27 May 2016

Week's been crazy

Well it’s been a crazy week at work.

My day job has been a week of crazy days of starting at 6am/0600 and working until 4pm/1600. Add in WIN, life, rest oh and car shopping with Lady Bear. Yepper she’s got herself a new car to help out with our new move.

Yep, we’re moving.

I’ve posted here before that we have 13 months to move out and find a new place. That means no more Lab. No more 8x4 gaming table with another 6x4 on the side. No more heavy bag in the morning. No more Heinz (unless I can fit him in the small yard of the new place). We had two guest rooms… well Lady Bear’s office and a guest room. We had plenty of couches, cots, and air mattresses. We had plenty of parking 3 SUVs or 4 cars in kissing distance of each other plus more room on the street.

Our kitchen sucked and we only have 1 toilet for the house. With my guts there are times we needed a second. The air quality was better than our old 2 bedroom wasp infested flat but it was still an old house which housed a horde of cats and a back yard of dogs.  We’re talking in the double digits here. So the vents and air system were a bit… dirty.

So we’re moving…

19 May 2016

Longweekend is coming

Long weekend is upon us. Things have changed for my long weekend plans but I'm very much ok with that.

This Friday evening the old boys (Crew 2.0 - Ontos, Longsword, Doc, Pale Rider and myself) have our every two month gathering for board games. We're going to play Myth - we had a successful MERCS Recon run in March and Emergence Event in Dec so we're going to try the last Megacon Game product to complete the set.

Saturday was a bit of a bust and I've canned the Open House BBQ at my place that was planned for Sunday. We got some bad news regarding our house, we need to move out come next Summer instead of 4 years... so that deck that would have cleaned up the backyard to have folks come and go and enjoy the space is no longer being built on Saturday. Without that space we don't have enough room to host and the event now has to be canceled. C'est la vie - Awe well.

This weekend I'll be working on terrain, planning a backcountry camping trip or three, and getting some game on my PC. XCOM 2 has some great DLC that has dropped recently and I'm missing out here. My Xbox One has also been neglected, as miniatures have taken up my time and my money so jumping back into that pond sounds about right.

12 May 2016

The Battle of the Capes – Movie Review

I’ve seen both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (a couple of weeks ago) and Captain America: Civil War (opening weekend).

Before I go into my review of the films I to remind folks that I was really looking forward to both films and the Batman v Superman in particular.

So as context I’m going to go on about the previous films before I do into the reviews.

As much as Man of Steel failed in some aspects mostly in some of the major plot points Henry Cavil looked like Superman. I felt I was watching a Superman movie and when the action heated up it was a pretty good Superman movie. The last fight was a bit over the top and the repercussions to ignoring the civilians was addressed pretty well in the follow up movie. The final end of General Zod (who had the shit acted out of the part) was awkward. The film faltered with the whole DNA matrix and Lois needed to be taken hostage alongside Kal-El in Act 2 for no reason. It had great parts where Lois figures out Clark Kent’s secret, or when she’s working with the Jor-El AI to escape the Kryptionian ship. I go on in more detail here.

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier I never wrote a formal review, but I really liked the film. It showcased the man out time aspect that is Steve Rogers. Black Widow, Winter Solider, and Falcon had great showings. The action was tight and really well done. There were a few holes with the Cloaking Facemask as a master key for the final moments of the intrigue portion of the plot. The Hydra Uprising felt a little flat, I figure all the folks who worked at SHIELD would fight back in some way. The All glass server rooms under the three new Heli-carriers felt like a huge failure ala an exhaust port in a Death Star (maybe it was a nod to another Disney franchise – I dunno).

What I really liked about the film was the development of Cap. His relationships with the folks around him, Agent 13, Agent Carter, and Nick Fury, grew and evolved or showcased how alone he feels. I’ve always stated that Captain America’s power was faith. He believed in humanity not just the ideals of the USA. His faith is in systems that were built by people and run by people… he believes in people. He hopes when it’s not popular or easy. Those aspects of Capt have fallen aside over the many teams that have put him on page in the fifty plus years of comic history. I’m glad that the MCU version of Cap puts those attributes to the front makes him more likable in a modern and more realistic setting without making him Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight. This started in Captain America: First Avenger and has carried on through into Avengers: Age of Ultron so the path of this Stephen Rogers is based on faith in everyone else.

With the flashbacks done let’s take a look at each film.

9 May 2016

Everything in May

With everything that has been going on offline my ability to keep the online posts running regularly was hampered. Both jobs have ramped up but lucky for me my second job, the one with the uniform will be shutting off for a few weeks. This last month of activity has been brutal with my second job and I’m looking at taking some time off getting all my Tuesday nights and weekends back until Mid July.

A few breaks with my primary job have started to show with all the madness so that’s changing but still level. I’ll be finishing my applications for my Master’s Degree soon and that will be another item off my plate.

This summer I have a few things on the go outside of the series of Projects I’ve been working on:

1. A huge BBQ (weather permitting) on 22 May.
2. A BBQ at Ferrus's log-house home on 28 May.
3. An ITS tournament event which I will be fully covering here. Looking like the weekend before Canada Day (25 June – also the opening weekend for the Independence Day sequel.)
4. Going to GENCON with Ontos

Updates after the break -

4 May 2016

Birthday Lady Bear

It's Lady Bear's birthday.

She's awesome and I love her.

That is all.

- Cheers