20 Sep 2016

Where has Dozer gone!

It has been about 20 days, and math sucks...I also don’t care.

I have a fancy old school drafting table that needs a home. I have boxes of books to store in my brother’s basement since we moved into the house in August.

As the first Canadian backer to get his pledge reward for the Secret Hitler Kickstarter, I’ve only played the fantastic game three times. The number is only one larger but the same can be said for my special edition of Scythe.

Since returning from GENCON I’ve not been able to do a single lick of painting and I wanted to start up a weekly game of Infinity and a demo night at my LGS (Local Game Store).

My day job is spooling up for a major release that has been 3 plus years in the making. Since joining the project 2 years ago on 3 September 2014, I’ve been busy learning the product and becoming a bit of a master so I can teach it to others.

My second job has me in a new position as I await my medical for word of my promotion. Seems having a CPAP machine make me no longer valid for promotion and my whole medical history had to be reviewed. Of course this year starts off with a bang and instead of ramping up to a good start we scrambled into a series of wet hot messes that are one; getting more tolerable or two; getting better – maybe a bit of both.

So with work being crazy before GENCON and both job jumping to elven since GENCON my time off. This has made things hard for me to enjoy my time off or at least where I can direct whatever juice I got left in the bones. Work 12 hour days over the course of two jobs sucks. Lady Bear dislikes the evening or over super e-mail from one job person or another, whose lack of planning is now trying to become my emergency. Some of them I need to deal with since the only people fucked in those situations are gone be me and mine.

Last weekend I worked after a long week at work and this week was also long and this weekend is another on the job site away from my family and home.

I’m tried and sadly this project of posting and writing practice was an initial casualty. Other casualties were my painting and Infinity projects, the unpacking and setup of the office/guest room, any games that require focus and attention.

Let’s get into the update after the break…

1 Sep 2016

Some Good News.

I’ve been slowly moving into the wide crazy world of American Football. The NFL is a strange beast to me yet since I don’t work alone and my coworkers are all NFL fans I decided to take up a team to follow this season.

Following a team also means that I was to be introduced to what Football is to those who live in the United States of America.

Footballers like Travis Rudolph have a celebrity about them that matches Hollywood stars. 

Do you know 11-year-old Bo Paske?

I didn’t until this. Travis saw a young man, Bo Paske sitting alone. Bo normally sits alone because kids are treating him differently due to his autism. Now the young autistic man does not sit alone.

A simple gesture that made the world seem less shitty. Less to do with blond tuffs of lint in suits making plays for world power. Less to do with folks getting shot and bombed across the world. Less to do with racial inequality. Less to do with a dying world... it was a simple gesture that made me smile.

So today I heard some good and that’s a good start to a new fall season.

I’m back and I’m starting with a good vibe.

- Cheers