25 Nov 2015

Civil War - Media

So the trailer is finally out for Captain America: Civil War.

Looks like the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: The Winter Soldier have come to this.

Looks like Bucky Barnes; the childhood friend and protector to pre-Super Soldier serum Steve Rogers, wartime companion of Captain America, fallen member of the Howling Commandos, and former cybernetically enhanced - mind controlled - cryogenically frozen legendary cold-war assassin called the Winter Soldier is in trouble. Folks think he's still a bad guy after escaping the control of HYDRA.

Cap is his friend and he's come to help even if that puts him at odds with the new rules that govern folks who act as 'Super Heroes'. Seems that in saving his best friend the Captain is pulling his teammates in two directions - stick with the law or stay loyal to your friends. Iron Man is leading the other side hoping that his friend will come around and keep the peace.

So that's my run down and thoughts... so maybe I'll show off the trailer. Be warned that the fight sequence at the end of the trailer looks simply epic.

- Enjoy


19 Nov 2015

dozer:~$ ifdown eth0

ifdown eth0 is a Linux command to stop the network interface - I found it to be a great title for today's post.

This post has less to do with my recent issues of having a regular post and more with why I’m not on Facebook, GChat (Now called Hangout), and why you can’t text me during the day.

You see where I work I have limited outside access. My internets are limited. So no Facebook and no services outside of the basic Gmail – everything else does not work. When it loads up I have to click on 'load basic HTML' at the bottom right of my browser every morning when I bring it up.

My phone is locked away and it NEEDS to be turned off when I get to work, so no texts. If you need to get a hold of me during the day, gmail or phone my desk… even then that’s if I’m not somewhere else.

That’s the reality of my situation.

So why am I off Facebook?

16 Nov 2015

Paris 2015 - Conflict

These posts are the hard ones. Il est extrêmement difficile de trouver les mots et d’écrire. It's hard to find the words, to write down what I'm thinking.

Paris 2015.

Two days after Canada paid homage to soliders and the costs of war. I feel like I need to acknowledge the attack...

I feel that it is a failure of humans, thinking that doing this (the attacks on Paris) is ok. That it is justififed in some minds.

It is NOT ok.

These are the nightmares and I feel we will continue to see attacks like this as long as people feel that hurting someone else is the right thing to do.

Yet, I will not allow fear to rule my day to day. I grin when I see the fottage of the football fans leaving the Stade de France singing "La Marseillaise" after being released from the pitch. Spirits wounded and filled with fear yet surounded by a resolve to move forward as one nation, one people...

Je me suis retrouvée confrontée à ces actes immoraux. I am reminded of last year when a single man did evil and afterwards sitting with members of the Cermonial Guard."Fuck'em, put us back on post" was the common statement of many a member who was not standing on guard after Cpl Cirillo died the day before.

The troops were eager to get back to work, to conitue to do their assigned duty. To work in the face of an attack. To go on and meet the task in the face of an attack.

Show them you can bleed, show them you feel pain, show them you are wary... even show them your fear as you move forward.

Do not let fear rule you.

French speaking children all know this retort même pas peur - Not even afraid.

It's bombastic, it's bravado. It's a lie that acknoledges the fear but the defiant fib grants the speaker that courage to move forward. It's a battle cry, a call to arms, a rallying sound that moves the young forward. France is not stopping, or slowing down. It's hurt, angry, but like the folks leaving the Stade de France singing "La Marseillaise", the French have a resolve.

"Même pas peur" is floating around the internets these days and I like this response.

Je suis Dozer, et j'ai même pas peur.

- Salute


12 Nov 2015

Quiet Yesterday

It was quiet yesterday.

It was 11 November 2015.

Folks showed up, watched, and paid homage to those who left and were lost in the service of Canada.

I spent the morning with my wife and getting my uniform ready for work. At the parade I met folks who've left the service and those who moved on somewhere different in uniform. It was a good time.

After the parade I spent time with Yasha - a vet who's been out in the suck a few times. We grabbed dinner, saw the new Bond film, and yammered. I picked up, installed, but did not play the new Fallout game, Fallout 4. The night eneded on the couch with Lady Bear tired from a day of being a bit more quiet.

It was a good day.

I spent it with folks in uniform and their family.

I remembered.

- Cheers


6 Nov 2015

Because it’s 2015... - Media

Of course this happens the day I post about being in a slump.

Yesterday in my last post I wrote that I’ve been reading the news a lot more. You need to understand that I rarely read the news in the past. I was not hiding from the world or indifferent to the activities around the globe. I picked up my facts and stopped reading most times because I didn’t care for the bias or the sensationalism that most of the mainstream was pushing down to readers.

I always caught a whiff of something not right in most news posts, articles, and media segments. It bothered me most times. When I wasn’t feeling the bias I realized this was the exception in my own personal experience and not the rule. Add that to Lady Bear’s job which is media related and the house we live in is news free.

This year has been transformative in how I absorb my news. I listen to FOX news during the day while I type away on my PC. It keeps me from zoning out and it’s far too often entertaining. In a sad misguided way. I like reading Charles Krauthammer, he is smart and his writing is pragmatic and lacking the zeal found in many ‘conservative’ opinion writers. I like reading about my hobbies and the environment but in a way that present solutions or new ways to look at problems rather than scream only doom at the audience. Hence I voted Green – yep I knew my candidate didn’t win but nothing from other parties was interesting enough for me to vote in their favor, for their candidate.

Today after getting in this morning early to work I hear my line of the year.

5 Nov 2015

The slumps

I’m in one of those slumps.

Plenty of drafted posts on the burner but none are reaching the light of day.

A few reasons for the lack of updates from the top of the head-

Last week was a burnt out Dozer sitting on the couch watching Persons of Interest instead of playing through the back half of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pains. I’ve taken a break because the reward of the play was lost to having to go back and redo missions with limitations – a pet peeve of mine because it feels like half-assed game design. I’m already going back to redo the missions in order to complete the side objectives and get the S rank for each mission. Having to do again is simply fucking lazy. The time delay for R&D is getting ridiculous. I have to play for hours in real time to have some things unlocked after paying a cost of various collected resources that already took time to gather. I’m feeling like I just want to get it over and come back to the game when I have time to spare. I’ve never been so shocked half way through a game (which took hours of play) regarding its quality. Don’t get me wrong the game is brilliant but now to move along in my style of play I need to invest even more hours into a game and it’s started to feel more like work and less like play.

Both jobs are ramping up work wise. There is always a push in November to put out a huge effort before things slow down to a crawl in December due to holiday leave and winter season work gatherings. Also with my primary job, I’ve taken on much more responsibility and it’s a great chance to prove I can work at a higher level. I’ve got the CV, the education, and plenty of experience now I’m making that experience more solid and stepping up to greater challenges.

I’ve tried to start actively reading again. After 14 months of solid reading at my old job the new job has allowed me to get away with less reading. I want to change that so I’m starting with comics and moving back into full blown pieces of fiction and non-fiction. Right now I’m reading (or reading again) The Activity by Nathan Edmondson, Lazarus by Greg Rucka, and Kurtis J. Weibe’s Rat Queens. I’ve got a few more on the block to read and now I’m looking at some classic sci-fi to start reading. Hopefully the ready will get the writing juices flowing.

I’ve not run the smoker since Thanksgiving and I’m disappointed that I’ve not put aside time to keep smoking foods. Sergeant gave me a book last night at WIN on smoking recipes and I’m thankful for the generous kick in the ass to get cooking. I’m looking at picking up a small brisket this Friday and cook something after work on Sunday or Saturday.

I’ve been reading lots of articles in the news these days. Sheroes Hangout – a café run in India staffed by victims of acid throwing. I’ve been reading articles on the new prime minister and his cabinet – Canada had a general election a while back and we have a new head of state. The news has been rife with interesting tidbits and I’ve been reading it which is not the norm.

Lastly it’s November and in the Bear house you do not mess about in November. The eleventh of the month is Remembrance Day in Canada, and that’s a big deal.

So excuse me please as I pull my head out of the slumps.

- Cheers