30 Mar 2017

Quick Update end of

So Lady Bear is sick. I've got two posts almost done: Part three of my quick Rumble experience and my review on Mass Effect: Andromeda. I've got plenty to build and paint for GENCON, work is taking a breather (finally), and I've got some night classes to work on for the next ten weeks starting next week.

Folks we have the next expansion of Scythe! I've yet to play a 7 player game with the last expansion but I'm excited to play it once I can gather enough fools to the party. So reading this from my monthly Stonemaier Games newsletter blew the lid of my pot.

Extra Units: Airships!
Random Boardwide Airship Abilities!
Extra Random Win Condition!
New art by Jakub!
Launches Q4 2017!

So far the week has been ok to lame - it's getting better.

- Cheers


25 Mar 2017

@ the Rumble 17 - part 2

This was supposed to be a series of posts while I played but a few things happened.

1. I lost all my matches.
2. I was having too much fun.
3. PC and Internet access was limited at best.

Here is the breakdown

17 Mar 2017

@ the Rumble 17 - part 1

So Lady Bear and I have arrived in New Mexico and so far the event has been pretty fucking slick.

Met some awesome folks, hung out with Ian who will be my first opponent, and help set up some tables.

I snagged my swag early - was the first in line. I got drunk with one of the TOs - Seth. I hung out with Oren and his fiance from Israel, two folks from Edmonton Alberta, and a bunch of others... seriously good folk so far looking forward to today's games.

I've also been lumped in with the other two Canadians, Oren, and the guy (yet to meet him) from Sweeden. We five make up the O-12 team. There is a team from each state and us the international team. The top player from each team gets to walk away with a fancy group leader prize. I don't think I'll make it to the top but I'd love to be middle of the pack.

So I've got my coffee in hand, there is 15 mins before the room opens, and another 2 hours before the morning admin and the first of three rounds. I'm a happy fucker and I wish more of my mates were here with me at this thing. I'm glad Lady Bear came with me and that she'll be relaxing with a spa today and a bike tour tomorrow while I hit the tables.

Shout out to the folks from the Ottawa WIN (weekly infinity night): We may not play like we used to but hot fucking damn boys this is awesome. I've already volunteered at least one table for GENCON maybe we can do two.

To Doc, McGee, Ontos, Sergeant, and Mr Wolf. - wish you boys could be here.

- Cheers


13 Mar 2017

Ready to Rumble on Route 66: Part 6

Today is a bad day...

I'm so far behind. My Bakunin are not going to make it and I feel like I wasted all the time I had to prep something on a failed cause.

Lady Bear made tea. Alt-J's Summer Remix is playing in the background. I'm upset that my army will look like crap and I need to step away. Then she asks: "Why' not your Japanese?"

Untouched since they showed up to GENCON my Japanese Sectoral Army is my most painted force and looking at them now I feel like such a fucking fool.

OK - New Plan. That's what I'm good at...

Step 1: Build Lists
Step 2: Add more paint
Step 3: Pack them for the FUCKING RUMBLE ON ROUTE 66 - 2017! 'Cause for everyone else who may or may not read this - I'M GOING TO HAVE FUN! I will NINJA, I will BUSHI, Triangles are my FAVORITE SHAPE*, I will MECHA GESHA!


GENCON gets Bakunin.

Dozer is going to have fun and enjoy himself in spite of everyone else and that's another thing he is good at - doing things in spite of the fucking world.

- Cheers


*(stream of conscious writing does not work when tessellate is playing in the background)

12 Mar 2017

Ready to Rumble on Route 66: Part 5

Quick post as I'm busy as fuck. We lost an hour to daylight savings and I'm trying to catch up.

It's Sunday. I'm drinking Bridgehead Coffee and Beau's Lug Tread (Lagered Ale), chilling in the living room working on my minis. Moby my loyal pooch is next to me and Daft Punk (A favorite classical artist to the people of the Nomad Nation) is playing in the background.

I've got a game at 1230 today at Wizard Tower, which after this past couple of weeks is the only game I've been able to keep scheduled. Life got turned upside down around here with a bunch of folks needing help and I've had to can out of Doc and others who've offered up game times to my schedule. I wanted more time to paint and play as per my plan but that went right to hell with the way February went with both jobs.

Beasts of War has a great video with Carlos from Corvus Beli around minute 35 so I recomend you check it out if you're a fan of Infinity. I've posted it below for folks looking for some great news.

- Cheers


9 Mar 2017

Ready to Rumble on Route 66: Part 4

So I've got one list ready to roll and finally an evening to paint up some minis. More like base most of my minis but hey it's what happens when you have two jobs. 38+ hours at the day job, 48+ hours a the second job and you find yourself running out of time.

Before I go into today's post I want to say that Ethan Pearson painted the trophy for Rumble on Route 66: 2017 and posted it on Facebook. It's a custom build of Ko-Dali the symbol of Combined Armies power. Once a Yu-Jing character in the first edition, she was removed from their list and was reposted with new rules in N3 (you could play both in N2 for a time).

Talk about damn fine. The close up pics (which are not re-posted here) can be found on Facebook under the Rumble on Route 66 page.

So I need a second list for the event and with things being the way they are with ITS Season 8, TAGs are a thing. I've spoken about my favorite TAG here but there are two things against me. 1. I don't have one, and 2. I can only use the Lizard as I am playing the Bakunin Sectorial Command.

5 Mar 2017

It has been busy

The title is an understatement.

My day job has been all sorts of crazy while my second job was madness leading up to this weekend. As of the launch of this post I will be finishing the last big "exercise" of the training year (Sept-Sept) at my second job. In about 12+ hours my troops will be prepping to redeploy back home and I will be coming home to a new guest who's life got turned upside down... and not in a Fresh Prince of Bell Air way but he will be living with me and Lady Bear for a while - so there are some similarities.

I've not had enough time to paint my minis or the small ITS objectives I got from LOS Block. I am not ready for Rumble on Route 66. I've not played enough games, I've not spent enough time with my forces. Shit is fucked - it has been busy.

So this week is hunker down time.

Paint, play, and repeat. This coming weekend (10-12 March) will be the same but it will also include a break with family as we play a game of Axis and Allies with Papa Bear, Brother Bear, and yet to decide.

I am looking forward to my vacation with Lady Bear, more and more. I've been working my ass off so I can pay for our vacation which includes Rumble on Route 66, but that same work is causing me to possibly be not ready for the event.

So how have I survived? Lady Bear is the main factor in this whole mess. She's been my rock and star making sure I can always find my way home. My mates have been supportive and have made themselves ready for games once I'm ready (seems like the next 10 days will be spent planning new games). Lastly I lean on small pick me ups like this...

I really want this, already sent in my pre-order. Plus the mini looks fucking awesome. It seems my third faction is Pan-O. I hope Hexas are an option for Svallarheima.

- Cheers


2 Mar 2017

Infinity: Szalamandra

As of now, Infinity is my favorite table top miniature war game in the world. It has a strong and loyal community of players who seem to have the best ratio of jackass:human. The minis are fantastic, the rules are deep but rewarding, and the third party support is brilliant.

Games Workshop is still around, the sheer bulk of the player base is too hard to dislodge. Privateer Press is doing well and their game is tight and well-crafted but has more of competitive game vibe. I’ve stepped away from the war game and have dug even deeper with the role playing game. Knight Miniatures, Spartan, Hawk, and Mantic seem to have a great set of games but the local play groups is lacking and the support from the company is not yet stable.

Now Infinity is not perfect but it strives to get better all the time and give its best before leaving the mothership at the Corvus Beli.

I still have some wants and the first of those wants is getting a new sculpt for my favorite TAG of the game, the Szalamandra. Let me explain why it's so awesome.