19 Aug 2016

Something on the Go

This weekend has been busted up. Lady Bear has to see her family in Hamilton and for one of those not good reasons.

Because of the family 'stuff', unpacking the new flat has been knocked from the priority list. Resting from the past week and getting ready for a hell of a weekend is the primary task at hand.

I really wanted to get the office up and running so I can get my stuff ready for September. I'm really bent on getting my Operation: Completed and some terrain finished so I can start playing weekly at Kessel Run.

So I'll be away this weekend supporting Lady Bear as we help out her side of the family.

- Cheers


17 Aug 2016

GENCON 2016 - Fin

Today's post will be a barrage of images and short quips from my time at GENCON 2016.

Kewl showing at the Game Hall - a super sized version of King of Tokyo. There were lots of super sized games, like Catan kicking around the Game Hall.

King to Tokyo - Super Sized
Cos players were a plenty and missing Lady Bear I found two instances that I wanted to capture and show her.

I ran into Marceline and Princes Bubblegum
In the Gaming Hall
I met Nahiri and her knitted Emrakul
In the Vendors Hall
More after the break.

15 Aug 2016

GENCON 2016 - Part 3

Ontos and I had decided as we got closer to GENCON that we would leave on Saturday if there was nothing going on that evening. As we drove the 13 hours from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to Indianapolis, Illinois, USA we started to throw around the idea of leaving Saturday afternoon. We both had a two brush blending event to go to but it was not the focus of the trip.

The Corvus Belli seminar was the key show for us when we planned and it was top of our list. We decided as we (well me, Ontos was DD) poured ourselves into our room, post drinking with folks, that the painting event was not worth better driving conditions so we made the call to leave the next afternoon.

Dozer waiting for the seminar to start
The plan was simple. Park the car, see the seminar, do a final round of shopping in the vendors hall, and get the fuck on the road to enjoy Sunday at home before we being back to work on Monday (Ontos and I work together as well).
GENCON Corvus Beli Seminar 2016
Dozer is drinking is Coffee while everyone else gawks
First off the seminar started like this...

13 Aug 2016

GENCON 2016 - Part 2

So it's Friday and we have to be there for 8am for the 9am start of the 9 hour, 4 round Infinity Tournament. The Taxi didn't come so it was a last minute scramble to drive into downtown Indianapolis and find parking before a slew of other nerds took all the spots.

I may have driven the wrong way on a 4 lane one way street but I fixed myself and we found some brilliant parking that was close enough but past the lazy nerd line so few convention folks fought to get access.

Ontos at the Tournament
We arrived on time at 8am and we were greeted by Yuriko Oda herself. My playing the Japanese Sectorial Army made me feel pretty good and took it as a sign of a great day.

Feeling pretty good
I had no fucking clue how awesome it was going to be but it was the best day and evening of GENCON 2016.

11 Aug 2016

GENCON 2016 - Interlude

I write poorly (sic post) about relationships and brother hood. It’s an important topic I like to explore from time to time.

As a gamer I feel this is important enough to have written (sic post) about it, more than once. Hell my second post, my first real post was all about the topic of not being able to call out for a table for one in my hobbies.

I’ve already mentioned in my last post about some people being oblivious while we waited for the doors of GENCON to open.

Instead I’m going to introduce you to Ian. Ian is a good person and a reason why my hobby will continue.
This is Ian

8 Aug 2016

GENCON 2016 - Part 1

Edit: Seems the post went up early last night by accident and I wasn't finished with my edits. Sorry for the confusion. - Dozer

So I'm back from GENCON 2016 and the take away is... I'm already planning to be back next year for GENCON 2017 aka the 50th GENCON.

Ontos and the main doors it's 3 hours until they open
So how was the first day?

4 Aug 2016

GENCON 2016 - prologue

Well today was a long drive down from Ottawa, ON, Canada into the alternate universe that is the United States of America. Seriously my southern neighbors are so familiar and at the same time so different it's creepy.

So I showed up at Ontos's place at 0630 in Ottawa and loaded up the car.

Loading the Car at Ontos's house.
I picked up Ontos and we scooted to a McDonald's and grabbed some coffee with some breakfast before hitting the road. We drove and crossed the boarder into this strange realm called the Unite States of America and drovefrom 0730 for 5 hours solid before our first break. The rest of the day until we arrived at 2045 in Indianapolis, IL, USA was filled with four more quick stops, getting stuck in rush hour traffic in Cincinnati, and driving through the most boring state I've encountered Pennsylvania.

The Hotel is... ok. I've been in worst. The shower has only two temperatures hot and fucking hot. The room cards have an Dominos' Pizza add but alas they won't deliver after dark for security reasons. Otherwise the hotel is dark and the food come only from a vending machine - the restaurant is only open on weekends.

Painting Kit pulled out and set up
I pulled out my new portable paint kit which is 90% of all my painting supplies and worked with Ontos to get our various minis ready. I built my Domaru Butai and I'll spray them and finish painting the rest of my gang tomorrow after I add a few more pieces...

It's 0026 and I've got to be up by 0600 to raid the hotel complimentary breakfast before driving down to the Convention Hall for day one of the 49th GENCON.

- Cheers