29 Jul 2015

BBQ 2 - Food

Working the smokers
So Rocko's final summer cottage is coming up in a few days. As per norm Lady Bear and I always make sure we plan dna have plenty of food for Rocko and ourselves. We also ask if anyone else is interest in jumping in to share the load of the food.

So I have 3 dinners and 3 lunches to prep and plan for.

I've convinced the Dutchman, Dawn Seeker, Pale Rider and Pale Lady to join in the fun. Together by ow collective powers combined we will make this final hurrah at Rocko's cottage a unforgettable fun filled long weekend.

Step one - take off Friday from work.
Step two - hit Costco in the province of Quebec in order to collect the meats, supplies and cheap booze that only a Costco in Quebec can offer.
Step three- drive the 1.5 hours to the Cottage enjoying the vistas of rolling hills, pine forests, and rising mountains.

Allow me to show off this weekends menu.

Friday -
Dinner: Low Country Boil

Low Country Boil - newspaper and table
Fuck the plates - bring the sauce and napkins
After watching Mind of a Chef, Season 2, Episode 7 - Low Country BBQ, I've always wanted to have me some Low Country BBQ and get in on the table covered stew that is also known as Frogmore Stew.

Cottage Life Volume 28, Number 24 just so happened to have a Canadian version of the Low Country Boil. The use beer and water for the base, and it has potato, kielbasa, chicken legs, shrimp, and mussels. Serve with melted butter, pour it on the table covered in newspaper or butchers paper and vola - communal feast dig right in.

Why would you not want to eat this...
because you're the devil and you're lame
It takes 45 mins in the boiler, serve it with beer and vola that should make my Friday at the cottage that much simpler.

27 Jul 2015

The Artists 'painters' – Table Top

When I look at painting my miniatures I look at it as I would a chore. I’ve spent all of my years in the hobby working at making it easier to paint my minis and to have them not look like a painted turd on a plastic base.

Since I jumped into Infinity and I was building Lab 2.0 I decided to be a better painter while keeping the main quality of time appreciation at the front. I picked up an air compressor, gun cleaning kit, a box fan with a furnace filter, a badger 360 with the Game Colour paint kit from Vallejo. Add that to my always growing collection of paints and various brushes I was set to get painting.

So I started to slowly figure out how to apply colour with the airbrush. I tried blending and layering colours. When Angel Giraldez published with help from Corvus Beli and Vallejo paints his book Painting Miniature from A to Z, Master Class vol-1 I had to snag it. I wanted to be better and he’s in my opinion a leader in the small world of miniature painting.

So this post is about talking about those who rule the brush. Those who’s skill I will never duplicate. True artists who have built a community around making miniatures of various sizes look damn pretty.

See you all through the rabbit hole.

23 Jul 2015

Getting my Blue On - Magic

So I love playing me some Blue.
Phenax, God of Deception
by Wizards of the Coast

Seriously I'm a annoying, dickish, jerkward, dirty Blue player.

I've been playing alot with Tambourine, Big Red, and Lady Bear a bit more these days and it's been a blast. I got an ok pool with the pre-release when I was paired with Pale Rider for the Two-Headed Giant. Alas Dawn Seeker drew a great fucking Blue card pool for the event that definitely made me a bit green, due to jealousy not because I have a need to play Green, the magic colour.

Last night, I'm writing this on a Sunday morning, Lady Bear played with my Blue/White 'Jail' Deck - my deck with a huge focus on board control and found a inkling of love for the colour Blue.

In short I'm loving the colour Blue these days.

Yet I loves it. Below is a video from of Spellslingers (episode 2 of season 3) where a fellow Blue player who is playing my favorite combo, Blue/Black aka Dimir player or worshiper of Phenax.

Great game lets look at what Blue spells really took my attention with Magic: Origins after the break.

20 Jul 2015

Ant-Man: Film Review - Movies

Dear Marvel: Bravo

I just saw Ant-Man the last movie of your Phase Two project.

by Marvel
I know Phase One was trying to bring heroes and their unique challenges to life. Iron Man and Iron 2 is how technology can change the world while simultaneously changing individuals. The Incredible Hulk tells us that the within every human being is a monster while within every monster is a human being and that struggle is heroic. Thor is a tale of wonder and redemption while discovering what is really important. Captain America: First Avenger is about staying true to yourself when the world and circumstances conspire to change you.

It ended with Avengers. When the many are greater than the individuals and everyone has a place.

Phase Two is littered with themes what a hero is how they grow and deal with their lives. Iron Man 3 is about a man who knows everything and is confident in himself only to fear the world that he's now aware of and the cost of that fear. Thor: The Dark World is a return to what's important at the cost of tradition and change. Captain America: Winter Soldier is about the hero learning how dark the world can get and how hard it is to keep our own light alive to make sure you never lose your way. Guardians of the Galaxy speaks of evolution as a right of passage that makes a person a greater person. Avengers 2: Age of Ultron teaches consequences of successes and of failures.

Ant-Man has themes about old heroes teaching new heroes, between children and parents, and the cost of those relationships when change happens.

Ant-Man was fun it was a great movie...

16 Jul 2015

BBQ – Food

I love me BBQ. Apply fire to meat, add a great sauce as needed… sometimes no sauce is better, sometimes the sauce elevates the whole thing, and enjoy with some fresh veg.

Don’t forget the beer.

You see I built me a smoker with my buddy Big Red. This is how it happened.

My DIY Terra Cotta Smoker
Big Red's DIY Terra Cotta Smoker
A while back I decided that once I moved into the current house, I’m still trying to not call it the new house, I wanted to meet my goal – or was it a vow?

If I got a backyard space I would get me a BBQ.

When I visit Charging Pun and his wife Lady J (aka Julia from the Weathervain Sisterhood), I look forward to his steaks or ribs. Together they prep a good meal of fire cooked meat.

I love Ottawa Ribfest, it being only time I can get some great Beef Ribs done right, as it passes through town taking up all of Sparks Street. I normally grab a spot somewhere easy to access, last couple of years has been Three Brewers which is located on Sparks Street. The building Three Brewers resides in has underground parking making it easy to get into the downtown core, park, walk up into the bar and grab a patio spot. I invite anyone to join me through the whole day. Three Brewers and most of the patio and non-patio easting spots on Sparks allow you to enter with your BBQ ribs IF you buy a minimal number of drinks…

That’s easy. I grabbed Big Red and Sergeant (who is called that due to his family name, not because he sports the same rank that Big Red and I have been awarded in the Canadian Armed Forces) at 2pm to join me a Three Brewers. I ordered a pair of pitchers, solving the drink minimum and than some, and we sent out rovers to collect the meat with pooled money. As the day went on, Big Red left but I was joined by Pale Rider, Pale Lady, the Dutchman, Dawn Seeker, and my favorite person Lady Bear. I continued to order pitchers of beer, bottles of wine and folks left and returned with great BBQ.

Pork Butt - Smoked by Big Red and Dozer
Pork Butt - Smoked by Big Red and Dozer
The day was a great day, a few good drinks (not too many), plenty of great food, fantastic folks, brilliant summer weather… it was a perfect afternoon, evening, and night. We all split up into smaller groups and went about enjoying the night. Some danced on Bank Street for Glo Fest, some yammered with Coffee people watching, others met with ladies and gents making sure to find people and enjoy the night that awesome with company.

That was the start of my summer – that’s an example of what summer means to me. BBQ is a key component to summer. It’s like Christmas without the lights and rouladen, a Magic the Gathering event without the tailgating, or visiting Charging Pun without staying up way too late.

So then I found out that what I thought was BBQ was not BBQ.

What the fuck?

6 Jul 2015

Magic Origins - Magic

So for  those of you who don't play Magic the new set is coming out in two weeks. This set will be the last of the core sets for the foreseeable future. This set is designed to be the start of the story focused sets that will follow. 

There is also a whole new season of my favorite show on Geek and Sundry (with Table Top being a very, very close second. Day 9 is showing up with some more fun filled matches which also looks like it will include a game of Two-Headed Giant. 

In the past you got one core set and through the rest of the year you got a block made up of three sets; one large set followed by a smaller set, and ending with another larger set. The core sets did little to the over arching story of Magic. It was mostly used to update players on the current situation of the characters that were absent from the last block. The blocks are the story filled power behind the game and the plot goes forward. So once a year you get a short story and a update...
Fancy animated image that shows the new rotation to be used
by Wizards of the Coast

Now with the two set blocks, coming out twice a year you get 2 stories a year. So Wizards of the Coast is making this core set a special core set. With some new mechanics, fancy two-sided planeswalkers, and giving us a story that crosses over ten planes - Some are old favorites like Ravnica and Theros while others have only been mentioned in the fluff; like Vyrn - with Kaladesh being the brand new plane to that which is Magic the Gathering.

More after the break.