 2015

Sense8 - Media

I am a fan of  Andy and Lana Wachowski. I love the Matrix, Cloud Atlas, and Speed Racer. Jupiter Ascending and V for Vendetta. I also love me some Babylon 5, Midnight Nation, Squadron Supreme, and the nominated film Changeling… all works of J. Michael Straczynski.

Sense8 is at the new baby of these three minds powered by Netflix. Most critics who posted their reviews today had only watched the first three episodes. Only one of the reviews I found had watched the whole series. 

"And here's the thing: I like a show with diversity. I like a show with ambition. I like a show with balls. I like these characters. I like "Sense8." And I am 100 percent interested in seeing what happens next.” Liz Shannon Miller, Indweller, June 5, 2015 at 12:22PM

But the final lines of Liz Shannon Miller’s review sums up my opinion since I finished episode three with Lady Bear on the couch after a long day/week of work. 

Surrounded by the last Jalapeno Poppers, half empty Domino’s Boxes, some Newman’s Grape Juice, Moby on a rainy Friday afternoon… that's a good afternoon. 

Sense8 is a great show. I feels like I’m watching Lost. Same languid pacing that gives you  just enough to keep you hooked but slowly taking its time to peel back the layers of the plot and the premises. 

I love the multinational thrust of the show and the humanity it’s expressing. With a slew of interesting primary characters. 

Watch this show - this is Netflix trying and it’s a win. Vote with your coin and I hope Netflix supports a second season. 

Enjoy the trailer

- Cheers


1 Jun 2015

Hitman, Agent 47 - Media

Hitman is a franchise that has seen some ups and downs. I've written about my history with him on three separate occasions. Here, here, and here if you're wondering.

So way back when (aka 2007) they made a Hitman movie...

Looks good, except the film was ok. Timothy Olyphant did a good job with what he had. He had was a script that took the bullet points from the franchise and the character and ran with it in a different direction. 47 has his suit, his trademark .45's (aka the Silverballers), and 47 is cold, quiet seaking bald guy.

They changed the origin, adding more assassins - who is the games are clones with 47 being the most successful of the lot. He also plays some sort of repentant anti hero... 47 is bad man. When you play him in the video games there is no reason to be a nicer person but the options are there. The player will experience 47's few kinder acts but only at the whim of the player. Otherwise 47 is the bad guy who the players are using to hunt down and kill worst 'bad guys'.

Timothy Olyphant did a great job with what he had. The actions sequences were ok sometimes, well in others, and sometimes silly like the the Assassin Knife Fight near the end of the film.

So now a new trailer is out.

Come over after the break and take a look.